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Making the World Safe for Kleptocracy
« on: March 25, 2020, 12:20:38 PM »
Subsequent to the revelations made about the All About Receiving Cash sect by the CBC in 2009, whistleblower Amy Sparks attempted to have documents revealing a startling array of irregularities introduced to the authorities and media.  She was rebuffed by the Calgary Police Services, who worked with the sect to suppress the information.  The sect subsequently sued M. Sparks, and the CBC, and long-time opponent of the sect's faith-based behaviour modification program, Brian Fish.
"[3]               This litigation was commenced in 2011 and is scheduled for 9 days of trial commencing April 2019.

[4]               AARC alleges that 35,000 – 40,000 pages of its confidential and proprietary information was wrongly accessed, taken and disseminated by the Defendants (the “AARC Confidential Information”)."

Among the tactics employed by the sect was the filing of a complaint to the Alberta Law Society about Brian Fish.  This was done with the co-operation of long-time, and completely conflicted lackey Cathy Lane Goodfellow.  The Wiz, doing his best Queen of Hearts "Off with their heads!" impression wanted Fish disbarred, fined, etc.  In the end it all came to naught, with Fish's career record and specific conduct in the affair withstanding the frothing and carpet-biting emanating from within the sect.

However, a number of curious facts became evident during the course of this wacky little vignette.

A quick perusal of the documents from Fish's hearing reveal that sitting on the Law Society Conduct panel was none other than Nancy Dilts, QC.

"Lawyer Name:
Brian Fish
January 9, 2017
Dean Vause
Panel Chair:
Cal Johnson, QC
Nancy Dilts, QC
Blair Carbert"

What is curious about this fact is that a scant two years later, Justice Nancy Dilts was sitting in the courtroom presiding over the AARC lawsuit against Mr. Fish and M. Sparks.

"AARC Society (Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre)
- and -
 Amy Sparks, Brian Fish, The CBC, Gillian Findlay
Tammi Brown and Greg Elliott

Reasons for Decision
of the
Honourable Madam Justice Nancy F. Dilts
(Delivered Orally on January 28, 2019"

And what is so curious about the ubiquity of Justice Dilts in these particular matters?  Well, last winter the All About Receiving Cash sect launched it's "Lock Up Your Daughters" speaking tour with the two Andys, Evans and Morton.  Unfortunately, the Wiz neglected to reveal to the Alberta Teacher's Association a few minor details about Mr. Evans, resulting in a bit of misunderstanding:

"Andrew Evans, who was convicted of second-degree murder in 2007 in the killing of Nicole Parisien, a Vancouver woman, had been invited as an employee and former AARC graduate. This decision had garnered criticism against the ATA for inviting a convicted murder to speak at their convention."

As it was alleged that M. Sparks had played a role in revealing, to the ATA, All About Receiving Cash's obfuscation in the matter of the Andy show, this was raised in Justice Dilts' court last winter, essentially as the sect alleged that letting people know that AARC was sending a paroled murderer to address teachers without telling people of that particular quirk, constituted malice against the sect.

At that time Justice Dilts took it upon herself to reveal to all assembled that she in fact had worked with Evans' mother.  But perhaps Justice Dilts' memory failed her in all the excitement, because she ihas a much deeper relationship with both the Evans family, and the AARC sect:

"The Honourable Nancy Dilts’s Questionnaire
May 1995-July 2001: Lawyer, Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. (acquired by Conoco in July 2001)"

1995 - present  Vice President and Controller of Gulf
1974 - 1995     Employee of Gulf
1998 - present  Senior Vice President, Business Development and General
                  Counsel of Gulf
1983 - 1998     Associate and subsequently Partner, Bennett Jones (law firm)"

"Board of Directors
Dennis Feuchuk
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Prime West Energy

Roy Evans, B.Comm, C.A.
Director of Operations"

"April 2011-December 2014: Vice President Legal & Corporate Secretary, Parallel Energy Trust"

"Ontario Securities Commission Bulletin
Issue 34/18 - May 06, 2011
Relationship of Insider to Issuer (Rel'n)

1 -- Issuer
2 -- Subsidiary of Issuer
3 -- 10% Security Holder of Issuer
4 -- Director of Issuer
5 -- Senior Officer of Issuer
Parallel Energy Trust Dilts, Nancy Faye
Parallel Energy Trust Feuchuk, Dennis
Parallel Energy Trust Sykes, Henry William"

"Parallel was represented internally by Nancy Dilts, Vice-President, Legal and Corporate Secretary of Parallel. Parallel was also represented by Bennett Jones LLP"

"Calgary Herald 17 June 2012
This ranks the AARC benefit as one of the most successful fundraising events in the city.  Other corporations stepping up to the plate include...Parallel Energy Trust..."

"Board of Directors
Dennis Feuchuk
President & CEO Parallel Energy"

"Board of Directors
Dennis Feuchuk
President & CEO
Base Resources Inc.

Roy Evans
Director of Operations"

"Henry W. Sykes
He served as a Director of Marquee Petroleum Ltd. from October 8, 2009 to May 2011 and Base Oil & Gas Ltd. since October 8, 2009."

