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TEAM Fornits! Attack therapy investigation time!

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--- Quote from: "Che Gookin" ---I'm more looking for specific practioners of the Attack Therapy arts (Harry Potter reference) who ply their trade in the eyes of the public.

That's interesting information though and I suspect it connects somewhat to the shell shock treatment? I remember my grandpa telling me how they treated it in the British Army. Might as well have resorted to voo doo dolls in my opinion. They sent the poor sod home a complete mess afterwards and not a single bit of effort to follow up on it.
--- End quote ---
Well, the real point to it all was not so much the practice of mental health as it was to increase the number of functioning bodies on the battlefield. As well as to recoup the investment in training, etc. already made.

It really is quite interesting that both the Americans and the Brits seemingly came up with this methodology "independently" and at the same time. The whole group think peer pressure stuff also came in handy, I imagine, for enhancing cohesiveness amongst the troops during extreme duress. They could function better as a unit, like a well oiled machine.

I've managed to find some earlier sources for this methodology (albeit in somewhat different format) in work focused on reducing adolescent gang activity in Chicago during the mid 1930s. Small wonder that city is such a mecca for folks studying Organizational Psychology.


Anyway, back to the focus of this thread, might you be looking for someone of the ilk of Fritz Perls of Gestalt Therapy fame (not to be confused with Gestalt Theory)? Alexander Everett (Mind Dynamics), William Penn Patrick (Leadership Dynamics, Holiday Magic), or Bob Hoffman or Claudio Naranjo (Hoffman Quadrinity Process) from early LGATs?

LGAT spinoffs from Mind Dynamics include est and Lifespring (amongst many others).

Che Gookin:
What I'm thinking of is someone hired a therapist or a drug rehab to follow a person in public chanting, "Druggie! Druggie! Druggie!" or something to that effect. Don't know exactly what was being said, but it was public.. visceral.. and apparently they got away with it.

I think it might come out of Pentecostal tradition.  "Out You Demon!" kinda stuff.

To expand on that further, it's the easiest to re-affirm a judgment than make a judgment and that is what gets a lot of these directors in trouble.  That they base their past experience and solely rely on it causes them to feed on themselves and quite often, this is convincing for others.  That's where you get the cult following.

Wow! how a straight mind can think of such a kind of therapy!
this is really strange to me!


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