Author Topic: Mel and Betty Sembler, proud of their life's work!  (Read 3669 times)

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Mel and Betty Sembler, proud of their life's work!
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:46:30 AM »
Check out @hhex70’s Tweet:
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Re: Mel and Betty Sembler, proud of their life's work!
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2019, 07:55:16 AM »
Yo , this is excellent . I have many Straight survivors that I consider friends and I am sure many would like to have their questions answered. I don't have a twit account , though I am curious ,if he  knew  of Joe Ricci's program,  Elan One Corporation that eventually became the Elan School. 

I am glad that Mel And Betty lost so much money backing Jeb Bush. Yet it is a drop in the bucket to the monies these sociopaths made implementing a program that brainwashed parents into abusing other parents  children.   And inside the doors of the Seed and the Straights they were hands on getting children to abuse the living daylights out of each other.

I mean call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel - In plain English these two people made money pushing a very sick agenda , that as Mr. Connelly  laid out - it is the truth.

My question if I had Tweet  account is why are Mel  and Betty still free and not in prison for the sadistic serial criminal child abuse that they  profited handsomely.

I may have to get a twitter account - This is promising - I hope more Seed and Straight survivors  hammer Mel and Betty  with questions about incidents that they seem to be so proud.  Tis true the truth will set you free my Straight friends - and I like others are patiently awaiting the reply from some of the most horrible   human beings to walk the earth in the 21 century . Seems like this Tweeter account updates - in real time - God I hope an pray more  Straight Survivors see this and ask those questions - it might be surprising  to find that Betty and Mel Sembler really are proud of being consummate serial sadistic criminal child abusers.

maybe I should get an account - lol .  This is excellent.