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Deep Throat has a new name -
« on: April 05, 2011, 08:52:14 PM »


You used Watergate as an example.  Do you really think Obama could be facing a Watergate type scandal?  I mean, something that big?  Yes I do.  I hope not.  That is what is going on right now – I’m trying to explain that part of it to you but maybe I’m not doing a good enough job of it.  There are those in the party – the Democratic Party, who are right now actively preparing for that possible outcome and taking protective measures to protect the party.  Let Obama go down for it – but save the party.  President Obama in turn – at least those around him who are capable enough still to function in that way, are trying to keep the party entangled in the mess, to motivate them to continue protecting the White House.  THAT is what is going on right now.  And the stakes are very high – the repercussions very serious.  That is why I keep telling you to fully appreciate the dangers here.  This stuff is no joke.  That is why I came to you.  If this goes bad, and it could just like that, I can pull the plug.  And make no mistake – I will.

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2011, 09:03:05 PM »
Home » Politics » World Politics » White House Insider: Clintons, Scandals, and the Birth Certificate..
White House Insider: Clintons, Scandals, and the Birth Certificate..
Published by Ulsterman on November 9, 2010 in World Politics
Tags: democrats, government, news, Obama, Politics, republicans, White house
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Part two of our latest White House Insider series.

Do you mind if we switch gears just a bit?  With the short time we have left I want to throw a bunch of questions at you.  Is that ok?  Sure – fire away kid.  No promise I’ll give you an answer though.

Ok – so you still think Hillary Clinton is thinking of running for President in 2012?  Yes.

What will be the biggest factor in her final decision?  The economy.  If it does not improve she is in. She will run.

How long before that decision is made by her?  By spring – a few more months or so.  But she won’t be the first to jump in against Obama.  Word is there will be a break the ice candidate.
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Moving Forward »

Break the ice candidate? What is that?  Someone will step in to challenge Obama – break the ice.  That will allow Hillary to come in after and not be the party crasher so to speak.  The first candidate comes in and creates the chaos – she follows after to calm it all down and play up her experience.  She is saving the party and saving the country.  If Hillary gets into the race for president, some version of that process is how it will go down.

You know this?  How?  There is no real “know” in politics.  Things are changing – but Hillary wants in.  She wants to be president.  So, now they just have to wait and plan for the right opportunity.  That opportunity may come, and it may not.  They are looking at deciding by spring though, that much I do know.  For instance, if the scandal breaks – that would give her a prime opportunity to step in now wouldn’t it?

Yes, I guess it would.  If Hillary Clinton were to seek the presidency, would you support her?  Absolutely – I have said that to you already.  Yes, I would absolutely support her.  And I would gladly be a part of her campaign.  Hey Hillary – call me!  (laughs)

How about the new Republican Congress?  Do you think they will get those Bush tax cuts extended?  Probably.  The Democrats are trying to exclude the top bracket cuts.  Make the issue about the Republicans wanting to protect the rich.  That’s from a very old playbook, right?  The Republicans are aware of that trap, and will work to give a blanket extension for all tax payers. In the end you will see the lower brackets given the permanent extension and the upper brackets given a temporary extension – say two years.

Why two years?  Because that will work in the Democrats’ favor for 2012.  They will be able to once again say how the Republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich.  It’s a simple trap – but the Republicans are stupid enough to fall for it.  Just watch.  50/50 they actually fall for it.  Boehner…he’s not all that bright you know.

Even with Democrats like yourself being so open about it?  The “trap” that is?  Sure.  This little blog of yours won’t make one difference on that.  The media is already trying to set it up for Democrats. The messaging is already initiated.  Look for the Republicans to make the same mistake the Democrats did after 2008 – thinking the American people are on their side.  No – the American people despise both parties.  Well, now that Republicans won back the House in 2010, they can once again be painted as the party for the rich, for the bankers, for big business, etc.  With a Republican Speaker, it will make that task much easier for us.  Losing the House has made me far more hopeful that Democrats can do well – or at least much better,  in 2012.  There will be a lot of bumps along the way, but our chances have greatly improved.

You sound a lot more positive than you were before.  What happened to all the crisis in the Democratic Party talk?  Oh, the party is still in crisis, and there is going to be much more to come…what’s that saying?  First comes denial, then anger, and finally acceptance.  Maybe I’m at the acceptance stage now.  People in the party are talking, things are forming, I see a new and stronger direction for 2012 and beyond.  Unless of course, Nancy Pelosi somehow manages to keep her leadership role within the party.  That would be…incredibly stupid of us.  But you never know what Democrats are capable of right?  If Pelosi retains her position, there will be more staff leaving the White House because that will signal the party has truly lost its political compass and the White House will have been proven powerless in correcting it.  Nobody wants to work for a loser.  The poor bastards who were around for Carter – it took them years to recover their careers, and some never really did.

How likely is it she keeps her role as Democrat leader in the House?  She is out. I just cannot see it happening – her being allowed to be minority leader.  No way.  Yeah, it could happen – it’s possible, but very unlikely.  And if it does happen…well, you can throw all of my hope for 2012 out the window.  Pelosi is too mixed up in what is coming at us in the coming months.

The White House scandal?  Yes, that, and the ethics investigations of Rangel and Waters, and likely some others.  The Republicans will drag those out for optimal impact.  We know that – we’ve accepted that.  Having Pelosi out in front as the face of the party during this time would be a horrible decision.

Specifically on the White House scandal again – I was told a report was coming soon.  Something from a mainstream media outlet.  Have you heard something similar?  Where did you hear that?  Your newspaper days coming back to you now?

Just something I heard – reliably.  Have you heard anything similar?  (pause) Yes.  Many people have. This thing is percolating just under the surface right now.  Sooner – not later, the pot is gonna start boiling.  Yeah, someone is about to test the waters with this thing.  I’ve heard that.  Then again, I’ve heard that for a while now, so who knows, huh?  I’d watch yourself though – told you that before.  Be very careful who you are talking to on this.  These people don’t play nice.

But nothing more specific?  A name?  No-no-no.  Not going there – not yet. I don’t have the protection.  Read the Times.  Somebody there has sniffed it out.  And a guy over at the Post.  If the Post starts to get on it, the Times will probably go ahead and break it open, loyalty to the White House be damned.  I told you before, parts of the story have already been given out publicly here and there.  One part will lead to another and then another.  It’s underway right now.  Every week a little bit more shows itself.

You really like this cloak and dagger stuff don’t you?  (laughs)  Yeah, I suppose I do.  But I also take it seriously, and you should too.  Your blog thing is reaching the eyes and ears of some people very high up, and it’s driving them absolutely nuts.

Ok, I gotta ask this.  And I don’t mean any disrespect to you but so many of my readers bring this up and some of them make pretty credible arguments on the subject that I’ve wanted to ask you about it for awhile…(leans forward) You got my attention – what’s the question?

The birth certificate issue…is it…is there some validity to… (eyebrows raise up) You’re going to ask me a Birther question!  (laughs)  I’m not laughing at the question, I’m laughing at how uncomfortable you are in trying to ask it!

Well, it does seem to go right into full on conspiracy stuff which I don’t like to pay much attention to.  Hey, almost every great government scandal began as a silly conspiracy right?  It’s how one side effectively discredits the other – just call them crazy.  I have done it many times.  Not so much because I enjoy it but because it works.

So…any truth to the birth certificate thing?  Hell if I know – and I’m not sure I want to know.  Do you realize the mess that would create if it was true?  There would be violence of the kind this country has not seen in our lifetimes – or at least your lifetime.  I forget sometimes how old I really am.

C’mon, you’re dancing around it.  Is there any credibility to it?  (leans back, folds arms across chest)  Look, I will say this- people seem to have spent a considerable amount of time and money keeping others from finding out.  I don’t know why more than to say this president has been very protective of almost everything in his past.  From college transcripts to medical records to writings…he’s clearly very concerned with his privacy.  I don’t necessarily fault him for that, but it does make you wonder – I understand that.  If you are asking me if Obama is an American I say yes.  I have no doubt about that.  If you are asking me if Obama was born in America…

That’s exactly what I am asking you.  Yeah…that one is a little tougher to say.  I sure as hell hope so, because if he wasn’t, and somebody is able to prove it – holy hell we got problems.

You really think President Obama might not have been born in America?  Whoa – don’t take it that far, ok?  I’m not comfortable with you putting it quite like that.  It’s not so much I don’t think he was born in America, it’s more that I am open to the possibility of that.  Or I’m at least sympathetic to people who wonder about it themselves.  But I don’t want to go there – it’s irrelevant to me.  It’s too dangerous to consider.  And it’s Obama’s own fault.  He has covered up his past.  Beyond his books, which frankly from what I have seen of him firsthand I don’t think he wrote entirely himself, there really is very little we know about the guy.  The one most responsible for all of these conspiracy stories is Barack Obama.  When you have White House staff – people who were involved in the day to day decisions coming out of the West Wing saying they have no clue who Obama really is, that shows an environment that is going to create a lot of this conspiracy stuff surrounding the president.  And how about I ask you what you believe?  Do you think Obama wasn’t born in America?

I’m not sure.  I used to ignore that talk.  Now I’m not sure.  Like you said, there has been so much cover up of his past.  Why?  And you seem to have the same kind of doubts I do.  Hmmm…I wouldn’t go quite that far.  I think you want to believe in that Birther stuff.  I don’t.  I hope to God it’s not true.  You on the other hand…

Now you’re putting words in my mouth.  I don’t want it to be true either, I am just starting to wonder if…well, it appears there is smoke and maybe there’s fire.   Fair enough.  I can understand that.

So I take it this White House scandal you’ve been talking about has nothing to do with the birth certificate issue?  No – not to my knowledge, no.  Good lord, no.  Don’t tie me up to that subject matter!  And we gotta wrap this one up, ok?

Nervous?  No – just in a hurry.  We can pick this up again when I have more to tell you.

One last question.  Make it quick please.

Who is the next to leave the White House?  You correctly predicted Summers and Emanuel before anyone else. Can you give me another prediction on who the next administration figure who is on the way out?  Sure – but there is going to be a whole rash of departures coming up you know.  Top to bottom.

Can you give me a big name – somebody important who is leaving?  You testing me?

Maybe – just seeing if you are still getting good information.  Oh – I see.  I’m only as good as my last success, is that it?

Sure – something like that.  Gibbs.

Gibbs?  Yeah – the fat -expletive- Gibbs is gone.  And good riddance.

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2011, 09:25:34 PM » ... president/

What is he? (Obama)

 President Obama is…well now I guess that’s just it, isn’t it? We don’t know.  He is so incompetent…so wrapped up in this image that was created around him, and now so over his head…Obama is dangerous.  Dangerous to America. Dangerous to the world.  Dangerous to our futures.  He is not running this show.  Maybe that’s for the better – who knows?  Maybe he is so incapable that if he really was in charge it might be even worse?

 I tell you what – if you don’t mind my suggestion here.  Let me just talk for a bit.  Let me just let some things out.  I might ramble a bit, but if you’re ok with that – we can clean it up later…just let me talk.  All due respect for your wanting to ask certain questions, but…at this point I want to say some things in my own way if you don’t mind.  You ok with that?
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 Absolutely.  Proceed.

 (Long pause – then laughs)  Ah…looks like I don’t quite know how to start.  My own idea and I haven’t a clue where to begin.

 Maybe tell me when you first started to realize something was wrong with Obama.  When you realized electing him was a mistake.  We covered some of that already before, but now you can just talk about it.  I won’t interrupt – you just say what you want to say and go from there.

 (Hands cover face, followed by a deep sigh)  Yeah…I guess that would work.  Remember when I told you about the First Lady’s racist comment?  The redneck thing?  Yeah – you do. Ok…I thought about quitting the campaign then.  That episode really…it really – I was pissed over it.  But then I ignored it.  Buried it away.  Now why did I do that? What she said, her attitude, was so disrespectful to that man, to his family – why did I just decide to ignore it and move on with the campaign?  I’ve asked myself that many times.  I was weak. I was…I wanted so bad to be a part of a winning campaign again.  And I had already been told I would have a chance to get back inside the White House – if just a little bit.  I hadn’t done that for some time and I missed it.  I know some of your readers, maybe even you do too…think of me as just another Democrat.  Look, I’m proud to say I’m a Democrat.  We have some wonderful, brilliant people in the party.  And I love this country… sorry if that sounds like a stupid cliché.  And yeah, I love politics. I love the action, the give and take, and I guess the power.  I love that too.  Being near that kind of power.  So I let it go.  What the First Lady said – I let it go.  I stayed on because I wanted back in.  I sold out.  I wanted to be a part of something really big, and in 2008, nothing was bigger than the Obama campaign.  Nothing.

 Well, that doesn’t really have anything to do with my realizing Obama was off – that he wasn’t what we thought he was.  But it does give a reference point for my frame of mind. I stayed on, but that situation – the racism, the disrespect I saw by the First Lady, it stayed with me, so that when I did get a chance to go back to the White House during the transitioning, maybe my eyes were a bit more open to the truth than some others around me.  I had already been disappointed you see.  Some doubt had already started to grow about these people.

(Pauses) …So, jump ahead a bit.  I had been in and out of the White House a few times by then, it was very busy.  A ton of people coming and going as is always  the case during the transition.  That is when I started to realize that it didn’t feel like the “Obama White House”.  There was no real…not sure how to really explain this – but there was no real sense of Obama.  Here was this guy who I saw give these incredible speeches.  He looked huge on that stage.  He looked invincible.  He looked like a president.  While in the White House, I never saw him or hardly heard of him for weeks.  He was a ghost.  Anything needed to be cleared, you spoke with people you never heard of before.  Who were these people? Even early on in 2009 Rahm’s position as Chief of Staff was being challenged by Jarrett, with Axelrod trying to keep the peace between the two.  She didn’t trust Rahm immediately – he was of the Clintons, and that was never to be trusted – but keep him close right?  Keep your enemies closer right?  Very Machiavellian – that was Jarrett’s White House even as early as then.  Keep your head down and don’t make a fuss.  And watch your back.  Everyone was uncertain.  The president was absent.  He literally was not there.  Where was he?  Nobody knew – or nobody was saying.  The big decisions – those all went through Jarrett.  All of them.  The First Lady was more visible around the West Wing than the newly elected President of the United States.  It was…odd.

