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just a thought
« on: May 11, 2002, 07:14:00 PM »
I have read my new friends debi and Marc's posts below. the post traumatic stress that occurs for years and years- post seed seems to always involve a sense of worthlessness,  distrust of others, and deep shame for submitting to the cultism that indeed is the seed. We  sat there and secretly admired those whom would not submit and burned shame deep into our innermost secret places for not being strong enough to resist, for not being brave enough to leave, for being to scared to vocalize the truth, and for not being noble enough to stand up and make them stop when they were sexually humiliating some child in front of us or slamming some kid to the conrete whom was brave enough to try and run from the insanity. Then we sat there and sang with the most genuine smile we could muster love songs to our captors and tried to believe the lies we told  ourselves so we would not lose our sanity.  Once we left and started openly rejecting the Cult, something inside continued to tell us we were worthless and useless people. This awfull self-depreciating destructive cycle was further aggravated by the loss of our still cult believing families for finally taking a stand.  Our childhoods were savagely yanked from underneath us and we were forced to deal with the lasting impressions of techniques formerly only practiced on adult prisoners of war in far away countries like Korea and China.
 Tragically, many people never recovered and dear Friends like Dave leverone, Chris, and others not named or unknown never survived into adulthood. Other's decades later still carry the scars and shame, and the legacy of the seed continues today in programs like Safe, Pathways, and scores of other copycat programs.

I want to redirect this errant shame we all took with us back to where it really belongs, to the perpetrators of this great american fraud that the synanon bestowed on Art whom then bestowed on us and all generations since.  Shame on you libby,Art, Shelly, Susie, and the rest of our childhood tormentors.
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Re: just a thought
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