"After completion of the Transaction, New Marquee will be led by the current management team of Marquee, including ...Roy Evans as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer...The Board of Directors of New Marquee will comprise of four members of Marquee's current Board of Directors, Dennis Feuchuk (Chairman of the Board)..."

"March 2007-June 2014: Vice President Legal & Regulatory and Corporate Secretary, MGM Energy Corp"

"Nancy Dilts: Decisiveness Counts
Currently heading up MGM is Henry Sykes, the former President of ConocoPhillips Canada, who, for Dilts – as for Bradley – had been an “exceptional mentor … who had confidence in me and gave me opportunities to lead non-legal organizations."

"Paramount owns 13.9 per cent of the MGM shares and Clayton Riddell, chief executive of both companies, owns 31.6 per cent. MGM said in its release that Riddell supports the offer."

"Riddell joined the Flames organization in 2003. His death leaves Alvin Libin, Murray Edwards, Jeffrey McCaig and Allan Markin as surviving owners of the club."

"Others among the hundreds of guests in attendance included: invaluable AARC supporters Allan, Jess and Patricia Markin"

"January 2015-present: Vice President Legal & General Counsel, Ferus Inc. Serve on the Senior Executive Leadership Team. Responsibilities include oversight of five-person legal team, People & Culture team, Corporate Development, Information Services, and Communications & Government Relations"

"Henry W. Sykes
He is on the Board of Directors at Pembina Pipeline Corp., Parallel Energy Trust, Excelsior Energy Ltd., Ferus LNG, Inc., Ferus, Inc."

"Board of Directors
Dennis Feuchuk
President & CEO Canadian Coyote"

Another "curious" aspect of the Law Society Investigation of Mr. Fish concerns Law Society investigator John Dooks, who is reputed to have had a healthy curiosity about whether Canada Revenue had been privy to the documents from AARC.  Dooks is a former Calgary Police Service homicide cop.  And in what homicide should Mr. Dooks prove to have had a significant "investigative" role but the murder of Nicole Parisien by AARC miracle Andy Evans.
As is so often the case with events concerning AARC sect members and public officials, some funny things occurred.  Evans was at large after the murder on August 27, 2007, from approximately 06:00 Calgary time, until he surrendered, in the company of AARC lawyer Mark Tyndale, to Calgary Police Service at 17:00 on August 28, 2007:
"[41]           Mr. Evans described being in a complete state of panic. He said that when he left the apartment building site, he began running in a westerly direction, but eventually turned back to his apartment. He entered his apartment and began throwing some things into a duffle bag and a backpack. He removed the clothing he had been wearing at the scene of the killing, placed it in a plastic bag, and packed it with his other effects that he was taking to Calgary. He then described the various modes of public transportation he took until about noon on August 27, when he ended up at the Greyhound Bus station in Langley. He bought a ticket to Calgary and travelled there by bus.
[42]           Mr. Evans arrived in Calgary in the early morning hours of August 28. He went immediately to his parents’ house and told them he had killed someone. His parents eventually directed Mr. Evans to call the man who had acted as Mr. Evans’ sponsor in his addiction recovery. It was either the sponsor or Mr. Evans’ father who contacted Mark Tyndale. Mr. Tyndale arrived at the home of Mr. Evans’ parents at about 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon. Mr. Tyndale spoke with Mr. Evans and his family and then contacted Detective Dooks. Detective Dooks was at a police golf tournament. Arrangements were made to have Mr. Tyndale bring Mr. Evans to the police detachment at 5:00 p.m. Mr. Tyndale explained the process to Mr. Evans and his family. He told Mr. Evans what to do when he turned himself in. Mr. Tyndale also made calls to find Mr. Evans a lawyer in Vancouver. He obtained the name of Peter Wilson and wrote the information on his business card."

Perhaps it's standard procedure for a murderer, on the lam, to be afforded the luxury of sitting at his parents home for twelve or fifeen hours while his surrender is arranged with a police officer who is at a golf tournament.  But again, as with all things AARC, it just seems a bit "funny".

INVESTIGATION REPORT IN2015-0109 / CO2014-1872
Pursuant to the powers of Section 53(3)(b) of the Legal Profession Act, R.S.A. 2000, Katherine Whitburn signed an Investigation Order on August 7, 2015 authorizing John Dooks, Greg James and Spencer Frizzell to perform this investigation
Brian Fish (Fish)Subject Lawyer
Dr. F. Dean Vause (Dr. Vause) Complainant / Director of AARC
Cathy Lane Goodfellow (Lane Goodfellow) Complainant / staff member at AARC
Simon Renouf (Renouf) Legal Counsel for Subject Lawyer in LSA matter
Grant Stapon (Stapon) Legal Counsel for Complainant in LSA matter and civil litigation
Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) Addiction recovery program operated by Dr. Vause
Amy Sparks (Sparks) Former employee at AARC. Person who obtained data from AARC.
John Dooks (Dooks) LSA Investigator"

Dooks was in fact the investigator who signed off on the Law Society Investigation.

 Although Sparks and Fish are apparently now subject to some type of "Omerta" as part of the deal to settle their particular SLAPP suits, the nature of the documents about which AARC and Calgary's oil and gas barons were clearly very concerned remains a mystery.

Apparently M. Lane Good Fellow still has her cloaca in a twist over this business.  What will the Law Society do next to aid the sect?
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"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992