And then, finally, I was to be part of a meeting that Obama was going to attend. We were told he would be stopping by.  I never spoke directly about this to you before – or if I did, we must have edited it out. I don’t recall now.  But finally I was going to be in the room with this man I had helped to elect.  The president arrived about 20 minutes late.  I say that only as a matter of truth to counter the media’s spin that Obama runs a very tight ship – that he is always on time.  At least that is what they were spinning back then.  Not so much anymore.  But back then that was how Obama was being presented by the media to the America people – a guy who was in total control.  Hell, based on what I had seen of him giving those speeches, I fully expected to see that kind of person – that kind of president.

That’s not what I got.

So he showed up late, like I said. He looked good – just like the campaign.  He sat down and said, “Welcome everybody!”  He turned to a person to his right who I did not know at the time, a younger man, and the president smiled and nodded to him.  Then he looked over at Valerie Jarrett, who sat in a chair behind the president – she was sitting against the wall – watching.  I didn’t even realize she was in the room until the president looked over at her.  There was prolonged silence.  The president folded his hands on the desk and smiled again.  Then he unfolded his hands and leaned back in his chair.  More silence.  He looked over again at the man to his right who then gave the president an agenda for the meeting.  Now I know enough about how these things work to know that the president must have been given that agenda long before he stepped into the room.  Every minute of a president’s day is meticulously mapped out beforehand.  So this thing, which might seem like a minor detail to some, set off my alarms.  What was going on here?  Why was the president being handed an agenda that he must have already been given earlier?

So Obama looks down at the paper and then looks back up at all of us.  He smiles again and then gives off this nervous little laugh.  Now the country is pretty familiar with that laugh these days, but it was the first time I had heard it, and it didn’t do anything to alleviate just how odd this meeting was playing out.  The president recognized someone else at the table and asked for them to begin with item two on the agenda.  Do you want to know what item one on the agenda was?  It read:   Greetings and introductions by President of the United States.  Apparently that item one…well, apparently the president thought he had just handled that part and so it was on to item two.  Of course the gentleman he asked to start on item two had no idea what he was to say, and the man to the president’s right stepped in and proceeded to handle that item himself.  The president appeared completely unaware of his mistake, or maybe he just didn’t care.  The mood in the room had gone from excitement at getting to see the president to one of being very uncomfortable.  If President Obama was unable to handle a simple meeting among secondary staff, how in the hell was he going to be able to run the damn country?

Eventually the meeting did get underway with participation from a number of us in that room, but during that time, which was no more than say, fifteen minutes, the president said almost nothing.  He would smile, he would nod, and he would turn to Jarrett to confirm if something that was said was correct, or agreeable.  The only time the president showed any sign of life was when someone made a reference to basketball.  Then he became far more animated – but that only lasted for a brief moment and he returned to his silent nodding and smiling.  Even though the meeting lasted those 15 minutes at the most, it felt much longer simply because it was so –expletive- uncomfortable. After another episode of silence, Jarrett cleared her throat and declared to us that the president was needed elsewhere.  As soon as she said that, Obama shot up from his seat and gave that same weird smile of his that he had on when he first came in,  a brief “thanks for the talk”, and then headed  out the door with Jarrett close behind.  I was looking around the table and saw some people acting as if the president’s behavior was completely normal, but a few others were, like me, clearly unsettled by what we had just seen.  Something was not right with this president.

That is when I started to ask questions.  As quietly as possible, with those few I already knew, and later a few others I grew to know later, I asked questions about what was going on with President Obama, and the answers I got back were…troubling.  That is when I realized we had possibly made a terrible-terrible mistake in electing this man.  That’s also when I learned that the infighting among the staff was so terribly bad, the president’s smoking – his health, was an ongoing concern, and that his interest in the actual job of being president was non-existent and had largely been given over to Valerie Jarrett, though at the time there was a still a struggle for power between her and Rahm.

(Pause)  …This might not fit entirely with our timeline here, maybe I’m jumping off track a bit, but I want to say something about Rahm Emanuel if that is ok with you.  Set the record straight – or at least clarify how your readers view Rahm.  That ok with you?

Sure – like we agreed, you just speak your mind now.  Say what you want.

Ok – thanks.  Good-good.  Well, Rahm…Rahm Emanuel is a classic DC operative at the highest level.  A proven commodity.  The guy is tough, smart, and very-very good at working the system.  And I say that with absolute respect.  Now you gotta understand something here – he was Chief of Staff at the Obama White House.  Now that is a very powerful position, right?  Serious-serious power.  The kind of power Rahm enjoys having.  That’s not saying anything derogatory against him – he enjoys power, and there are few positions in this country more powerful than the one he held at the Obama White House. Problem is, that position had all but been cut off at the knees by Jarrett.  Rahm’s job was reduced almost entirely to acting as a liaison between the White House and Congress.  He quickly became Jarrett’s messenger between Pelosi, Reid, and Jarrett.  Axelrod was in the mix too, but he was secondary.  He was already preparing an exit for himself by that time – most people don’t know that, but that’s what he was doing.  He had come to the realization that Obama was a great candidate but a lousy leader.

Anyways, I guess what I’m getting at here is that what led Rahm to pursue politics back in Chicago had nothing to do with helping Obama out.  Nothing.  It had everything to do  with Rahm wanting out of the Obama administration, and the administration doing everything it could to see him gone.  Jarrett was pushing him out, as was the First Lady, and ultimately, Rahm let them do it.  He no longer wanted to fight for a White House he saw as a growing internal disaster.  “These people are –expletive- clueless.”

So now Rahm has the keys to Chicago, keys that can unlock a lot of things very…uncomfortable to Obama, Jarrett, Michelle – the whole lot of them.  Rahm is no friend to the Obama White House. I want to make that very-very clear to you.   The president all but mocked Emanuel as he left.  The Chicago unions fought against Rahm.  A lawyer close to the Obama machine fought against Rahm.  I am certain Organizing for America monies were spent against Rahm in those fights.  The Obama people were and still are, crawling all over Chicago.  They did not want Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago.  No way in hell did they want that – but that’s what happened now isn’t it?

Rahm Emanuel didn’t go back to Chicago to help protect Barack Obama.  Rahm Emanuel went back to Chicago to have the power to help destroy the whole myth of Barack Obama – or even more importantly, to destroy Valerie Jarrett and her entire collection of kooks that is the Obama White House.  The bodies buried in Chicago…it’s time for somebody to start digging them up don’t you think?  Who better to do that than Rahm Emanuel…

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2011, 09:30:57 PM »
LOL, I haven't seen this many random insinuations since Whooter was still here.

If there was anything of substance in this, he would have said it. Instead it's just a long, long string of blather. There's nothing THERE. "If you look back at Chicago..." And find what, exactly?

You've been trolled Buzzkill.
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2011, 09:48:38 PM »
So let’s get to it then.  Is Obama re-elected in 2012?

Can’t say for certain – nothing certain in this game.  Odds on…yeah.  He is re-elected in 2012.  It appears the economy is turning, or at least it is being successfully spun that way.

So at this point, everything depends on the economy?

In presidential politics the economy is always the single most important factor.  Everything else is secondary.  Everything.

 But what about a big scandal?  What about the big scandal?  The one you hinted at several times before?

(Sighs)  Yeah…what about it then?  You tell me.  What about it…
Read more in World Politics
« Washington Studying Military Options Against The Libyan Regime
NPR Really Knows How to Hire Their Executives »

That doesn’t sound too encouraging.  So the scandal – it doesn’t exist?

Oh, it exists.  It’s out there.  Parts here and there you know?  Pieces of the puzzle.  Look, I was led to believe it was evolving and would break out either right before or soon after the November elections.  That didn’t happen.  I think I shared some of this with you before, right? I shared it with you – maybe someone else. Some others.  Getting hard to keep track of all of this…anyways, when Pelosi didn’t leave, she stayed on…that shook us up pretty bad.  Something went down that we did not see coming, we didn’t know what, or who, or why, or how…the shit just hit the fan and we were caught flat footed.  Not a good thing in this business.  Not when you’re dealing with these kinds of forces.  I’m not too proud to say I was scared at that moment.  Really shook up.  And I’ve been in a few political  shit-storms in my day.

I remember.  So has the fear gone along with the scandal?  Just like that?

No…not “just like that”.  I still have concerns.  But I’m more frustrated than anything these days.  Really frustrated.  And damn tired. Granted, the last few months have been very good for me – we pulled away and won it, and that is always a nice thing to be a part of.  Can’t hurt the resume, right?  But regarding that scandal you keep hitting on – I understand you’re wanting to see it happen.  We all did.  We still do – and it just might yet…but the situation has changed.  The president is in a stronger position now than he was just a couple months ago.

This is starting to feel like you called me in here to end this.  To wrap it up.  Have you given up?

(Long pause)  It ain’t dark yet…but it’s getting there.  Here is where I’m at in this thing.  The move to get real political pressure against this White House, from both outside and in – that was the plan underway, that is what we were working to pull off.  It didn’t evolve much beyond pissing off a few people, and scaring a few more.  Certain things needed to happen that did not.  So I backed off.  We backed off.  One guy up and quit it. Dropped it.  Left.  That was a big loss to what we were trying to accomplish.  When you first published what I was telling you…much of it, was coming first hand, or very near to the source, right? I know what I saw. Know what I heard. Know what I was told by those in the room.  Then time went on, and the information I relayed to you was second hand, or even more speculative than that.  Not wrong necessarily, just not…secure, or maybe quite as accurate.  We had people in Congress though…contacts that went very high up.  People we had worked with, for, long term deals.  Good people.  That’s where much of the Pelosi information originated from.  And later, the Issa details.  But now…

(Interrupts) So you got no sources? No access?  How long has this been for?  How long has…

(Interrupts) That’s not what I said.  Not at all.  What I’ve sent you was good information for the most part – at least as good as I had at the time. Maybe not quite as timely as before.  And there are still sources to that kind of information, but basically, the motivation is greatly diminished.

Whose motivation?  Yours?  Your sources?  

Yeah – all of the above.  My motivation…do I want to keep banging my head against this wall?  Will it make a difference? People far higher up in this chain have backed away from it.  If I don’t have them helping out, then why bother?  What for?  Financially, this year has been good to me, and I likely got a bit more work coming by summer and if I want to go one more time around the track, into 2012.  Then I’m done.  Maybe a book. Maybe a little consulting on the side.  Maybe just more fishing.  Maybe I’ll just disappear…

I got so many questions I don’t know where to start…you keep referring to “we”, as in “we had contacts”, “what we were trying to accomplish”.  Care to elaborate on who you’re talking about?  That might be a good start at this point.

No, I won’t elaborate on that – and you know better than to ask.  You tried that before didn’t you? It’s not the first time I’ve used that term with you.  We as in  those in the Democratic Party who were shocked, or disappointed, or concerned over the impact the Obama White House was having on the party, on people in the party who were being forced out, and at least for a time, were willing to entertain the idea of trying to prevent the administration from inflicting more damage. Of wanting to push back – hard, against Obama and more importantly, Jarrett.

(Interrupts)  You already said that – but you also said it was more than that, right?  That you were afraid for the country.  That Obama was so inept, so clueless – you used that exact term, that the country was going to be harmed, right?  So are you saying you don’t feel that way anymore?  That you’ll just collect another fat campaign check in 2012 and call it a day? Is that what you’re saying, because if it is…if it is, you can go –expletive- yourself.

(Laughs)  There it is!  There’s the Irish in you! (pauses)…I understand your anger.  I knew you wouldn’t be happy to hear what I have to say.  I’m sorry to disappoint you but we tried and it didn’t work.  The donors threatened Obama, but most of then are back on board.  Pelosi stayed on.  Issa doesn’t appear to be making any serious move against the administration.  The president is feeling far more confident these days because of it, and so his vulnerability is much less.  People are more afraid to move against him – especially those within the party.  Look, this thing was a long-shot.  You knew that.  But now it’s time to move on.  I need to move on.  You need to move on.

No.  I’m not ready to just quit.  I’m not ready to watch six more years of an Obama administration.  America is barely surviving the last two.  What will the next six bring?  Don’t you care about that?  You have family.  Don’t you worry about that?  You have information – come out and share it.  Leak it. Get it to the media.  No more cloak and dagger. No more manipulating.  Just come out with it.

That’s not going to happen.  What’s that phrase – don’t go into a gunfight with a knife?  I’ll get my ass handed to me – if I’m lucky.  That’s not how things are done.  Don’t be so idealistic and –expletive- dramatic.  Look – I think you are not quite understanding my position here, or maybe I’m not communicating it like I need to.  I’m not saying I’m just gonna up and quit this thing cold turkey.  I still got some ideas – still got people interested in alternatives.  But things have cooled off, ok? That’s it.  It might be wise for us to take a step back and wait to see what unfolds.  And as far as “leaking it” goes, that kind of thing is very tough to come by these days.  Very-very tough.

I read a recent Politico article that stated the administration was clamping down on leaks.  Going after people more than any other administration – I assumed that was the purge you had warned about a while back.

Yes.  I was told there had been a number of meetings about information getting out.  Jarrett was livid over it.  As was the First Lady.  It was partly why Axelrod left – he was unable to clamp down on the leaks. Probably had something to do with Gibbs going away as well.  Don’t believe the bullshit reasons comin’ out of the administration.  Rahm was blamed when he was there, and blamed even after he was forced out.  They got Holder lookin’ in the weeds for anyone giving out information – especially information that might harm the president’s chances in 2012.  That’s the real issue here – it’s not military secrets or anything like that –  it’s things that might make Obama look foolish, incompetent – those are the leaks that has Jarrett and Michelle screaming for people’s heads.  This White House, those people…they don’t care about America.  They really don’t.  It’s all about them. At every goddamn level of every goddamn thing they do – it’s all about them.

So why not keep fighting against it?  Don’t stop – keep going.

Like I said, I’m not “stopping”.  It’s more like…waiting it out for a bit.  Maybe I’ll jump back into this thing, maybe someone will take the lead – in fact, I’m almost certain of that—

(Interrupts) Who?  Who is taking over for you?  Will I have access to their information?  I’d be happy to help any way I can.

