Author Topic: It's a Small World After All  (Read 8508 times)

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It's a Small World After All
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:20:43 PM »
An amusing game to play whenever the ongoing antics of the All About Receiving Cash sect surface is as simple as putting two names into a search engine and see if they come up in the same hit.  Happens all the time!
When AARC staff member and frenzy killer Andrew Evans was given early release, two members of the Pacific Region Parole Board made this decision. 
So I looked into the magic sphere, and out came this:

"Patricia Meade succeeds Stuart J. Whitley, who retired in October 2012 and served as the deputy minister of Health and Social Services since 2007.

"Stuart James Whitley —  This guy’s the leader of the pack. He’s from North Vancouver, British Columbia, and designated Vice-Chairperson to the PBC Pacific region. Whitley was appointed as a full-time Board member in November 2012. Prior to joining the Board, he was the Yukon Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services. Whitley also worked as Senior Regional Director and Director of Policy, Programs and Integration at Justice Canada, Deputy Minister of Justice for Yukon, and Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Manitoba."

Paddy Meade did tremendous work on behalf of the sect.  She took over AADAC, and lo and behold, like Max Rockatansky, she unleashed the precious flow of government cash that had been denied the sect since they had to pack up and leave the US.  Paddy is the Jesse James of Alberta, lifting millions of dollars from tax-payers' wallets, and disappearing in a cloud of dust.

"Meade’s job with Alberta Health Services made headlines last year when she quit her deputy minister post to take the executive job with the superboard.
Provincial conflict of interest legislation calls for a six-month cooling off period before deputy ministers take a job with a government agency. Alberta’s ethics commissioner, however, cleared Meade of any allegations she was in a conflict, ruling that her employment was in accordance with the Public Service Act."

"Paddy Meade, the former executive operating officer of Alberta Health Services, who was let go in a reorganization in the spring, was paid $1.3 million for nine months on the job — the equivalent of two years' salary and benefits. A $257,500 bonus was included in the payout."

"Paddy Meade was appointed Deputy Minister of Alberta Health and Wellness in
November 2004.The ministry includes the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Commission (AADAC), where Ms. Meade previously served as Chief Executive
"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992