Author Topic: Lawsuit and new name for Red River Academy in Lecompte  (Read 7467 times)

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Lawsuit and new name for Red River Academy in Lecompte
« on: June 04, 2016, 02:00:49 AM »
Red River Academy in Lecompte, Louisiana now brands itself by the name: US Youth Services

They are mentioned in a recent lawsuit

Quote from: The Town Talk
Lawsuit claims abuse, neglect at former Red River Academy
by Melissa Gregory, The Town Talk, May 30 2016

A Virginia father and son filed a lawsuit in Rapides Parish earlier this month, accusing the former Red River Academy of abuse and neglect while the son was a student there.

The lawsuit was filed in the 9th Judicial District Court by Alexandria attorney Thomas Davenport. The plaintiff is William Whittman, a Falls Church, Virginia, resident who sent his 17-year-old son, Kleot Kleit Whittman, to the Lecompte school.

The school now is known as US Youth Services, but was founded as Red River Academy in 2006. The site on U.S. Highway 71 was a former nursing home before becoming a boarding school.

There are six defendants — US Youth Services Inc., Jeremy Donte Gadison, a former employee; Parent Options LLC, a Utah business that operates several websites; Dina Dalton, a Utah resident; Optimum Billing Services LLC, another Utah business; and World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools, another Utah business.

Dalton and the Utah businesses all operate from the same address in Laverkin, Utah, states the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses US Youth Services of fradulent and false advertising "by falsely representing to the plaintiff and the public at large that it is an accredited institution that is authorized by the state of Louisiana to issue high school credits and high school diplomas," reads the lawsuit.

It claims that Kleot Whittman didn't earn any "real education or learning" and didn't receive or earn any academic credits while at the school.

"The defendant, US Youth Services, Inc., merely provided the plaintiff’s minor son with a restricted iPad and directed him to do self-study," it reads. "At the time the defendant, US Youth Services, Inc., marketed, offered and represented that it provided a 'state of the art computerized education' that allows students to 'move at their own pace,' it knew or should have known that it did not provide such a service."

The lawsuit also accused the school of not providing adequate food, nutrition and clothing for Kleot Whittman. It also alleges that Gadison beat him and that the school did not report the alleged abuse to authorities.

It states that Gadison allegedly attacked Kleot Whittman twice on Feb. 25, 2016, once throwing him to the floor and taunting him and then grabbing him by the throat and throwing him into the corner of his dorm room. Other students restrained Gadison, claims the lawsuit. It also claims that Gadison attacked Kleot Whittman three separate times and that Gadison eventually was fired.

So far, no action has been taken in the lawsuit since it was filed on May 17.