I know you would, and I appreciate it.  I really do.  As for who, what, or when – not positive at this point.  Just a gut feeling that somebody is gonna step up, and it could very well be somebody with a lot more pull and punch than I got left in me.  And a somebody that can actually extract this scandal into the light of day – get that damn story out there without fear of a bullet to the back of the head – and I’m only half joking on that.  You know that, right?

Yes, I’m well aware of that.  You keep talking and talking about a scandal – but now you seem to think it won’t get out, or that it will take someone else to get it done.  Why not you?

Because I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it alone.  No way.  I’m not gonna put myself out there that far – that exposed.  You got a Pelosi to do the heavy lifting that’s one thing.  She would survive it.  Hell, she woulda been stronger for it I think.  But not me.  It needs to be somebody higher up in the media, political structure, with Pelosi having stepped back from it, it needed to be Issa.  We were counting on him to follow through.  I don’t think that’s happening now.

Follow through with what?  You said it would start with the DOJ and then head back to Chicago.  What was it?  Do you even know?

Specifically, no.  Actually, yes – but not any one thing for certain…it’s so many things – such a deep dark pit.  It was more a generalized “this is what is coming down the pike and it could lead all the way to the White House”. That was told to me directly by someone well in the know on such things, at the time anyways. They weren’t comfortable sharing it – but they weren’t exactly upset it existed either.  Now they’re gone…(pauses) And Pelosi was livid against this White House – at least at the time.  It got back to her the White House wanted her gone, that she was considered a big liability to the administration… she was very upset, and ready to go to war. She was even throwing out birther threats - you remember that? Then all of  it just…vanished.  Gone. Done. The information coming out of her office went silent.  So after the elections we turned to Issa’s potential, as well as hoping for an assist from someone at the Post.  There were assurances Issa had what was needed and was going to move the scandal forward.  Then soon after I was told his office was meeting with Obama people more and more often – and more recently we get Holder just closing down the NBP  investigation and not a word on it from Issa or other Republican leaders.  So can we count on Issa?  I don’t think so – and without that, then this thing goes from tough to impossible, right?

The Black Panther thing though…that doesn’t seem to have been enough of a scandal to impact the Obama White House.  That wasn’t it was it?

First, I disagree with you there.  It had potential to be big – not so much in the actual crime, but as is always the case – it’s the cover-up.  That’s why I kept telling you to follow it.  Our Justice Department is being run by racism.  It is an extension of the racism that permeates the Obama White House.  The First Lady, Valerie Jarrett, and yes, President Obama – all of them are consumed by the politics of race, division, retribution…and the NBP case ties directly to all of that.

But racism isn’t a crime.

No it isn’t – but government initiated discrimination is a crime.  And that is what the NBP case represents.  Did you hear the testimony of Holder?  The “my people” thing?  That is stunning stuff right there.  Are you kidding me?  “My people”?  Tell me this country ain’t being run by racists after that!  Tell me!

I still don’t see the Black Panther case as a scandal big enough to do much harm to Obama.  What—

(Interrupts) No-no…you right on that.  That was to be the catalyst…(pauses) sayin’ too much here maybe.  This thing could still unfold – don’t wanna to say too much.  The NBP situation was going to lead to further investigations into the Obama Justice Department.  You see, it’s the Justice Department that is the firewall for the administration.  For EVERTHING – and the stuff that could destroy the Obama White House…it starts at Justice, and then leads to Chicago.  Now the evidence of that fact is already there.  For Eric Holder to so visibly shut down the NBP case was actually a desperate move.  That would not have happened without some panic having set in.  He could be burned for that and maybe that’s the plan.  Allow himself to be the fall guy, line up somebody else that will do just as good a job – perhaps better, at continuing to protect Obama – keep a lid on the information, the garbage, all the crap that surrounds who he is and where he came from. Probably be a white guy to minimize the charges of racism in the department.   You’ve actually commented on some of that stuff more than you realize already.  And I’ll say this – the numbers of Obama operatives running around Chicago these days is off the charts.  This White House is spooked about that.  Bank on it.  No pun intended there.

You said earlier that Obama was more confident these days though…

He is.  Pelosi backed off.  Issa appears to have done the same.  Holder is holding the line.  Information coming out of Chicago is still being limited – clamped down upon.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t nervous.  They are.  Watch the Blagojevich thing – the trial.  The deal to be made.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  And what happened to Rezko?  That’s part of the same deal.  A company called Companion Security…Blago, Rezko, the Feds.  It’s all brewing – maybe boiling over?  Of course the national media is burying all of this.  Most of it – that’s partly why we gotta back off.  The risk, the exposure, it’s too great.  We need help – help that I thought was coming but never fully materialized.

Rezko?  That could still be a problem for Obama?

(Laughs)  Yeah – do you think?  Hell yeah it could be a problem.  The guy has been holed up in jail waiting for sentencing.  Why?  Why so long?  Holder’s people are all over that thing – just like Blago.  Obama is in the mix of that mess for sure.  Does anybody really dispute that?  But you see, it’s the Justice Department’s complicity in protecting Obama during the ongoing investigations – talking current crimes here now… that is what can really sink them.  Not that there is just bank fraud, RICO  laws that were broken, payoffs, intimidations, – that’s all basic Chicago business as usual, right?  But now add the White House’s handling of all of that since Obama became President  – now you got a presidential scandal.  Now you got an investigation that leads to uncovering all of that mess.  Now you got grounds to legally go after Holder, Jarrett, and even the President of the United States.  Hell, throw in the First Lady too…

So you think President Obama should be impeached?

Impeached?  -Expletive- no.  That’s too good for him.  President Obama should be arrested. What’s that word you used a while back – sedition?  Well there you go – that pretty much sums up this whole stinking cesspool of a White House right there.   Look, I was suspicious of this guy before – but based on what I was told these past few months…the man, those around him (pauses) …this president is the most corrupt thing to have sat in the White House in our lifetimes.  Being part of that campaign in 2008…it makes me sick.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Sick.  To have played any part in getting him elected…Obama isn’t just incompetent…he’s something else. Something worse.  I’ve been around a lot of asshole-arrogant politicians.  Plenty of those.  Even a few outright criminals.  This is different.  This is a whole other level of corrupt.

You say Obama is “something else” – something beyond just incompetent or arrogant…

What is he?

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2011, 10:05:05 PM » ... ess-pukes/

Our most recent D.C. Insider update warns of a political deal having been struck between Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and the Obama White House that will help secure Obama’s re-election as president in 2012.

Ulsterman Notes:  This update consists of questions emailed to our D.C. Insider and their emailed responses back, with some follow-up questions allowed as well.  We wish to express our gratitude at Insider’s willingness to take the time to respond, and also wish to apologize for recent actions on my part that they felt compromised the integrity of their reputation and participation in these (thankfully) still ongoing communications.


Question:  I was told President Obama held a high level 2012 campaign strategy meeting very recently.  Can you confirm, and if so, any information regarding the discussions?

Read more in World Politics
« White House Insider: Ulsterman Reports are Fiction
Florida Gov. Scott’s Bogus Reason for Turning Down $2.4 Billion in Federal Money »

Insider:  What you heard is correct.  President Obama did hold such a meeting.  As to specific information on this particular meeting I don’t have anything for you.  I have been told that President Obama is “supremely confident” in his chances for a second term.  He has nothing but contempt and disdain for the Republican Party. His frame of mind is that there is no way they defeat him in 2012.  No way.

Follow Up:  Why is the president so confident about 2012?

Insider:  I would chalk it up to his being told the big money people are back on board.  They have been threatening him for months about not giving him the kind of support he had in 2008.  I’ve been telling you about that.  Now they are falling back in line and that has got to be playing a part in Obama’s belief he can’t lose.  And frankly, he’s probably right.  Things are just not breaking our way at the moment.  Those of us who are trying to get this guy out of the White House, well, it’s just not happening for us.

Question:  In the past, more than once, you have suggested the president is depressed, or suffers mood swings beyond what most would consider “normal”.  Is that still the case?

Insider:  Yes.

Follow Up:  Could you elaborate?

Insider:  No.

Question:  I assume you read the report I sent you detailing how the DOJ New Black Panther investigation has been effectively squashed by the Obama administration.  Any thoughts?

Insider:  ” Things are just not breaking our way at the moment.  Those of us who are trying to get this guy out of the White House, well, it’s just not happening for us.”  That pretty much sums it up right?  I knew there was a possibility of that happening.  I didn’t think the White House would be so open about it.  They have basically shut down a legit investigation.  The DOJ scares the -expletive- out of me these days.  It really does. The Civil Rights report that came out was there. Even the media gave it some life.  And then it went away and now the whole thing is dead. Gone. Done.  It’s disappointing and more than a little -expletive- scary to see something like that happen.  And let me say something else on this.  Your Republicans are a bunch of spineless pukes.  If you are holding out hope that they are going to push this White House into revealing itself, you better wake up.  It’s not going to happen.  At least it sure as hell doesn’t appear so right now.  They are a bunch of -expletive- jokes.  As for Issa.  Well, let’s just say he is not to be trusted.  I got that message loud and clear now.  -Expletive- sell out is what he is.

Follow Up:  Why does the DOJ scare you so much? And what happened with Issa?

Insider:  No comment.

Follow Up:  You warned in previous updates that Issa appeared to be making some kind of deal with the Obama administration.  Are you now saying that has in fact happened?

Insider:  No comment.

Follow Up:  Not good enough.  You need to clarify that statement. Please.

Insider:  I don’t need to clarify anything to you.  Maybe instead of posting nonsense about allegations from 15 years ago you should have been keeping an eye on what was going on around the Issa office.

Follow Up:  What was going on around the Issa office?

Insider:  No, question is what was not going on around the Issa office.  I’m not going to spell every -expletive- thing out for you.

Question:  So are you giving up?  Obama is president again in 2012?  Is that how all of this plays out?

Insider:  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I don’t know at this point.  The DOJ thing was not good news for us.  Like I said, we expected that could happen.  Didn’t think the White House would be so open about it.  That shows a lot of confidence on their part and that has us concerned.  But that’s not the biggest concern regarding that.  It’s the absolute lack of any response by the Republicans.  Nothing. Zip. Zero.  An entire investigation is just shut down and they say nothing about it?  Promises were made and they are not being kept.  To say some of us are now feeling vulnerable is a huge -expletive- understatement.

Follow Up:  What promises? Who?  What?  Why?

Insider:  No comment.

Question:  With all due respect, you sound defeated.  Obama wins and you lose.  That is how this sounds.

Insider:  If Obama wins, I don’t lose.  It’s way bigger than that.  Don’t send me such an idiotic statement.  America loses.  Every one of us.  The idiots who still support this president.  They are losing.  The ones who say they don’t support him but aren’t really paying attention.  They are losing.  And yeah, the ones who are fighting and risking a whole hell of a lot to keep this guy from another four years, we are losing.  WE ARE ALL LOSING.  You know the deal.  I could step away from all of this.  I can live out whatever years I got left comfortably. Finish up this campaign and call it a day.  But can this country survive another four years of this administration?  That is what motivates me.  Call it bullsh– if you want.  I don’t care.  That’s what is motivating me.  That’s why I’m talking to you and to others.  And it’s not just me.  It’s we.  We are doing this.  We are trying to help save us from this mess.  But it just isn’t going our way because people like Issa don’t keep their -expletive- word.

Follow Up: Again, you sound defeated.  Are you saying Congressman Issa is not going to investigate the White House as promised?

Insider:  Yes.  Either his office has successfully shut off all leaks indicating otherwise, which as much as I would like to believe, I don’t, or a deal was made between the White House and his office.  And that means that the Republican leadership signed off on it as well.  Why they would do that I just don’t know.  It’s like the Pelosi deal right after the midterms.  That woman was gone and then suddenly she was back in.  Somebody talked to somebody and she was once again safe and keeping her mouth shut.  Whatever promises she made were null and void.  For that kind of stuff to go down without people like me being able to know about it?????  -Expletive-.  That is not supposed to happen.

Question:  What should we look for in the coming days and weeks?

Insider:  Keep watching Issa.  Maybe he’s got us fooled.  I sure hope so.  There is a current transition process quietly underway for the Geithner departure.  Actually a bit of infighting over that.  Jarrett wants him out, Daley is a supporter.  That bit of info is something entirely new. Was not aware of that.  Will be interesting to watch how it plays out between Jarrett and Daley.  The war between those two may be an opening for us. As you already know, I have great respect for Bill Daley.  Also look for a party scandal to emerge.  This is being used to deflect from the White House, so don’t get too excited when it breaks out.  Even though it involves Democrats, it is being manufactured to deflect from the White House.  That would indicate a member of the party is being sacrificed to protect Obama and/or someone in the administration.  Pretty common.  Have been involved in those scenarios personally.

Follow Up:  Pigford?

Insider:  Possible.  What a mess that thing is.  But it would be a perfect tool to distract/protect the White House.  There is something bigger than that out there though.  Something directly involving the White House that is being protected.  I am not certain of what, but have suspicions.  It’s got people spooked because they have shut up about it.  Very little information getting out, which in this business, means it’s something very serious.

Follow Up:  Birther related?

Insider:  No comment.

Question:  So Pigford is not the big scandal?

Insider:  Not likely.  A distraction.  A cover. A deception.  Possibly the very deal that was made between Issa and the administration.

Follow Up:  How would the Pigford scandal be a deal between the White House and Issa?

Insider:  Issa backs off any “real” investigations against WH.  Is given a lower level Democrat to prove “guilty”, maybe a USDA official or member of Congress that is already on their way out regardless.  Issa may wish to run for president in 2016.  He is given the PR of a successful investigation and seen as being tough on fraud and waste in government.  He may also be promised money and support in 2016.  So the Democratic Party takes a minor hit, but ultimately Obama is protected from any real damage.  Issa stops any and all investigations that might lead directly to the White House in order to better secure his chances for running for president in 2016.

Follow Up:  Do you really believe that is what has happened?  Is that why there has been so little response by Republicans regarding the DOJ NBP investigation being shut down?  That Congressman Issa has made a deal with the Obama White House?  That he is now actively protecting the administration?

