Author Topic: Jessica Jackson testifies about abuse at Hyde in speech in DC  (Read 5302 times)

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From facebook:
Human rights attorney Jessica Jackson, who survived kidnapping, a wilderness program, and Hyde School, speaks at the press conference to introduce federal bill #sicaa to Congress, surrounded by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Paris Hilton, Sixto Martin Cancel of Think of Us, and Caroline Cole.

Jessica Jackson works on helping prisoners, helps Kim Kardashian with her legal journey, is a former mayor of Mill Valley, CA, is the CAO of Reform, Co-Founder of #cut50.

Video of speech The part about forced exercise and being made to call herself "dirty" over and over again in front of the whole school is a direct reference to what she experienced at Hyde.)

Hyde School put her in their "alumni hall of honor" even though she dropped out of Hyde the day she turned 18 and (as she said in her speech) spent the next few years massively struggling with self-hate, drug addiction, and depression. It's pretty gross that Hyde seems to try to take credit for any of her success. In my opinion, Jessica succeeded IN SPITE OF the trauma she endured in the troubled teen industry, NOT BECAUSE Hyde provided her with some kind of life-changing help and support.

sicaa is the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act, a federal bill.
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