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--- Quote ---T C wrote;
I would NEVER put a Jesus sticker on my car! Then, as soon as I'd cut off someone like you, you'd claim that it was a personal reflection on Christianity, and try to claim that Jesus is not the Messiah because some puttz Christian like me isn't perfect..
--- End quote ---

Only if the sticker read "God is my co-pilot".

Tell me when you wrote that prayer, did you bow your head and close your eyes? Because if you didn't,it doesn't count. Kinda like crossing your fingers when you tell a lie.

Well Mr. Christian??

TC, you are a pretentious asshole.

xnsion wrote :
> TC, you are a pretentious asshole.

Believe me, God is still humbling me.  Luckily He's not finished with me yet.  But, yeah, you're absolutely right.


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