Insider:  YES.  Issa can go after the Democratic Party, but not Obama.  Barack Obama is more than willing to sacrifice his own party for his own benefit.  That has already been proven again and again.  Yes, I do believe Congressman Issa is playing a part in that.  I warned you many times not to trust Issa.  It seems my warnings are proving correct, and that is not good news for anyone who doesn’t want to see Barack Obama re-elected in 2012.

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2011, 11:00:00 PM » ... efeat-him/

The final installment of our latest D.C. Insider interview reveals President Obama’s plans for victory in 2012 – and what may cause potential defeat, as well as thoughts on Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and others, including a surprising pick regarding the possible candidate most dangerous to Barack Obama.

But you still say Obama will most likely be re-elected in 2012 – which brings us to the next election cycle, and how the Republicans might defeat Obama.  You promised me you would share your thoughts on that.

That’s right…

So let’s hear it.

Yeah – fine.  But here’s where I really need you to just sit back and listen.  This is my world now – this is what I do.  This is what I am.  So when I get going on this subject, I don’t want interruptions.  Let me go.  Not sure where we’ll end up exactly, but don’t interrupt me.

Ok…Obama, President Obama, his basic gameplan is to simply re-enact 2007 and 2008 all over again.  This idea has been confirmed to me a number of times.  That’s Plouffe’s role – bring back the magic.  The question on everyone’s mind though is can he actually pull that off?  2008 was an extraordinary event – all the stars were aligned for that, and in hindsight, it was actually quite easy to roll over the electorate.  The media was all in for the cause, few questions asked, an articulate, dynamic black candidate – America made up its mind long before the first votes were cast.  So as to whether or not Obama can do it all again in 2012…I say yes.  I say no.

Yes because Obama still has the support of most of the media, and that is crucial – so incredibly crucial.  Anyone who has not witnessed a campaign from the inside does not fully appreciate how much benefit this is to a candidate – especially one with the kind of baggage Obama comes with.  Now will a few media personalities try and question the president the second time around?  I believe so – but the campaign is already preparing for that, and will simply attempt to drown out such examples.  This campaign has already raised huge sums of money, and the donors who were problematic to Obama last year, are for the most part back on board.  He will have their support.  They are not nearly as enthusiastic, but most of them will be helping to prop up Obama in 2011 and 2012, or at the very least, not doing anything to get in his way.  The Obama team has already starting to spend money in key battleground states.  They’ve conducted a slew of internal polling that show the president still has an advantage over a generic Republican candidate, and an electoral path to victory in 2012 – though not as substantial a victory as before.  Information is coming out more readily this time around – firms are being hired, or interviewed, and some of these people, while more than willing to cash those checks, are quite a bit more skeptical regarding Obama and the upcoming campaign than last time.  The idealism from within the machine is much-much less than before.  As one guy put it a few weeks back, “We’ll take their money – but this guy is a hell of a lot weaker candidate than people know.”

So you will see an even more scripted White House than before – which of course, is saying a lot, because Barack Obama is about as scripted a president as we’ve seen, right?  He’s not deliberate – he’s just waiting to be told what to say – and those words have to be first approved by Valerie Jarrett, so the process is slow to form.  Obama can’t think on his feet, and he has not real instinctive quality for leadership because he’s been programmed since day one of his adult life.  He waits for the script and delivers his lines – and that’s it.  And while he’s waiting for the words, he spends time playing golf and watching ESPN, right?  As ridiculous as that sounds, that is exactly how this administration functions.  A campaign is different though because Obama gets to take the same basic script and go to new locations, so it gives the appearance of someone working hard.  He is much more comfortable in that environment – go to one supportive crowd to another, avoid any real questions, smile, nod and wave, and then go off to the next location.  Where other candidates get tired of that grind, Obama embraces it.  It’s what he is good at – it’s perhaps the only thing he’s good at.  Great candidate, horrible leader.  And America appears poised to give him another term.  People will elect the candidate, and shrug off the lack of leadership.  Is that a troubling reality? Hell yes it is – but it’s the truth too, now ain’t it?  And the Obama team knows this…they know it, and they are prepared to take full advantage of it.  And why shouldn’t they?

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting though – Jarrett will be in a tug of war with Plouffe – he’s gonna want more input regarding the day to day messaging of the president.  You see, this time around, it won’t be candidate Obama running for president, but rather it’s President Obama running for reelection.  That’s a huge shift in the dynamics of a campaign.  You will have the campaign director Plouffe running face on against the administration director Jarrett, and those two will clash – I guarantee that.  And when that happens, Jarrett will push Obama away from Plouffe, and the First Lady will help do the same.  Plouffe is white – that alone makes him suspect in the eyes of Jarrett and the First Lady.  Am I goin’ there?  Yeah – I am.  Race…racism, is a significant component of the Obama White House.  I’ve already spoken to this subject, and I ain’t letting it go.  Americans elected racists to the White House in 2008.  They sure as -expletive- did.  And I was part of that…don’t think I don’t understand that – and regret it more and more every day.

So right now, this very minute, there are Obama operatives paying off people, using those hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal, preparing the road to reelection for Obama in 2012.  And I mean they are everywhere.  That mess in Wisconsin – holy shit did that spook them.  The union thing…that subject…Obama money is being funneled to the recall efforts you know.  Millions of dollars to penalize those state politicians who dared to stand up to the unions.  And if they succeed, watch out!  It will be another huge step in centralized power by the government.  I’m not talking Democrat vs Republican here…shit, no.  Like I’ve said, these people, the Obamas, the current crop of union leaders…the goddamn so called progressives – they ain’t Democrats.  They are something else - something not right.  Something very dangerous to what we know as America.  They want to change it all.  They want to punish the past.  They want to make an entirely different future.  Hope and Change – what brilliant slogans.  Simple and easy to understand.  Never knew…all the times I seen those words a few years back – never knew just how sinister those words really were when in the hands of these people…

But watch for the fight between Plouffe and Jarrett, because it will happen.  Word will get out.  You might have to hunt for it, but it will get out.  Jarrett can’t run a campaign.  I read those puff peices back in 2008 – how she was the guiding hand for Obama during the campaign.  How she would correct the team when the Wright issue came up…bullshit.  What bullshit!  That woman is hardcore Chicago.  That is all she knows.  That’s it.  She didn’t get her Senate seat – she’s thick as thieves in that mess now ain’t she? Hell yes she is.  THAT sure as hell got her spooked.  Part of the reason she’s staying so close to Obama.  The powers of a president to protect some misdeeds in the past is strong motivation to remain where the protection is coming from, right?  Might explain why Michelle has hung around too, huh?  Just sayin’…

Now I know you want me to talk about who can beat Obama, or how he gets defeated.  I’ll do that, but you gotta understand, or I gotta make it very clear here – I don’t see that as likely at this point.  As much as I want that to happen – Obama being made a one-termer, that probably won’t happen.  He’s got too much campaign cash, too much media protection – gonna be very-very tough situation to overcome regardless of who the Republican candidate is – though I’ve got my ideas on who might overcome that.  Before I get to that though I want to also point out for you that Obama is motivated for a second term.  Really-really motivated.  Not because he loves the job of president – he doesn’t.  If people think the guy is detached or distracted from the requirements of being president now, just wait until his second term.  He’s gonna step back even more than he already has. Whether it’s Jarrett or somebody else calling the shots at that point, it won’t be Obama.  He won’t give a -expletive- at all at that point.  What’s motivating him is simple greed.  Not legacy or the chance to do good deeds.  That’s all bullshit.  He’ll say something to the effect that he has work unfinished and needs a second term to complete what he started – that’s already forming as the reelection tag line out of the gate.  Heard that one first hand not long ago.  Pretty typical stuff – nothing original there, right?  But the main reason Obama wants a second term is greed.  Apparently they – the President and the First Lady, ran some kind of comparison model with a marketing group, or some-such thing, not sure who or what exactly…but some people came in last summer and explained to the Obamas what their earnings potential would be with just a first term vs two full terms.  I was around much more back then, much more connected to the day-to-day workings within the White House, so I have no reason to doubt this.  It came from a very reliable source, and I believe the expensing of the study, it…it could be located.  That’s what I was told.  Might prove embarrassing to the president I would think.  At any rate, the First Couple were shown that if they were to complete a full second term, and remember, they would both be relatively young people at that point – their future earnings potential with books, media, appearance fees, board designations, consulting…the whole thing, would be somewhere in the realm of 300% higher over just a single term.  Now Obama is gonna be a very wealthy man regardless – but it comes down to whether or not he makes tens of millions after leaving the White House, or hundreds of millions.  And that is the Obamas’ motivation for a second term – the primary motivation at any rate. Not helping others.  Not finishing a job undone.  None of that.  It’s greed.  That’s it.  They want to cash in on this presidential gig as much as possible.  You think Gore did well? You think the Clintons have made money?  You ain’t seen nothing compared to what is planned for the Obamas.

Ok, now let’s turn to who can beat Obama.  A longshot – but possible. I’ll grant you that.  It can happen.  I won’t talk about all the possible candidates but the ones I think are most serious about running – or have the best opportunity to form a viable campaign in 2012.

How about we start with Sarah Palin.  I know you like her.  Know what? I kinda like her too.  She’s managed to do quite well for herself and I gotta admire that a bit.  But can she win against Obama in 2012? No way.  And I mean no way in hell.  She would get maybe 30% of the vote.  If the Republicans are stupid enough to allow her the nomination – and I know they are already working to make sure that don’t happen…they don’t want a Christine O’Donnell campaign on a national scale…then they deserve to lose.  Get it out of your head – Sarah Palin cannot defeat Barack Obama.  Remember when I told you the Obama people worked to get McCain the nomination in 2008?  Don’t think they won’t do the same with Palin.  She is a danger to the Republicans, not Obama.

Then we got Romney.  He’s a better candidate than Palin – more serious.  He lacks something though, right?  If I were working his campaign…and let me say something here – I would work for the Romney people.  I won’t work for the Obamas.  You asked me that off the record a while back and I didn’t give you an answer.  Now I am.  I won’t do it.  No way.  I don’t care if I’m offered double what I earned last go round – I might work a campaign coming up – but it will never be for Obama’s reelection.  Never.

As for Romney – he has some funding.  He has some experience.  Looks decent on camera.  But the charisma is lacking a bit.  Though I’ve seen studies indicating that might not be such an issue for 2012.  People have grown tired of the Obama image thing and want something a bit more…substantial.  I don’t believe it entirely though.  Too many Americans still not paying attention.  Romney is offensive to the Hispanic vote as well.  Not sure why, but I’ve seen the numbers.  That is a problem.  Democrats have spent decades getting illegals into this country and now they are voting in big numbers and the payoff is there. Romney doesn’t appear capable of getting the Hispanic vote.  Could be the anti-Mormon thing.  Traditional Catholics, which makes up a significant block of the Hispanic vote, are rather hostile to the Mormon Church – at least that’s my understanding of it.  So no on Romney, ok?  He’s not the answer.

How about Huckabee?  I called him the frontrunner weeks ago, right?  Now guess what the polling shows him as?  The goddamn frontrunner, right?  I saw the internals – knew that to be the case.  You might not prefer it, but that is the fact.  Huckabee has been very smart with his media presence these past couple years.  He’s making some good money, while building up a strong base of support across the nation.  Of the first three I’ve mentioned, he’s the strongest possibility to defeat Obama in 2012.  Do I think he actually could?  No.  Would I like him to be our next president? No.  Would I prefer him over Obama?  Absolutely.

Then there’s Gingrich.  This one interests me.  Very-very bright man.  Not my favorite character a couple decades ago, but we’ve both grown a bit kinder and gentler since those days.  Newt has baggage. Everyone knows that.  But what he also has is a genuine intellect and an ability to share his knowledge in a way that is understood by most people.  A politician like Obama talks a lot but doesn’t say anything.  A politician like Gingrich talks a lot and says even more – that make sense?  Intellectually he is far superior to Barack Obama.  Trust me on that one.  I’ve said it many times before, but why not again?  Barack Obama is not nearly as bright as the image that has been created around him – and if people were to see him off script just a few times, they would walk away knowing we have a very…limited, man sitting in the White House these days.  Newt is far from limited intellectually.  He has the brains, he is somewhat charismatic, he would pose a serious risk to Obama during the debates…but the media would attack him ruthlessly.  I am not so certain he could withstand that attack.  No, let me clarify that.  He would not survive that attack.  Obama would have to do little – the media would destroy Gingrich, much the same way it would destroy Palin.

So now I want to talk about the candidate I think could defeat President Obama and make him a one-termer.  Never considered this person until a couple months ago when I was told he was thinking very seriously about being the Republican candidate.  At first I thought it was something of a joke, or some kind of marketing gimmick, but since then others have confirmed its legit – and considerable money is already being spent in preparation.  And you know what – I think this guy could win.  He really could.  And I would gladly work for this campaign…

Donald Trump.

He has name recognition that is as great as Obama’s – perhaps greater.  He could easily spend $50 million or more of his own money on the campaign – that alone makes him as viable as any of the others.  And there are stirrings of significant donors – companies fed up with Obama’s draconian attacks on American business, who could easily raise tens of millions more on behalf of a Trump campaign.  He’s well versed in dealing with the media.  He already has a boots on the ground organization that could readily engage in a national campaign.  He has far more international experience than any other candidate would – including the current President of the United States.  And here is something that most aren’t talking about – but it has the Obama reelection team already worried…Donald Trump enjoys strong support among the union rank and file.  His words against China – jobs going to China, is brilliant.  Union members – not the far left union leadership, but the union members themselves…many of them would vote for Trump over Obama.  Similar to what we saw with Reagan in the 1980s.  While the union leadership bitched and moaned about Reagan, many of the union members themselves quietly voted for the guy.  It infuriated us, but there was nothing we could do about it.  The blue collar union guys trusted Reagan.  The same thing would play out with Trump.  Donald Trump would make Obama have to spend money in places like New York, while he would also likely win a state like Florida, which is home to a lot of New York big money.  The dynamics of a Trump campaign – I find it a fascinating prospect.  He could defeat Obama – he really could.  And he can play tough.  All of the baggage Obama carries that Republicans are too afraid to bring up – too willing to remain politically correct.  Too afraid to be seen as attacking the “Black” president…I don’t think Donald Trump would have that fear.  And you can’t tell me there aren’t a lot of voters out there screaming at their televisions or radios or whatever, wondering why somebody doesn’t call Obama out on his bullshit.  Just lay it out there.  Stop playing nice, right.  The goddamn country is at stake here and the Republicans are still playing nice.  The frustration of that must be huge among conservative voters in America – and they still make up the largest block of overall voters.  That frustration is waiting to have somebody speak to it, and Donald Trump, in my opinion, is the best potential candidate right now to do just that.

