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A Boy Named Sue
« on: April 22, 2018, 11:49:53 AM »
In 2009, after the Fifth Estate exposed the behaviour modification program operated by the AARC sect, the Alberta Government failed to undertake an investigation of AARC.  No one from Alberta Justice or the Ministry of Children's Services attempted to investigate any aspect, from the illegal thought reform techniques to the role of the unregulated, unlicensed foster homes used by AARC to isolate the subjects while they are being broken, to the problem of sexual exploitation and assault inherent in the "Lord of the Flies" system common to all the Seed/Straight/Kids operations, to the confinement of people who do not suffer from the medical condition that AARC claims to treat.  No analaysis of the significant number of deaths among male "graduates".
Instead, the Calgary Police opened an investigation into people who were pushing for an investigation of AARC.  Five months passed after the airing of the show and AARC finally sued Christine Lunn.  She was given an affidavit to sign, stating that she had lied in her Fifth Estate interviews, and an offer was made to drop the suit in exchange for signing.  She refused, and the suit has been ongoing to for almost nine years.  Scott Fowkes, who also appeared on the show, signed his affadavit, and then apparently entered the adolescent therapeutic community (for "reconditioning"?), although he was almost thirty years old.

After the airing of the program, a contract IT worker at AARC obtained AARC computer files in an effort to aid an investigation into the unlicensed, unregulated behaviour modification program.  In 2011 AARC sued her, and later her lawyer.  In 2014 AARC sect leader Dean Vause made a complaint to the Law Society about the lawyer, demanding his disbarment and asking for a report to the Justice Minister with the aim of having the lawyer criminally charged.

In the event, the Law society reprimanded the lawyer, made no Notice to the Profession, no Notice to the Ministry, levied no fine, and declined the offer to pay costs, imposing instead only half the costs associated with the complaint.

AARC also sued Rachael O'Neill, Bodana Dye, Simi Bates, the CBC, and three individuals from CBC. 
To date, the Alberta Government refuses to have the Ministry of Children's Services conduct an investigation into AARC.  No AARC survivors who have defected from the sect have been interviewed by any government officials, and the current Premier, who claimed in 2009 that she would demand an investigation, now plays the same game her predecessors in government did, refusing to take any action. 
"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992

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Re: A Boy Named Sue
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2018, 09:02:01 PM »
Funny about 3 or 4  weeks ago I was speaking with an Elan Survivor who is from Canada.  And I asked him if he knoew of AARC -cause you know I have been following it. And he incidentally mentioned a place called Kings clear and the notorious Carl Toft. and when I checked this iut and discovered  that there were about 200 allegations of sexual abuse against boys in this provincial juvie hall where this sick pervert  worked. The population was the boys that were learning disabled had emotional behavioral problems.

I dare say Canada has a pretty big problem because Carl was convicted - yet the chronic sexual abuser only got a three year sentence. Blew my mind when my Canadian friend told me to check it out. I did and I was appalled, it is apparent that Carl should never be set free, yet he got a mere slap on his wrist .

So Ajax I asked him if he had heard of the AARC, and he said no though of all the Canadian provinces that one he could see support this sick way to make children change by using every  brainwashing technique very similar to the interrogations tactics used on prisoners , save for that one tasty item of where the4 American's blended an interrogates lunch , paper bag and all and fed it to him thru a tube into his  normally exiting opening of his alimentary canal.   Though I can imagine the sexual abuse that former clients of AARC say they have experienced more than makes up for that little feeding technique used to break the will of  an enemy soldiers.

It boggles the  mind to know that such young minds experience the same techniques used to break the will of enemy combat soldiers.

I have posted about  AARC on various sites yet this most recent  this conversation was taking place on our public facebook documentary page for our film "The  Last Stop " , the true story of the Elan school. Naturally I had to find the CBC film detailing the investigation into AARC, detailing the sexual abuses and all round sickness of that cult - and I have put this thing up on Reddit  long time ago - so I put it up eventually after looking for it here . And I put it up and decided to check it out again and darn if that film has not been taken down.

