Author Topic: Why lie people about people being dead  (Read 10234 times)

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Why lie people about people being dead
« on: September 19, 2014, 03:31:35 AM »
I saw this post on another website.

Why would they lie.
  • To scare you - Ghost to accept treatment
  • Gregs parents may have thrown their son out of their home as a kind of tough love. If someone knows that he is alive, he could get help and not return begging to become the Stepford child they want

Quote from: Ghost
This story is very odd and may not be taken as the truth. However, I can tell you that I will provide as much information as I can, lay out possibilities, and answer any questions. I am also not a liar. If I wanted to "fit in" or make a cool story, I would not be at ATS. I'd be at an online fiction writing forum. This is all written with facts and truths as a focus.

The story from the beginning to end:
  • I attended rehab (wilderness therapy in Utah at a place called Second Nature) when I was a senior in high school. This was the year 2010.
  • I met a guy named Greg who came in a couple days before me.
  • While at wilderness it was deemed that Greg had a serious problem with 'DXM' which is a chemical commonly found in cough medicines.
  • After leaving wilderness I attended a boarding school in Idaho. Greg's family could not afford another rehab program so he went home.
  • A little bit after I entered the boarding school, a therapist from the wilderness program visited me and some of the other kids who went from the same wilderness to the boarding school. He told us that while most other kids were doing well, Greg had left home.
  • A few months later in March or so (2011) a kid from my wilderness group came to my boarding school in Idaho. He had gotten to Second Nature (group 4) the day after I left. I never met him, but he met Greg (Greg stayed longer than me, even though he had begun his treatment before me). Unfortunately, after a long discussion he told me, and a few others, that Greg had unfortunately died of a drug overdose a couple weeks after treatment. This news had been delivered to him (the kid who came a day after I left) from the multiple therapist involved in Second Nature group 4.
  • This saddened me and others and we wrote letters to Greg's family. We sent them various ways, but I sent mine to my old wilderness therapist (not the one who visited). The therapist said he was very sorry about Greg, and he also apologized that he had not told me, or my friends and that it is unfortunate that the message had to come from a kid. (This apology / my letter all went from My hands > Postal Office > My home/parents > Therapist > Greg's family). No response ever came back from Greg's family due to their grief.
  • After the boarding school I was at home and I spoke with some of the kids from my wilderness that were there after I left, and were also there for the news about Greg's overdose + death.
  • In 2012, a few weeks ago, I was on Facebook on Greg's profile. I noticed that his profile had activity; he liked pages, added new friends, posted on walls, posted statuses etc. I thought this was odd as the dates showed statuses/posts/etc AFTER his death in early 2011.
  • I decided to make some calls and send some messages. After speaking with about 5 of his friends, it was confirmed that Greg is alive. Contact with him (in person) has been recorded being as recent as a couple weeks ago, to a few months ago. He is definitely alive.
  • His parents never responded to emails/messages/calls. However, with a lengthy look at their profiles I found that not ONE status is posted about his death. There are some statuses about him leaving the home, but that is it. He is mentioned in a status (that heavily implies he is alive) as recent as this past month.

As you can see he is definitely alive.
So why would a group of people be told he had died?
The news came from:
  • Two separate therapists
  • About 6 different kids from my wilderness program
  • The parents of my friends (from wilderness program) as well as my own

Is it possible that a lie was constructed? Did the therapists lie to us about his death for some unknown reason? Did he fake his own death? - But why would his family go along with it?
The whole scenario is mysterious and wild.
Anyways, with a memorial tattoo on my leg, I am glad that he is alive and I have a stupid tattoo instead of a meaningful tattoo with him dead.

I prayed all the time that he could be brought back to life. Meditated on it. Cried about it. Drank to the loss. It was very upsetting. And now that he is back and alive the only people that ever admit to knowing he was dead are:
  • The people from the wilderness group (the kids)
  • Any people the wilderness group kids told
Nobody else outside of the wilderness group and people they told knew about his "death" or anything. It's like he has been alive all this time, but a few amount of people were told by many that he had died.
Help me out ATS.

Source: My friend died (without revival) in 2011. He's alive today in 2012. (Above Top Secret)