Trump 2012.

Defeat Obama 2012.

I would love to work for that campaign…

Read more: ... z1Ihy3k0l7
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #7 on: April 06, 2011, 12:05:47 PM »
After repeated attempts to obtain a followup response to our last communication, our D.C. Insider gives little more than a brief warning to back off the many questions surrounding Barack Obama’s birth and citizenship.

Author’s Note:  This brief email was the only response finally received from Insider after multiple attempts to obtain follow up responses to our last communication.  I continue to make requests for further clarification.  It should be noted that within Insider’s previous response, they made mention of increased activity and concern surrounding the myriad Obama “birther” questions.  Following that communication, there followed substantially more chatter even by more mainstream media sources regarding the subject.  After some consideration I have decided to publish this message – and continue researching the information surrounding the birth of our current president.  As Insider admits in this most recent message – “there is something there.”
Read more in USA & Canada
« U.s. Democracy and First Amendment Alterations
What Did Natural Born Mean to The Founding Fathers? »

Some information in the following communication has been deleted.


Insider:  Can’t respond much at this time.  Too busy with all of the chaos coming at us these days.  May be out of work soon! Crazy stuff.  Simply urge you to lay off the birther angle at this time.  Strongly urge.  To proceed is at your own peril.  Please take warning seriously.  This is not a small town cop shop situation here.  Let someone else try and make name on this one.

Don’t blame you as it was me who brought up subject last time.  Since then heard repeated rumors/confirmations of attempted “purge” coming down the pike.  WH/media going on the offensive bigtime on issue. Has already started as you probably know.  Talking very specific, very confrontational, very scary stuff here.  Don’t wish to drag you into that.  Much bigger fish are circling this.  They can survive what could be coming.  Not sure about me.  Let the big players handle this now.  This thing will either break out big or disappear.  Apologize for past doubt/ridicule.  There is something there.  100% certain of it.  God help us.

Respond more in 1-2 weeks. Have much better grasp of situation at that time.  Too crazy right now.  -Deleted- was as shocking a moment in career.  WH and union thugs are kicking our ass and now this.  Never seen anything like it.  People who thought -deleted- were tough have no idea.  This is whole other level. Too old for this.  Too dumb for this.  Or both.

Give me a few weeks to see how it shakes out.


White House Insider:  Obama Celebrates After Tucson Memorial Speech:

Read more: ... z1C6lOpouG



Read more: ... z1Il9HOBFm  Manning on Trump's GMA interview.
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
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It is clearly impossible to overestimate the capacity for folks to consume red herrings tossed to them by the propaganda machine.  Scandals that amount to absolutely nothing.  If Obama is actually the love-child of Satan and Ilse Koch, does it have relevance to the proto-fascist policies he has signed off on from Bush II?  The policy has been unmistakable from the first Clinton term to this morning: total control of the economy exerted by international finance, de-industrialization coupled with relentless global military expansion and greater use of the State to keep individuals in line.  Watching you people who are partisan to one party or the other is like watching a dog fuck a football.
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"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992

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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #9 on: April 06, 2011, 12:55:42 PM »
In one of the blog post earlier there was mention of Michelle, racism and a red neck comment. Took awhile but I found the story on that. Here he says it is more classicism than racism - but considered along with what else is well known about the Missus -  this is just more evidence on a pile evidence, of her overt racism.  The story is appalling. ... as-racism/

Now to that story – Michelle Obama.  I want you to share that story – say it just like you did before.  Can you tell me why you think it’s important to any of this?  I don’t think people – I don’t think too many people would be surprised by it.  Surprised by who Michelle Obama really is…

I don’t agree with that.  I think it gives some important insight into how this White House thinks.  You said before the First Lady’s influence is significant in the administration, right?  Sure – something like that.  Sure…

If you had a story like this about a top adviser to the president, it would be important.  If this is how they think – how they see the world, it would influence the advice being given to the president, right?  I see the point, I just…it’s a stretch, ok?  A big -expletive- stretch, and I don’t…that story was not to be a part of this.

I understand – but it’s important. It goes to the character of these people.  To this White House.  You realize it puts me in the room right?  Puts me right there in the -expletive- room!

I appreciate that, I understand your concern.  Oh do you? Yeah, that concern is just rolling off of you! (pause) Tell you what.  How about you tell me about the police department thing?  Make it part of this.  How about we put you “in the room” too, huh?  You willing to do that?  You wanna go there – I’ll go here.  Sound fair?

The police – the news story?  In the room?  Yeah – in the room.  You wanna put me there, you can join me.  Seems the fair thing to do, huh?  Let me ask you about it, you answer it, and put it in this article. (pause) Not so comfortable doin’ that now are you?

Fine.  Ask the question.  I’ll answer it.  What?

Ask the question. I answer.  It goes in this article.  You tell the Michelle Obama story.  Done.


Really – ask the question.  You might want to think that over a bit…

(Interrupts) You made the deal.  I took it.  Don’t break the deal.  Ask the question.  Let’s go.  Wow…ok. Ok.  So, did – did that cop, did he really pull the gun on you?  …You really gonna put this in the piece?

Finish the question.  I’ll answer – then it’s your turn.  So…did the he pull that gun on you?  The cop – did that really happen?

He was the chief of police.  No, not quite like that.  He said he wanted to – he threatened to.

And you took the whole department down, didn’t you?  The whole thing – you replaced them all.  And he went – the cop, the chief, he went to jail over that?

Yes – not jail.  The department was gutted.  Every last one of them but two.  And the chief, no jail.  He was found guilty.  Fines, restitution…very serious.  He was stripped of everything.  14 years of corruption. One year of justice.  It was a long time coming.

You really gonna leave this in here?  You gonna…this is going to stay?  You really wanna do that?  Just to print the First Lady story?

That’s the deal – now it’s your turn.  How’d you put it? …Time to put yourself in the room. Right there with me, now.  Just like you told it before… Ok, if that’s what you want.  I don’t think it’s has much to do with anything, but if that’s how you want it.

It’s August, I’m on the ground in Virginia.  Michelle Obama has done a campaign stop there.  It’s after the speech.  Good crowd – good turnout.  I’m working my ass off. We need Virginia, right?  It’s crucial to get Virginia.  The internals are looking good – but we got a couple months left of hard-hard work.  It’s after – what you might call the meet and greet.  Lots of money in the room.  Big players.  The First Lady – she’s not yet, but call her, I’ll just go ahead and call her that ok?  The First Lady is in the reception room with another younger woman, tall, she’s Black.  Seen her from time to time before.  The guy – the First Lady is also talking with a Black man, about her age. Don’t know him. Now normally in these events, these kinds of things, you want the campaign going out and shaking hands, posing for photos, all of that sh-t that nobody really wants to do but it’s politics.  Gotta be done.  On this day, the First Lady IS the campaign.  She’s the show.  A sh-tload of money was raised that day.  I still can’t believe the amount of money that poured into that campaign…

So I’m coming into the room, I got some longtime party supporters with me. These people go waaay back. They wanna meet the First Lady.  Mrs. Obama.  Now this guy has been with us for years.  He has raised all kinds of money – was great for us during the Clinton campaigns.  Solid guy.  Real salt of the earth, you know?  Good people.  Real good people.  He was pushing 80 at the time – since passed away.  Anyway, I am bringing them into the room to meet the First Lady.  I figure someone who bought four tickets to a $20k a plate fundraiser deserves a little handshake and thank you from the campaign, right? So it’s the old man, his wife, a daugther-in-law, and a grandson, and I’m bringing them into the room to meet Mrs. Obama.  Now I gotta tell you, these are good people, but they don’t fit in with the political cocktail crowds, right?  That’s just not who they are – and they don’t pretend to be.  So they look a bit out of place in this environment.  The old man was…on the heavy side, has a bad hip from shrapnel during his military days.  The other three, God bless ‘em, don’t look all that much better.  They have as much money as anyone in the room most likely - you would just never know lookin’ at ‘em.

So I get up to the First Lady.  She ignores me.  I clear my throat a bit.  No response.  Finally I say “Mrs. Obama?”  And she finally turns toward me, but kinda looks right through me.  I’m not really there. Then she lifts up her eyes – her eyebrows like she does, and says – makes a kinda “hmmm” sound.  I’m nervous.  I’ve played cards with a president and this lady is making me nervous.  So I introduce her to the old man and his family.  Now the old guy, he’s sweating like a fat Elvis, right?  I mean it’s pretty bad.  But he’s all smiles – they all are.  They are all very excited to be meeting the First Lady.  The old man, he holds out his hand to shake Mrs. Obama’s hand.  His hand is just sitting out there – he’s holding it out there.  The First Lady gives this tight smile, not a real smile, but like she just caught a whiff of something that smells real bad – that’s how she looked.  And she takes her hands, both her hands, and puts them behind her.  Almost jerked them back.  It was -expletive- horrible. ‘Bout the rudest -expletive- thing I seen.  The First Lady, she gives a real brief, real quiet, “Nice to meet you – thank you. Thank you for the support. Thank you.”  And that’s it. She turns back around - and I hear the guy, the Black guy she was speaking with, snort.  He gives out this snort, like he just saw something real funny.  I look down and the old man…he still got his hand sticking out, and he’s looking a bit confused.  Like he’s not really comprehending what has just happened.  His wife though, she’s all out pissed.  I can see it building in her, and I’m thinking “Oh sh-t”, I gotta get these people out of here or I’m gonna have a situation and it’s gonna come back to bite me – hard.  I’m smiling and gently walking them back out of the room, and I can feel Mrs. Obama and her friends, or whoever those people were, I can feel them watching us walking out.  I get ‘em out to the hall and tell ‘em I’ll be right back. I’m going back in the room to explain to the First Lady who these people are – how much influence they really have in certain parts of Virginia.  So I’m heading back in, right?  Michelle Obama is still standing in her spot, with those other three people, but I can tell they are laughing at something.  She’s got her hand up to her mouth like she’s trying not to laugh too loud.  I get close enough to be able to hear what they are saying – what Mrs. Obama is saying…

And what did you hear? Go ahead – tell what you heard…

Yeah-yeah…ok, gotcha.  But I wanna clarify one thing here – I wouldn’t call it racism.  What I heard her say, not so much racism.  I’d call it…hell, I don’t know…classism.  Is that a word?  Not so much racism but classism.

That’s fine – just tell what you heard…

Well I’m just a few feet away. I can hear them still laughing, trying not to laugh, anyways.  Now I’m to the First Lady’s…I’m farther on her left side. Well she looks over her right shoulder, back the way we had left the room- me and the old man and his family, she’s lookin’ back that way with her hand over her mouth.  She can’t quite see me…and she says, what…she says, “Oh my God, I don’t think redneck is contagious but I wasn’t about to find out!”  And then they start up laughing again.  Now I’m standing there in a bit of shock.  Not sure what to do, if anything.  Now I’m pissed, right?  But do I confront the wife of the candidate?  That’s not…that’s a scary prospect to be considerin’.

So what did you do?  Nothin’.  I walk out.  I just -expletive- walk out.

It bothered you.  It still bothers you…  Hell yes it bothers me!  That man, God rest his soul – that man was a war veteran.  That man was an important area businessman who had been very-very good to the party for many years.  His business employs…hell – a hundred, two hundred, three hundred people?  People have sent kids through college for years on his dime, right?  Like I said, he’s – he was, good people.  He didn’t – his family didn’t, they didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.  Nobody does.  And this is the woman who has the ear of the President of the United States?  This is the woman who is telling the country, what…to eat its -expletive- vegetables while she probably mocks the ones who are growing those vegetables, who are delivering those vegetable, who are selling those vegetables? …She’s a classless high class bi-ch.  That’s who this country’s First Lady really is.  And the administration, the Obama White House, the Democratic Party, MY party, it’s now controlled by people just like her.

But you stayed on – even after you saw that, you stayed on with the campaign?

Yeah…I did.

God help me, I did…




REFERENCE:  White House Insider:  Pelosi, Scandal, Soros…and Racism ... nd-racism/


Read more: ... z1IlKoG1pz
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #10 on: April 06, 2011, 06:14:08 PM »
I really wish that one way or the other,somebody would just come up with a goddamn birth certificate,and get it the fuck over with. Because I have the great misfortune of living in Illinois, I can say as senator,Obama did NOTHING..(well unless you count campaigning for another office somthing) . Its funny how when w was running the show(and thats all it is) gas went up in price and people screamed bloody now that the new boss is looking like the old boss.....not a peep.....Yes we can. Can what?  Hope and change. Really? Troops coming home. When? Obama has as much buisness running this country as Palin. Which roughly is none.
  As far a Hillary makin' a run , Im 100% this will happen, when it does,kiss more of your civil liberties goodbye.Im glad I dont live in Chicago,Rahm Emanual has said some really stupid things,that if true ,or put into practice would deny many ,many people in this country the right to due process(kind like the patriot act from hell). I have an aquaintance who works for the FAA who told me that as many as 1 in 7 people on the "no fly" list DONT EVEN EXIST. To me the government has gone from bad to worse,and I truly fear for what sort of happy horseshit will come down the pike next.
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
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Remember when the controversy over BHO citizenship was first beginning to heat up during the campaign? Remember how he broke off from the campaign and went to visit his grand mother  - and how she died shortly after that visit? But then folks die all the time - don't mean a thing - On the other hand, Remember the "friends of Bill" list? ... ODIES.html

Maybe it's time to begin a friends of O list -

A shocking tale of Barack Obama’s behavior following a high profile Chicago gathering of Democratic Party elites shortly before Obama won election to the Illinois State Senate.

From The Ulsterman:  This story came to me via a message to my Facebook account.  Upon reading what the author had to say, and doing some preliminary investigation to attempt at least partial corroboration, I have finally determined, following what appears to be both a sincere and earnest request, to publish this recollection of what they say they saw from Barack Obama and a now deceased man who was in Barack Obama’s presence that night.  The following is their recollection in its entirety – no editing has been done.  I leave it to the readers to determine for themselves the validity of what the author of this story claims to have seen.


