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TEAM Fornits! Attack therapy investigation time!

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Che Gookin:
I need some questions answered...

What is attack therapy?

Who invented it?

What juicy dirt can be dug up on the person or persons behind it? Were they ever arrested for something really sick? And yes I'm looking to tarnish the image and reputation of attack therapy by going after the creator's personal and professional life.

Is there anyone on record with a long list of professional credentials who has debunked attack therapy?

I'll be working on this also, I'm just not posting some vague article and wanting all my homies to do the work. Someone told me about attack therapy being used on a kid and I was utterly astonished. I'd like to create an organized body of information for refuting it if that doesn't already exist. Probably post it up on the fornits wiki if Oscar the grouch doesn't do it for me.

Love you Oscar!

*coughs* no homo....

Che Gookin: ... forum.html

Found this right off.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... not good so far.

The basis of my story is that someone got enrolled into attack therapy and was accosted by several people and followed in public and had accusations leveled against them.

I can't imagine a worst thing that could happen to a 16 year old ffs.

the prodgidal son:
Oh dear.. Daddy Chuck goes mainstream eh?

Attack therapy is part of the game at Synonan. Went onto to SEED, STraight, Erhard's looney bunch, Landmark forums.

Never heard of it being used in public though. That bears some scrutiny in itself, quite brazen in fact. I always thought most programs and weekend rent a cults liked doing their thing behind closed doors.

"Attack therapy" predates Synanon by about a decade and a half. Y'all need to look into "group therapy" as practiced at the Fort Knox "Rehabilitation" Center for military offenders during World War II.

Just sayin' ...

Che Gookin:
I'm more looking for specific practioners of the Attack Therapy arts (Harry Potter reference) who ply their trade in the eyes of the public.

That's interesting information though and I suspect it connects somewhat to the shell shock treatment? I remember my grandpa telling me how they treated it in the British Army. Might as well have resorted to voo doo dolls in my opinion. They sent the poor sod home a complete mess afterwards and not a single bit of effort to follow up on it.


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