So I looked for it and yep that thing had vanished and I have been paying attention and it is just wow to me , so I wondered and you have sadly provided an answer  -

Alberta chooses to protect an a known based on its derivative , residential  treatment center for children that was so abusive that it was closed in the united states.  So it changes its name and run to Canada where man apparently the province of Alberta cares more about the money this place generates thru its tax revenues of the Canadian kind , fees etc. than it does about the mental/ health care that these young  teenagers are faced with Attack therapy that resembles the torture  techniques that were reported in the Time magazine article a few years back , detailing how these techniques were used on  captured adult enemy combat soldiers.

It just boggles the mind - children being subjected to these types of mental and physical onslaughts designed to break combat soldiers - yet everyone just smiles and fraudulently continues the lie that this is therapy .

It is always good to read your postings/comments  be nice if there was a way to get ahold of that investigative Canadian report. ( again ) speaking of films you  might be interested in our film - we mention a lot of places that are doing this exact same thing  of abuse as a viable form of therapy, as insane as that sounds in todays day and age - it is what unsuspecting parents fall for  due to the deceptive marketing practices that places like AARC employee during their fundraising practices that were caught on tape in that expose.

And then they wonder why their child appears to have more problems later in life than they did upon entering the facility , when the reality of the trauma surfaces in that human being in the form of PTSD or severe depression - and leads to a very sad or truncated life. 

Yeah man Johnny Cash wrote some great songs - didn't he? 

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I play a lot of other songs
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2018, 12:07:37 PM »
as well -

You know this conversation jumps around the web  has a long string of threads , cool - I know you mentioned you weren't there- a person you know and are close  with was- I am grateful that you care - and do this.   

When I look back at what I have written and my experiences prior to turning 18 - and Elan being one of them for two years - and I write about it- on other sites you know there is some stuff there that well- it aint pretty and there is a pursuant of a justice goal that -well you have to dot  the  i;s and cross...

Yet when I read up on the AARC  or see something  like our film- "The Last Stop"  - I say something as well as -you know -tie in that time article ,which I read along with hundreds of thousands who were just appalled from reading -

I was triggered because save for that one story of how adult prisoners of war were being tortured  at lunch time everything else was present at Elan - Jesus  -( I may be able to pull wires across a box and make sounds that are pleasant to the ear - though I am worried I won't or can't  be able to put it up -  still my god man  triggered like  no bodies business ) I don't have the savvy to deal with Time Magazine online  to  copy and paste an article and make it stick - I have the change for the purchase  - yet not the expertise nor confidence to do it . Be nice if some kind soul would beast that  Time Article here on this thread as it travels.

I was triggered by that article because everything else they were doing to break these adult men -sadly Ajax I experienced for Two years - And I  can now very factually put into words the lunacy that I was subjected to in the name of -what - I want to know what they were trying to do - Because the stuff Elan put me thru was not designed to assist any living creature post that experience ,

I come here and have a conversation - and I factual state - and I Ajax have witnesses and I witness for many - so I stand tall when I look back read my words that I have replied back to you in regards to AArc and other hell holes - and I feel like I am just being honest in my ability now to clearly see - why and how I was pushed into doing something horrible to another person at the same time ( irony ) how I almost shut down or exposed Ricci's program when I, in a bizarre mental fog ,pushed to the point and had  an acute  psychotic break - by a place that was supposed to be saving me- and in this state I stabbed another adult at the time resident. I honestly don't remember the exact act it is not in my m- I do remember coming out of a weird fog like thing hearing my name being screamed  and then in utter horror as I am coming out of this fog - (Ronnie Evans was yelling for me and he seemed like miles away and it took a while but eventually I came back out of this strange fog) and suddenly realized    that I was holding a knife in my hand - I threw it on the floor and ran faster than I have ever in my life, away from that hell hole.  I am grateful to god that O have no actual memory of this event - I have a prior and after but not during - I was that far out there- and if there was memory that I  want  god to remove it is that and it aint there- so maybe he plucked it as it happened – no clue and can’t speculate.   

I made Joe Ricci scramble like he had never done, ever in his life - the adult  I stabbed came from a very affluent family - His brother was a Legal analyst for NBC. Ricci had to appease that adult boy’s parents ,and he had to get me back quickly , almost two  days of  running around in the Maine woods  before I finally found a road , and got caught. Ricci told them that he was going to make sure I got punished if they didn't or would not press charges.