Read more in US Politics
« Palin Alert….Palin Alert
China Advocates Sex-selective Abortion »

I was an intern for a local Chicago newspaper and a college student working toward a journalism degree.  This happened before Barack Obamawas president.  It happened a short time before he became a state senator in Illinois.  He was not the big name he would become just a few years later, but around Chicago he was a big enough name that I recognized who he was when I saw him.  His book has just been published and he had received some recognition locally for it, and I had actually seen him on campus a couple of times the year before.  He was an “up and comer”.

Anyways, I got the chance to attend this big dinner/party/celebration event downtown that had everybody who was anybody in Chicago at the time.  It was an event that took place just before the big Democratic Party convention.  The mayor was to give a talk and I was told to do a write up of the mayor’s comments and if possible, get a short interview.  (I did not get the interview)  I would figure about three or four hundred people were there.  Lots of money and power in the room.  As the night went on the drinking and noise levels both escalated.  I remember being a bit shocked to see these kind of people carrying on like they were, but it was also exciting to be around it.  I want to emphasize though that I was not drinking.  I was clear headed the entire night.  I saw what I saw.  I know what I know.

Just before I was going to leave, I ran into one of my professors and sat down to have a talk.  I remember being pretty excited that she actually remembered me, and even more excited that she seemed to want to ask me how I was doing and whatnot.  I also remember she did seem a little drunk.  We ended up sitting and talking for almost an hour and by the time she stood up to leave there were maybe just twenty or so people still hanging around.  Everyone else had left.

I decided to look for a bathroom before taking off myself and followed a sign that led me down a hall that had all the lights already turned off. There were about four doors to the left that were to conference rooms, with a sign on the right of the hall pointing further down to the bathrooms.   I was a little spooked because it was so dark but managed to find the bathroom.  When I came back out I noticed one of the doors to a conference room was about halfway open.  I had remembered that no doors had been open before and I got a little freaked out.  I hesitated because I was afraid to walk by the door.  That was when I heard the voices.  Or not so much voices but I heard sounds being made by a person or people.  I also smelled something that was odd.  Never smelled it before or since that night.  A heavy sweet smell that was filling up the hallway.  It was not marijuana or anything like that.  I was in college. I was plenty familiar with what marijuana smelled like.  Something different.  And as I stood there not quite sure what to do the smell seemed to go from sweet to kind of gross like rotting garbage.  It was weird.

I started to try and sneak past the open door so whoever was in there couldn’t hear me but I sure could hear them and that was when I realized the sounds coming out of that conference room were sexual.  I heard a male voice saying “Yeah,” again and again and then another sound from another male voice.  I realized then that there were at least two men in that room having sex with themselves or someone else I could not hear.  I was almost past the door when I heard a loud sniffing noise, and more of that weird smell coming from the room, and then one of the men yelled out the F-word.  And that’s when I tripped.  I tried to fall as quietly as I could but when my right hand hit the floor it kind of twisted under me and it really hurt. I cried out and then was trying to get up as fast as I could so I could keep heading down the hall.  I heard some scrambling from inside the dark conference room and then one of the men told the other one to shut up and be quiet.

And then the door opened behind me and I turned around and saw a young tall thin black man looking at me.  I recognized the face but wasn’t sure of the name right away, but was pretty sure he was someone important.  I told him I was just using the bathroom but knew I must have looked very embarrassed.  He just stared at me for what seemed like forever.  There was just enough light in that hall that I could see that his eyes were not really “right”.  I thought he was probably drunk.  Then his eyes seemed to suddenly clear up and become a lot more focused and he looked down at me and he gave a big smile.  He asked me if I was ok.  I looked down to his belt which was undone and I could see that his dress shirt was not tucked into his pants.  When I looked back up at his face the smile was long gone.  He looked really angry at me now.  He asked me again if I was ok but he said it in a way that really spooked me.  There was something in his voice that scared me.  Really bad.  And it was at that exact moment I finally recognized his face as the author and political candidate Barack Obama.  I was just about to turn and walk as fast as I could out of the hallway when the door opened wider and another black man’s face poked out.  He said, “What the F is going on B?”  The guy I now recognized as Obama stepped all the way out of the hall and closed the door behind him, leaving the other man inside the conference room.  He asked me again if I was all right. Now he was standing right over me.  He smiled again and I noticed one of his front teeth seemed to have a chip in it, or it was a lot shorter than the other one.  He must have had work done because the pictures of him today don’t show that.  I don’t know why I noticed that so much or why it has stuck with me but it has.  And his breath smelled really bad.  It made me want to gag it was so bad.  I told him I was fine and did a kind of half walk half run down the hall and  back into the main lobby.  I looked back right before I turned the corner and could make out Barack Obama still standing in the darkness of the hallway looking back at me.  It was very very creepy.

I didn’t really make much out of it.  I mentioned it in a joking way to some friends that I had interrupted some guys going at it in a conference room but never mentioned the name Obama when I did.  Then I forgot about it pretty much until I was watching the news and saw that Obama was running for U.S. Senator.  I figured whatever he was doing in his private life was his business though, and didn’t want to make any trouble for him.  I actually agreed with his politics and voted for him.  If he was gay or bisexual, I really could have cared less.  Whatever issues he had with that were between him and his family and none of my business right?  That’s how I felt.  So I forgot all about what I saw on that night again.  And I hardly thought of it when I heard Barack Obama was running for president.

That’s until I heard a news story coming from my television while I was making dinner.  A man had been murdered.  Shot numerous times at his home.  I glanced up at the television and there was the now dead man’s face being shown.  He looked older.  Heavier.  His hair was longer.  But it was him.  That was the same face that I had seen poke out from the conference room with Barack Obama about ten years earlier.  The news report said he was a church choir conductor and school teacher.  They didn’t mention it was the same church as Barack Obama.  I found that out a short time later.  Then I learned that another gay man from Obama’s church had been murdered about a month before.  That is when I started to really freak out.  I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say a word about what I had seen.  Then I started to feel like I was being watched.  I would see a car parked outside my apartment that wasn’t any of my neighbors.  One time I caught a man staring at me from across the street as I was getting my mail.  I worried I was losing my mind from way too much paranoia.

I have since moved away from Chicago.  I have tried to forget all about what I saw, but it won’t leave my head.  I’m scared.  So now I’m telling you this.  I have been reading your stuff and think that the way you are doing it is giving you enough protection to get out your information but also protecting you.  So if you could do the same for me I would be very grateful.  I need to tell this story, but I don’t want to be known for doing it.  That scares me too much.  So the same way you seem to protect yourself and your sources I am hoping you can do for me.  I have to get this off my chest.  Part of me says I should have said something sooner but another part of me says that maybe I would not be around today if I had done that.  I know what I saw and I know what I heard.  I know who I saw.  Maybe it was some kind of phase he was going through at the time.  Maybe he was experimenting with a different lifestyle.  Maybe the death of that man was just a coincidence.  I don’t know the answers to that.  I just know what I know.  I just know what I heard and saw.  On that night I heard Barack Obama in that conference room with another man.  I saw Barack Obamastep out of that room with another man.  I smelled what I think was some kind of drug they were using.  And I know that the other man who was in that room with Barack Obama was murdered about ten years later shortly after Barack Obama declared he was running for President of the United States.

That is my story.  I hope that you share it.  If something happens to me now, you will know why.

Read more: ... z1Itqn92qx


UPDATE: September 6th, 2011:

Earlier today a comment was left on a recently-published news story titled  Wall Steet Insider: When It Comes To The Economy – President Obama Is Bored.  I was unaware of this comment until it was forwarded to me via my Ulsterman Facebook account by a longtime reader of the Insider series.  Here is that comment in its entirety:

“Ulsterman. You don’t know me. There was a story that was sent to you a while back about an encounter with Obama in Chicago from years ago. You then published it. Letting you know the person who sent you that story is no longer alive. She passed away unexpectedly. I don’t know if what she said she saw was what she saw but I know that she believed every word of it. She was not lying. And she feared for her life. I don’t know if her death and what she believed she saw is related. I do know that she recently had a sit down with somebody about the story. Now she is gone. I promised her to let you know. That is what I am doing. You won’t hear from me again.”

I of course have no way of knowing if this comment is legitimate or not.  The individual who originally sent me her story that I then published in February, deleted their Facebook account shortly after sending it to me.  That was the only contact I had of them, and the account itself offered no substantive information as to who they were.  The only thing I have to go on now is the same as I did then – the details of the story itself and whether or not they corroborate with the related facts.

It does appear that Barack Obama received significant dental work prior to his becoming a national political figure.  There was a large political gathering of Chicago elite at around the the time this recollection was to have taken place.  The description of drugs used does correlate to a specific type of drug utilized within the homosexual community.  These and other details were added as an update to the original story outlined below.  Are these facts enough to place this recollection in the category of truth?  I leave that to the readers.

As for the woman who sent her memories to me of what she believed she saw that night many years ago – if she has in fact passed on, I thank her for her courage, while praying her death was in no way related to her witnessing a specific moment within the still-murky past of our current president.  These are indeed troubled times for all of us.


Read more: ... z1cNTmIEKw
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Re: Deep Throat has a new name -
« Reply #13 on: May 21, 2011, 10:15:34 AM »
White House Insider: Obama’s West Wing Civil War
Published by Ulsterman on April 28, 2011 in US Politics
Tags: Daley, democrats, first lady, Insider, Jarrett, news, Obama, Politics, republicans, Scandal, ulsterman
Article Tools

All new revelations from our D.C. Insider of an Obama White House in chaos, as Bill Daley does battle with Valerie Jarrett for control of the West Wing.

NOTE:  This report is a compilation of two recent interviews with a longtime political operative within the Democratic Party.


Q:  We have to start with the release of what appears to be Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate – you’ve danced around the birther claims in the past, indicating there was something to it.  Do you still hold to that belief?

A:  Yes, I do.  I’m not saying the birther stuff is the primary issue that will do harm to the Obama White House. I don’t believe I ever said that.  What it is…what it has always been, is an issue that adds more evidence of the ongoing cover up surrounding this man.  So he released his birth records.  Ok, why so long to do that?  That’s the question most of us are answering now.  Why the millions spent in court cases?  Why wasn’t it shown months ago?  Years ago?  If anything, the timing of this release raises even more questions about the man, not less.  The only reason, and I mean the only reason, that birth certificate came out was because polling initiated by this White House showed the issue was catching on big time with the public.  So if the president’s people finally caved on releasing that little tidbit only after they absolutely had to do so for their political survival…well, what else are they hiding?  And why won’t they release those records?  What the Obama people did here – and I have this on very good authority mind you…I’m as connected now to the goings on – well, let’s just say I’m in it to win it.  You’ll understand more of that later…but back to what was the strategy on this thing.  The Obama people are hoping that this ends these kinds of questions. They released that certificate, and now they are gonna play it as “it’s all over – no more questions.”  They have directly contacted figures in the media to help them do just that.  I know this for certain. Absolutely know it.  Most who were contacted are going to do just that – but not all of them.  Not all of them…

Q:  You mean some in the media are going to turn against Obama on this thing?

A:  No, I wouldn’t go that far.  We can wish right? But no…what I meant is that some of them, a few of them, aren’t going to blindly carry the Obama shit bucket anymore.  They may not go after him as you put it, but they ain’t gonna run interference for the man either.  They are finally waking up to the fact that this man who was elected is an absolute disaster, and just like me, they don’t want to play a part in helping protect that kind of disaster.  And I want to say this as well…pay attention here.  The birther stuff has never been the big concern of this White House, right?  You get that, right?  Pay attention.  Things are now moving forward again.  You know what I’m talking about.  Go ahead and print that.  Put it out there.  Let them know.  We…people who can get it done – we are moving forward again. The truth is gonna set this country free. We had a tough few months, but it’s game on again.  We’re gonna put this out here in this forum.  It’s being watched closely.  I know that.  We are putting it out here, and then you’ll see it hit big.  Go ahead and print this.  Let them know.  We got the little -expletive- now.  We got them.  And I ain’t running scared this time around.  Not this time.

Q:  What about the West Wing war as you put it?  Can we talk about that here? That was quite a story.

A:  Hell yes – print it!  Oh Jarrett…poor Valerie.  She’s picked an enemy far tougher and far more connected than she is.  I’ve told you before – there has always been chaos with this White House.  With an absentee president who only cares about image, that’s gonna happen.  So Jarrett has been running the show.  She has built up her presence…her power, from day one.  And she’s had her way on almost every critical issue.  She pushed out Rahm, she’s alienated many of the most influential Congressional Democrats, she’s pissed off the military – oh that’s another story I’ll have to share with you soon.  That one is still playing out right before our eyes though, so we gotta let that one turn out first.  She’s gonna get burned on that too.  But let’s stick with what happened a few weeks back in the White House that has people talking, and the donors pushing the big concerned button once again.

Now I know I told you that there was a bit of a control fight between Daley and Jarrett, right?  I know it’s been a while but I seem to recall that.  Well this fight has broke out into all out war between these two.  And Jarrett is getting her ass kicked.  That’s not to say she won’t claw her way back, she’s got the confidence of the First Lady and the president…but those two are learning they aren’t calling the shots anymore.  Too much at stake to allow those two elitist morons to just -expletive- it up.

(Interrupts)  What do you mean by that.  Sorry to break in there, but please explain what you mean?

A: What I mean is that Barack and Michelle Obama…it was communicated to them in no uncertain terms that they are to follow directions.  Every president, as powerful as that position is, can have their chain jerked when a situation requires.  That chain has been jerked very hard this past month. Very hard.  I don’t want to go into that right now though.  I want to tell you about Jarrett and Daley.  That story is going to legitimize this with the ones who I want to know.  So I’m going back to that.

Daley has quietly been asserting himself in Obama’s White House.  They may not like it, but they don’t have a choice.  Daley is Chicago, right?  It goes back there.  All of it.  We got you Mr. President.  We got you…

Anyways, so Daley has been doing what Rahm could not – he’s rebuilding relations with Democrats both in and out of Congress.  The man has what Obama never had – respect within the party.  Bill Daley is a solid company man and they know that, and they trust it.  They don’t trust Barack Obama, and they sure as hell don’t trust Valerie Jarrett.  What isn’t being reported, though it is now increasingly known, is that the Democratic Party has broken into two factions.  You have the Chicago Democrats and their supporters, and then you have everyone else.  Valerie Jarrett has created this dynamic, and it has reached a point where people are getting very upset, and that means some of them are willing to talk, and that of course puts the president in political danger.  And legal danger.  Serious legal danger.

