Author Topic: Ban on corporal punishment in Denmark, but molestation of a childs winky allowed  (Read 9468 times)

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The Danish parliament is talking whether they can deny a demand from a large part of the population who wants to ban circumcision for children aged below 18.

In Denmark it is against the law to use corporal punishment on children. It goes for both schools and parents. Parents are convicted of this every year and we are talking years in prison, not just fines.

But it is allowed for parents to order a doctor to molest the childs private part if the parents believe that the sky pixie of their choice of belief thinks that it is a great idea.

People who are now adults have stepped forward with their experiences. They state that they have lost quality in their sex life and other health issues. Denmark has already banned circumcision on female minors as they do in the eastern part of Africa. Parents have been sent to prison for that. Now the population also wants to ban circumcision of male minors.

Ban circumcision for boys under-18s, says Intact Denmark (The Copenhagen Post)

What do you think? Will it be a good idea to introduce such a ban?