And then this is where the sick that was Joe Ricci , Gerald Davidson , Martin Kruglik, and Morris Fink turned professional and they devised and carried out   a treatment  plan and participated in a treatment plan - that would be embarrassing  to normal kind human beings to simply hear me tell it , and found to be devoid of any therapeutic value as well  pure  extreme criminal  child abuse when the shock wears off after I have finished relating  -  And I really  haven't gotten into here on fornits as much - Yet I can very easily now talk about my particular brand of treatment  that I received post psychotic break - honest hindsight is 20/20.  I have witnesses  - 

I am also very empathetic to others who have experienced this form of criminal child abuse regardless of program  - just because ... Yet when I converse here I use words convey to  exactly how and what Elan did - and it was torture - That is the only way you can truly break a soul -

Elan broke me twice - well they tried real hard the second go round after that assault incident ,  Yet I don't think they really broke me completely the second time because  the therapy or what I received   after my psychotic  break  the extreme measures used to break   me - hard labor ,constant screaming - 50 haircuts a day for being a sick sick ,sick person - for three months , encounter groups of such haltered and those twisted Primal scream groups I don't think  it  took they had already broken me once - that was why that adult got assaulted

And the reason I say it didn't take because I am here now - if I had believed anything Elan was feeding me as truth at that  time I would have ended my life in my early 20's. instead I picked up the guitfiddle and it saved my life.    -

Ricci made sure I knew he was pissed that I had almost caused him to find another way to make a living and he had to scramble fast. He made sure and I believe it was his intent to make sure I did not survive  and I am sure most of those others like Morris Fink ,and Martin Kruglik ,and Jeffery Gottlieb were very surprised to learn that I had survived that insane therapy that they willingly  and gleefully imposed using a group of 24 residents in the house -to achieve their  means and loved every minute of making sure I suffered like no bodies business as They implemented such a revised and even sicker treatment plan - 

I think back to it all, it is bizarre to me that they really went a long with it - like I didn't have any input -and said no sorry I know I am not so lets put that crazy talk away still I would be spanked when I did and coerced to work in primal scream groups that had nothing to do with  me except be triggering . Nothing like having a bizarre form of out of body experience and you see or feel like you are watching you just going thru the motions of working on shit that to me in my core being just did not make sense - yet the pressure and constant barrage of the onslaught

So yeah I look back at what I have written and then I think back as to what I rise above and what so many didn't and I know why it was so unbelievably hard to function with all that insane crap that used exact text book by the book  Torture on ...., just like the Article in that time magazine - And then I realize that I wrote above that this is/was  used on children - and I am just freaking appalled .

Then it dawns on me  I remember I was that child that this was used on - and people wonder why I got Elan exposed - got folks to assist me in closing that hell hole down so it could in my mind never hurt another child like it did me and the many that lie dead in the wake of its  long and lengthy corruptly protected legacy.

Why Elan Survivors have a movie and why I seek the last of the major goals, I made 18 years ago , the movie thing just fell out of the sky into my lap , an act of Grace and a labor of love  and that is to seek justice for all Elan survivors.
It is so odd to me when I write more factually here in my weird and sometimes hard to follow fashion about this stuff and I use words I don't scream or cuss I use my words and it just blows me away that I am speaking in truths  and facts - torture  has been and is being used on children today.

And then I think how in the hell do I know so much about this horrible, insidiously protected and  hidden industry and then it dawns on me just how much of a survivor of torture - And there are so many of us - So maybe that explains why I am pursuing what I have slowing been building- a case -

Sometimes I forget because of the knowledge just can be overwhelming as one tries to factually  use those true words  torture and using it on children. That I really do forget that I didn't learn of this in any college course -   , or books I learned of this first hand - sometimes it is good to take a step back - breathe and continue on once you catch your breathe .

It might do good to find out who in Alberta believes that using torture on children is okay - Hell it is really frowned upon in the united states also by the American public - when they finally understand what is being done to at risk and learning disabled as well as emotionally unbalanced children from chronic childhood life   abuse  or traumas from their primary care givers.

You need to find out who says this is okay - I would love to have a polite conversation with them about the facts.  Torturing children and making a buck on it doesn’t end well 

one way or another this story has got to end - one way or another this train has got to run.