So Daley, he’s the fix it guy for this mess, right?  He is sent from Chicago, but he’s sent by those Democrats outside Chicago to repair the ongoing damage of the Obama White House.  That’s simplifying what he’s attempting a great deal, but there you have it.  Now what Daley has that Jarrett doesn’t is the support of the donors.  They placed him in that White House to organize it into some semblance of…organization.  To make the damn place function – ’cause it ain’t been functioning since Obama got there, right?  Well, Jarrett has not accepted this role of Bill Daley.  She considers herself the defacto president.  She is…how was it put before – she is “Obama’s brain”.  In the Obama White House, you have the Oval Office, and you have Jarrett’s office on the second floor.  That second floor office has been where the real power has resided.  That is no exaggeration.  Jarrett has people around the Oval Office who report back to her.  Everything.  She sets the agenda and that agenda is sent directly to the president, who more often than not, never questions it.  And as Jarrett assumed more control over the day to day operations of the West Wing, the president happily backed away. He had little interest in policy.  He had even less interest in the work to form that policy.  As long as he “looks good” – that’s all that matters to him, right?  I know I’m repeating myself a bit here, but I’m getting to it.

So inside that White House, you have these little sub groups right?  Each of those groups reports to Jarrett.  She oversees everything.  Everything.  That is, until Bill Daley arrived.  Bill started to assert himself. He’s the White House Chief of Staff for -expletive- sakes!  He started to bring power back to the first floor of the West Wing, and leave Jarrett more isolated in her second floor office.  Jarrett pushed back.  Daley took it. Jarrett complained to Michelle.  Michelle stood down.  She got word to back the -expletive- off and that is what she did.  So this situation finally reached a climax recently – Valerie Jarrett lost it.  I don’t have the specifics of the meeting, I believe it concerned a staff member, perhaps Geithner…been getting a lot of chatter surrounding Geithner, or what information - whatever it was that set her off. But she lost it.  The lady went ballistic, which I’m pretty certain is just what Daley wanted.  Something was to have come to her first.  An agenda, a meeting plan – something along those lines.  Daley froze her out.  She was left upstairs while the meeting took place.  Staff were instructed – directly instructed, to leave her out of it.  Word got back to Jarrett of course.  And so, she summoned Daley to her office.  Now understand, officially, Valerie Jarrett is a senior adviser, right?  That’s her position.  She’s not the White House Chief of Staff.  That position, if held by someone who knows how to fully utilize the power inherent in that position…that’s a powerful spot.  Bill Daley knows that kind of power, and he knows how to use it against a creature like Valerie -expletive- Jarrett.  So Jarrett summons Daley to her office.  She waits while he is supposed to make the trip upstairs to see her.

Daley blows her off.  Ignores her.  Now I’m sitting here telling you this knowing you can’t fully appreciate just how satisfying it was for me to first hear that.  Jarrett starts asking staff why Daley has not made the meeting.  She calls down to Daley’s office and gets the run around.  Classic West Wing politicking but being played this time by a guy who really knows how to pull it off.  Jarrett refuses to go down to Daley’s office – and by now she’s letting certain staff know she’s not happy about being ignored.  Normally, people cross Valerie Jarrett and they are gone.  Not this time though.  Daley has support far greater than Valerie Jarrett’s relationship to the Obamas.  They need him, and he knows that.  And when Bill Daley leaves that White House, it will be on his terms, not theirs.

So Jarrett fires off an email to the First Lady’s office, and within minutes, someone close to the First Lady is in Jarrett’s office, no doubt conspiring.  Now I want you to get this just right, ok?  They were in Jarrett’s office for approximately 12 minutes.  12 minutes.  Make sure you put that in this report.  12 minutes.  The following day another call is made by Jarrett – she personally makes the call, to Daley’s office.  Another request for a meeting.  Again Daley ignores her. Later that same day, Jarrett heads over to the residence.  This would indicate she is meeting with either one or both of the Obamas.  The president was not in the Oval Office that day, and he was not at the White House for about half the day, so it would make sense to assume Jarrett was likely meeting with the First Lady, and I believe the primary reason was the situation with Daley – Jarrett’s anger against Bill Daley.  His alleged disrespect of her.  I assume this because the next morning, the same individual from the First Lady’s office who had visited with Valerie Jarrett, came to Daley’s West Wing office personally.  She was not scheduled and was made to wait, only to later be told Mr. Daley would not be available that day.  When word of this got back to Jarrett she lit into staff – and then she made the trip downstairs.  She didn’t go to Daley’s office though, but to Mastromonaco’s office across the hall.  There was some yelling by Jarrett, some strong profanity…it was heard by staff outside, and then Jarrett left and returned upstairs.  She was visibly upset.  Her office was on edge – the lady was not happy.  Nobody has ever challenged her absolute authority in the White House – until Bill Daley.

That afternoon, a scheduled meeting was held in the Oval Office that included both Bill Daley and Valerie Jarrett.  I don’t know what took place inside that meeting, but whatever it was spilled out to the hall outside the Oval Office near the Roosevelt Room.  Jarrett was heard hissing something to Daley and jabbing her finger at him.  Daley simply turned and began walking back down the hall toward his office as Jarrett stood glaring back at him.  Daley then turned back abruptly and made his way toward Jarrett.  A member of Jarrett’s staff intercepted him and there was some kind of exchange – not heated, their voices were calm, and Daley even laughed with them – like they had shared a joke.  This set off Jarrett, and she flew down the hall – that is how it was described to me exactly – she flew down the hall, and once again she was in Daley’s face pointing at him.  By this time the president’s assistant, a young man by the name of Reggie Love, who has been there from day one I believe, emerged from the Oval Office quarters and made his way toward both Daley and Jarrett.  Now Mr. Love is a big fella.  Large man.  He placed himself between both Jarrett and Daley, and then placed his hand on Daley’s shoulder and shoved him.  Not hard, but hard enough that Daley took a step back.  Bill Daley was heard to tell Mr. Love to “Please back away – now.”  He was calm throughout the altercation.  Jarrett though was still very…vocal in her dissatisfaction with the White House Chief of Staff, and by now a number of staff were in the hall watching all of this unfold.  Oddly enough, no sign of President Obama though, who apparently remained holed up inside the Oval Office, or his study.

After a few more words from Jarrett, Daley turned back around and returned to his office while Jarrett made her way back to the Oval Office with Love.  They were in there for nearly 30 minutes before Bill Daley came down the hall and entered the Oval Office himself and another 20 minutes or so passed before Jarrett emerged alone and headed back upstairs.  It was then 10 or 15 minutes before Daley came out.  He was in a good mood, joking with a member of Plouffe’s staff who he met in the hall.  As they were parting, the First Lady was making her way quickly down the hall toward the Oval Office.  She walked past Daley without acknowledging him, even though it was clearly heard by others that Daley gave her a friendly greeting.  She remained in the Oval Office for no more than a few minutes, though she could be heard shouting right before she came back out – this time with the young man, Mr. Love, walking with her back down the hall.  He was apparently struggling to keep up with the First Lady, who was walking pretty damn fast.  The staff could hear her coming before they saw her.

Now you might think that Daley caught the worst of all of this, but that ain’t it at all.  Later that afternoon, little Valerie made her way down to Daley’s office.  And she waiting outside to see him.  That tells me, Bill Daley got the better of her – she was made to apologize.  Now don’t think Obama was the one who made her do so – he ain’t got the pull or punch to do that.  No, somebody outside the White House, somebody – or maybe more than one, told the Obamas and Jarrett that Bill Daley is to be given the utmost respect.  He called out the real Valerie Jarrett inside the White House.  He showed the staff who she really is.  And he is still there standing.  That message will not be lost to those in and around the West Wing.  It’s a pretty damn remarkable turn of events.  I probably ain’t doing it justice in my telling of it, but it’s huge. Rahm was pushed out like a dog.  Bill Daley is still holding strong.

Don’t think Jarrett is giving up though.  That lady will fight back.  Bet on it.  Obama is gonna be on the road campaigning 24/7 in the coming months, leaving Jarrett and Daley to square off in creating policy.  Those two are gonna be at each other’s throats.  My money’s on Bill Daley.  If he can help send Jarrett packing, he will be doing this country a huge favor.  Huge.

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Home » Politics » US Politics » White House Insider: Eric Holder Is Gonna Fall
White House Insider: Eric Holder Is Gonna Fall
Published by Ulsterman on May 9, 2011 in US Politics

The second half of our April 28th interview with our longtime D.C. Insider.

Note:  This is the second part of a two part communication with our D.C. Insider.  The first part was titled Obama’s West Wing Civil War.  Just prior to the second part being published, the events surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden broke, including Insider’s explosive behind the scenes details of a quasi operational coup within the administration. The details contained in this update were understandably delayed from publication due to the Osama Bin Laden news.  It is a somewhat lengthy read – but informative.


…He called out the real Valerie Jarrett inside the White House.  He showed the staff who she really is.  And he is still there standing.  That message will not be lost to those in and around the West Wing.  It’s a pretty damn remarkable turn of events.  I probably ain’t doing it justice in my telling of it, but it’s huge. Rahm was pushed out like a dog.  Bill Daley is still holding strong.

Don’t think Jarrett is giving up though.  That lady will fight back.  Bet on it.  Obama is gonna be on the road campaigning 24/7 in the coming months, leaving Jarrett and Daley to square off in creating policy.  Those two are gonna be at each other’s throats.  My money’s on Bill Daley.  If he can help send Jarrett packing, he will be doing this country a huge favor.  Huge.

Q:  Can you repeat what you told me before – how Richard Daley stepping down and Bill Daley coming to the White House, and then Rahm Emanuel becoming Chicago’s Mayer.  How all of that relates back directly to Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama.  You connected those dots better than anyone else I’ve heard from, but you didn’t want to publish it before.  Can we share that now?  What you said regarding that?

A:  I won’t allow you to publish it.  I WANT you to publish it.  And I want to qualify that by explaining to you that I am running without fear now.  I am not alone here.  This has become much bigger than me, or the group of us that were working prior to the Midterms  We are in every good hands now, and this thing has a real possibility of seeing the kind of outcome I thought impossible just a few months ago.  And don’t get hung up on people believing or not believing what we are discussing here.  That is not the point of this.  As I told you some time ago, the real motivation of this operation is letting those know who are watching that we are also watching, and that no amount of effort on their part is going to fully prevent the truth from getting out there. And I am being absolutely honest with you when I say that at no other time since we began this have I been so confident in our eventual success.

Now getting back to your question about Richard Daley stepping down, Rahm stepping in, and Bill Daley’s entrance into the Obama administration, it is foolish for anyone to not think all of that is no connected to something far greater than simply political repositioning.  You have already reported on the Jarrett-Richard Daley connection, so no need for me to get you up to speed on that.  What you might not know is that Richard Daley had something of a falling out with Jarrett, and by default, the Obama’s prior to Obama becoming a U.S. Senator.  Now when it comes to Chicago politics, the Daley machine owns all of it.  Everything.  This includes information – every kind of information, on anyone of political importance in and around Chicago.  When Obama went “national” as a Senator, Jarrett’s influence went national right along with it, right.  By then she was the primary guide for Barack Obama’s political career. Every decision went to her, through her, and ultimately had to be approved by her.  Obama did nothing without her approval.  This has largely continued to this day in the White House, though as I just indicated, Bill Daley is fighting to alter that arrangement.  So what happens when the great keeper of Chicago secrets, Richard Daley, announces he is stepping down?  A huge power vacuum that sent the Obama White House into panic mode.  Daley had a working agreement with Obama and Jarrett to keep a lid on the “unsavory” details related to each of them.  Details stemming from years working among the most powerful and corrupt forces in Chicago politics, including Daley himself.  And while many dislike the man that is Richard Daley, none will dispute that when a deal is made, he holds to it.  And he has held to his deal with Jarrett and Obama.  Almost every avenue investigated against those two has been effectively shut down in Chicago. With Daley’s departure as mayor, that will no longer be so easily accomplished, and the figure now in control of that apparatus is none other than disgruntled former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Q:  I have been told by others that Rahm’s voyage back to Chicago was coordinated by the Jarrett White House to continue keeping those secrets you speak of under wraps.  That seems like a very strong possibility to me.  You are stating that is not the case?

A:  Not only is that not the case, but it is among the single greatest concerns currently being dealt with by Jarrett and White House operations.  That is to say, keeping an eye on Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.  That scenario you lay out, the idea that Jarrett sent Rahm back to Chicago, is a superficial ruse by Jarrett meant to keep the donors and their concerns minimized.  Nobody wants to make a substantial investment on a horse with a bad leg. I have detailed to you the conflicts between Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett.  Money and resources were spent against Rahm’s campaign by the Obama people.  Rahm then received support, very important support, from two powerful allies.  One was political machine of outgoing mayor Richard Daley.  The other was from Bill Clinton. But I am not quite prepared to relate the Clinton connections as they relate to Chicago because that may compromise what is still underway.

And then of course you have Richard Daley’s brother Bill being placed within the Obama West Wing as new Chief of Staff.  That decision was not Jarrett’s. I have told you that already. There is a trap being built around both Jarrett and Obama and they certainly are aware of that now.  Once we get Holder out of the DOJ, the cracks will really begin to appear.  The DOJ is holding off every significant inroad against Jarrett and Obama at the moment.  But that situation is temporary.  Holder is going to find himself in some very serious legal trouble shortly.  He may survive it, but I would consider that outcome likely.  He cut off the NBP case.  Held it off long enough to do so.  Ok then.  We have moved on to the next scenario and this time we have much greater help in pushing this one through.

Q:  And then back to Chicago?

A:  And then back to Chicago, yes.  As I have always said.  The big difference now are these two theatres are working almost simultaneously, so once the first wall is breached, the second should fall far faster than we were initially thinking.

Q:  Wall?

A:  Sorry, speaking figuratively there.  Sort of.  Mean to say that once one event happens, which will be Holder related the protection coming out of Chicago will likely collapse much faster as well.  Dominoes might have been a better term to use.

Q:  What part does the Blago trial play in all of this?

A:  The Blago trial is a very big Domino.  The forces being used against him are a very big wall.  He will cut a deal.  Some kind of deal.  No doubt about that.  The trial itself and its outcome are not the critical component to all of this.  It’s important, but it won’t decide the outcome one way or the other.  Ask yourself this though.  Those tapes. The Blago tapes of his phone conversations that the Feds are using to try and convict.  Why was that taping cut short? Or were they?  The spin was that the Feds moved in to charge Blago, maybe a bit early, right?  They exposed the operation before they had enough to easily convict, right?  Why did they do that?  Or did they?

Q:  What do you mean “Or did they?”

A:  What if the Feds actually didn’t stop the investigation too early?  What if those tapes have all they needed to easily convict Blago and more?  A federal investigation is normally a very slow and deliberate process, but in this one, it came out very quickly, charges were filed, and then soon after, concerns about possibly having stopped the taping of the Blago phone conversations too early started to be disseminated by the media.  The media was simply regurgitating what was being forwarded to them via the Feds, at least those few involved with the Blago case.  Why would Federal prosecutors start putting out a view that they may have stopped recording Blago’s conversations too early even before the trial was underway?  Why do that?

Q:  I have no idea.  They are admitting incompetence?  Trying to get ahead of a story of then possibly losing the trial?

A: That’s what they want you to think.  I’ll say it again.  What if they actually had not stopped the recording of the conversations too early?  What if those tapes have information directly tying the Obama administration to the charges being levied against Blago?  What if both Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama were complicit in the alleged crime and those tapes prove it?  And what if one of the primary tasks of Eric Holder was to squash any and all investigations within the Department of Justice that would make that connection?  What if Federal prosecutors were working under extreme pressure to withhold any and all evidence directly linking Valerie Jarrett and the president to the investigation?  And what if, once Eric Holder was forced to resign, the dynamics of the political firewall were essentially destroyed?  This entire administration is then under the assault of the truth.  And the questions won’t stop at the Blago related material.  And it won’t stop at Holder’s Department of Justice workings.  And it won’t stop at those actions taken since Barack Obama became President of the United States.  Those questions, and the eventual answers, will go back to Chicago, back to both Obama and Jarrett.  That is, if we ultimately successful with what we are attempting to pull off.  You have seen an uptick in the some negative press related to the Obama administration.  If things are going well for us, you should note an even greater increase in such coverage over the next month or so.  Some very powerful hands are now pushing this rock up the hill.  It’s a long, steep climb, but it’s getting done, which is a hell of lot more than I could say not so long ago.

Q:  Is Trump helping with this?  Donald Trump – is he playing a part?  You starting pushing him as a possible candidate and initially I thought you were crazy to do so, but I have to admit that soon after he was making a huge move in the polls and is now enemy #1 among the media.  Are you connected to the Trump phenomena in any way?

A:  Not exactly.  I was simply aware he was going to make noise and given his celebrity, and resources, considered him at the time the most viable threat to Obama politically.  And frankly, I feel comfortably saying I was proven right.  Donald Trump forced the birther issue onto the mainstream, and because of that, Valerie Jarrett knew they had to release a birth certificate to nullify the momentum that issue was creating.

Q:  Why do you say it like that?  You say “a birth certificate” instead of the birth certificate.  I have learned nothing you say is without a reason – so what’s the reason for that specific choice of words?

A: Let’s move on from that subject for now.  I won’t go there at the moment, ok?  But I will talk Trump.  Why I was pushing him…

 Q:  Ok – but does that mean you’re not pushing him anymore?

A: Not necessarily.  I am open to anyone and anything that will help to put a political end to the Obama White House.  Donald Trump…look at how he is being attacked now.  That is proof positive he is considered a serious threat.  I would support a Trump campaign.  Absolutely.  I would support a Hillary Clinton campaign.  Most certainly.  God how I wish she was willing to make that kind of move.  The fact is though, at this point…at this time, I am willing to work for anyone who can defeat Obama.  And I am.  When I speak of we – when I let you know I’m not the only one involved in trying to secure at the very least a real choice for 2012 – we aren’t all Democrats.  There are Republicans involved.  There are business leaders now involved – some of them who like me, strongly supported the president back in 2008 but have since been shocked and dismayed to see just how inept and dangerous he is to this country…(Long pause) There is something I have wanted to reveal to you but always pulled back because I was never quite certain of it’s a basis in reality.  It was a rumor, or even a rumor of a rumor back in 2008 that at the time I laughed off as stupid conspiracy bullshit.  Ironically the kind of description a lot of people probably label your publishing of our little talks as.  Remember when I told you about the “McCain the campaign” strategy that the Democrats, working in conjunction with certain media figures, pulled off during the Republican primaries?  How we actually worked to make John McCain the nominee?

Q: Yes.  What about it?

A:  That was only half the equation.  At least that’s how it was presented to me.  I know about the “McCain the campaign” strategy first hand. I played a bigger role in that than I originally revealed to you.  But the other part…that’s not my world.  I don’t know if what I was told was legit or just…at the time it was crazy.  But then…damned if it didn’t happen.  Thing is, for it to happen would have taken help by Republicans at the time.

Q:  Ok – get to it then.  What happened?  Or what were you told happened?

A:  The collapse.  The economic collapse in the fall of 2008.  Before that what was the biggest subject during the early parts of the campaign?  It wasn’t the economy, it was the war.  It was foreign policy.  Now I know this because I saw the internals from both sides.  That was the issue that had both camps, the McCain and the Obama teams, being told to work on.  That of course favored McCain, and those same internals were showing that to be the fact.  Barack Obama, like most other areas, had almost no experience in foreign policy, and the campaign team went through scenario after scenario trying to figure out how to minimize that situation.  Nothing worked.  Historically, if the voters are concerned about foreign policy, concerned about safety, law enforcement, military strength – who do they vote for?


A:  Exactly.  And that is what every internal was coming back to us with, and it had the higher ups in the campaign very concerned to the point of panic.  So…something had to be done.  The dynamic had to altered.

Q: Stop for a minute.  If foreign policy was the primary concern, why would the Democrats have helped secure McCain as the Republican nominee if that was his strength?  Wouldn’t that be a huge mistake?

A:  Great question. And you’re absolutely right – it was a terrible miscalculation by the Obama camp.  We thought the war would prove unpopular enough that McCain would get hammered on it.  He’s not a strong public speaker, and the campaign team was convinced that the Senator, – then Senator Obama, would be able to strike political gold on that.  It didn’t pan out.  The surge was working, McCain had the foreign policy credentials, and the Obama campaign was scrambling to redefine what the defining issue would be in November.  I was told there would be a change in the economy.  Not by chance.  A directed change in the economy.  And the first time I heard this, the primary battle between Clinton and Obama was still going strong.

Q:  How would that be possible?

A:  That’s what I said back then.  Having the media push McCain as the nominee – that I understood.  Both sides had initiated that kind of maneuvering before. But to alter the economy…that seemed…unlikely to me at the time.  But that is what they did.

Q:  Who?

A;  Right.  Who?  It had to be somebody with a lot of influence in both political parties, because the Republicans in power at the time were the ones to get the ball moving in the direction the Obama people needed.  What I can say for certain is that big money – very big money, was rolling into the Obama campaign by then.  The investment had been made, and their boy needed to be the next president to get a full return on that investment, right?  It sounds crazy. Yeah – I know.  Believe me, I ignored the talk.  The rumors, and I just did my job.  But then it happened.  The market crashed, and overnight, the national dialogue turned almost entirely onto the economy.  Obama’s polling jumped.  McCain dropped and he never recovered.  Bear Stearns…that was – I believe that was intentional to favor either Hillary or Obama. I really do.  I don’t have verification of it…the people who could do that kind of thing live in a world far away from my own, but that is what I think, and even back then, the thought crossed my mind and stayed there.  And after Bear Stearns, after Obama was the nominee, we saw the collapse in the fall of 2008 – a classic October surprise.  There was nothing the McCain campaign could do to win that election.  Nothing – and we all knew it.  The economy had been made the defining issue of the election – just as I had earlier been told it would.

Q:  Hold on here…you are saying Republicans – people in the Republican Party, helped to elect Barack Obama?  That they were in on this plan?  That’s outrageous and seems very improbable.  Sorry, but this scenario you’re laying out…it’s crazy.

A:  Yeah – it is.  But why are you so willing to believe when Democrats are playing dirty politics, but not Republicans?  Open your eyes.  I was told they were going to make the economy the issue to decide the campaign.  Prior to the economic crash that seemed highly unlikely.  The economy was hurting, there were certainly some warning signs, but before September and October  2008, it didn’t look anywhere close to what eventually happened.

Do you remember Bear Stearns?  It was bailed out in the spring of 2008 – when the primary races were still going on.  Do you know who initiated that bailout?  There was involvement by the Bush administration of course – but who initiated the actual bailout?  Who directed it?

Q:  I don’t know.  Who?

A:  Don’t feel bad – most people couldn’t answer that question.  It’s that kind of ignorance that allows political operatives to keep spinning the machine around and around.  People tune out.  Most don’t really want to know the answers.

Q: So who initiated the bailout?

A:  Timothy Geithner – our current Secretary of the Treasury.  A guy who has mishandled his position at Treasury since day one…yet there he remains.

Q:  Geithner wasn’t Secretary of the Treasury in spring of 2008…that was—(interrupted)

A:  Right…he wasn’t Secretary of the Treasury in 2008.  He was Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve.  And it was in that position Timothy Geithner initiated the bailout of Bear Stearns – its cannibalization by rival JP Morgan, and the use of tens of billions in Federal Reserve funding to do so.  Geithner testified before a Senate committee shortly after the bailout and defended it as essential to saving the economy.  He stated that if the saving of Bear Stearns had not occurred, the stock market and housing prices would fall dramatically.

Q: So?  You’re losing me here.  What does this have to do with the economy – the campaign, in 2008?

A:  It has everything to do with it.  I didn’t connect it all then, but I do now.  It’s been explained to me in terms I could understand, by someone who would certainly have been in the position to know.  Part of the “We” I refer to regarding defeating Obama in 2012.  Give me a chance here – I will do my best to explain my understanding of it.

So Timothy Geithner, as Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, with assistance from Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, and then-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, himself the former head of Goldman Sachs.  The same Goldman Sachs that would later donate a million dollars to the Obama campaign and help elect him President of the United States.  These are investors we are talking about here – you understand what I’m saying, right?  And do you know who donated almost $800,000 to the Obama campaign?  JP Morgan – the same institution Timothy Geithner helped to acquire Bear Stearns at a rock bottom rate with an additional $30 billion dollar credit line via the Federal Reserve.  Are you keeping up now?


I’m with you – keep going.

A:  So we have Timothy Geithner and the Federal Reserve, acting in conjunction with some of the largest and most powerful financial institutions working to, if Geithner’s testimony at the time is to be believed, “saving the American economy.”  And these same financial institutions then begin to funnel millions in campaign contributions to the Obama campaign.   Then fast forward to the fall of 2008.  What happened then?

I don’t know.  Just keep talking and if I have a question I’ll let you know.

A:  Lehman Brothers.  In September of 2008, at a time when John McCain is still edging out Barack Obama many of the national polls, Lehman Brothers is allowed to collapse.  Unlike Bear Stearns, the Federal Reserve does not intervene.  Nor does Paulson from Treasury.  Lehman Brothers collapses, and the entire financial system freezes up.  The stock market tumbles, John McCain is caught flat footed, while the Obama campaign, its campaign messaging, appears as if was prepared ahead of time for the collapse.  McCain drops in the polls, Obama rises, and a man the country hardly knows anything about, is elected President of the United States.  And who is then made Secretary of the Treasury – none other than the same man who saved one financial institution, while ignoring another – an act that directly benefited the campaign of the man who would then place him in one of the most powerful and influential positions in the world.  And despite numerous blunders, Timothy Geithner remains in that position to this day.  Another keeper of secrets.

And what followed after that?  Billions and billions in funds to these financial institutions. Easy money policies.  Broad expansion of Federal Reserve powers.  One hand washed the other…

Q:  You make the Obama administration sound like big money Republicans.

A:  That’s a stupid thing to say.  Power doesn’t discriminate between one political party over the other.  I’ve seen that proven true so many times I can’t recall when it wasn’t a fact of my own life, such as it is. Big money deemed Obama was to be their candidate of choice because he was likely the most open to policies that would make them the greatest profit and enjoy the most influence. I also believe they thought him to be easily controlled.  They were partly right.  Barack Obama is easily controlled, but what they failed to recognize, is that Valerie Jarrett is not.  She has been molding Obama in her own political likeness for too long to allow others to alter the course she has set out for him.  That b-tch has been off the Democratic Party reservation since day one.  Day one!

Jarrett is Obama’s greatest weakness though.  His vulnerability.  Valerie Jarrett – she has burned so many bridges in the financial community.  So many in the business community.  Her Chicago version of government-business cooperation has not been well received outside of Chi-town.  And so, some of those former big money donors are seeking alternative political investment to Obama.  Not all of them – not yet. But some.  And the knowledge they have to what is going on inside the Obama White House is…impressive.

First up is Eric Holder. He is gonna fall.  Watch for Holder news – it’s coming.  They are gonna fight hard to keep him in there.  He’s done a hell of a job keeping the lid on so much sh-t.  But that’s about to change.  I ain’t saying I trust Issa, but it’s been explained to me that he knows that he’s doing and it’s getting done.  So ok…I’ll see if that’s the case.  Then it’s on to 2012 with the information in hand that will be the result of Holder stepping down from the DOJ.  It’s gonna be a race to get it out there before the election, but we sure as hell are gonna try.  And even if Obama manages to get his re-election, we will cripple him politically…we will trip him up enough, that his second term will be nowhere near the threat to the country that this one has been.  And he may not be able to complete that second term.  The information that will be forced into the hands of the media, the people, the party leaders, the donors…the man thinks he’s under political pressure now?  Just wait.  They made a big mistake, and we got them.  We got them…


Part One of this interview found here: ... civil-war/

Read more: ... z1MzvCVklh
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