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The Family International is restructuring/Reboot
« on: May 31, 2010, 09:36:23 PM »
What follows is an excerpt from the latest General Newsletter (GN) that was released by the Family International.  This does not necessarily mean that The Family is disbanding per se. They are retaining their name and core beliefs; however, the command structure will be altered a la RNR. The point this note highlights is that there'll be no more FD/MM/FM: in other words if you're a member of the Family, you're a member of the Family: not a two-letter label. It's a win/win for the Family now; they'll still have no accountability, yet still receive their tithe money. I say it's a cunning move on their part.

Call it what you like, but this essentially (ostensibly) marks the disbanding of The Family.


There is not much of a "group" left.

The Reboot is the biggest change in The Family's history.

They can have sex with outsiders now, for example.

Young people are now encouraged to go to school to get a good education.

Whatever people feel they want to do is now supported and encouraged.

No more mandatory communal living.

They can have friends outside of the Family and work with other Christians and churches.

They no longer consider themselves the elite, as far as Christianity is concerned. They're remaking themselves now as just another church, or denomination.

If people want to be full time still, that's their choice but it doesn't make them any more special.

They are to be inclusive, not exclusive.

They are saying that they have so many wrong attitudes that they need to get rid of to help them accept everyone.

"—All who have
made the commitment to follow Jesus' teachings and example, and who are
living that commitment, are Jesus' disciples, whether they are members

of the Family or not.

—We will no longer have membership
categories. We won't have labels whereby some members are categorized as
"Family disciples" and others are not; or that suggest that some are

living a full-time example of discipleship and others are not, or that
some are more or less committed or obedient in spirit; or that label
whether someone is giving their all to the Lord or serving Jesus
full-time or part-time. (The details of this change will be fully

explained in "Membership.")

—The terms "disciple" and
"discipleship" will no longer be used in connection with a category of
Family membership (as there will be no categories), or to define a set

of lifestyle requirements. When "disciple" or "discipleship" is used in
Family publications, this will refer to an individual's personal
commitment to follow Jesus...

—Discipleship is not an isolated,

once-in-a-lifetime happening, but a spiritual journey, a faith journey.
It involves daily choices and actions to abide in Jesus, and to let Him
abide in us, to be led, fed, and cleansed by His Word, to operate under

the influence of His Spirit and love, to seek Him first and yield to His
will for our lives, to obey Him to the best of our ability, to testify
of His love through our words and actions, to bear fruit that glorifies


Answering the call of discipleship is a personal choice, a
personal commitment. Discipleship is a journey. We're each at different
stages of the journey, different points along the path of discipleship.

Some are far along the path of discipleship; some are just getting
started on this journey of faith and spiritual growth. But all of us who
are following Jesus, in whatever ways we are called to serve, are His


(Reboot 04: Blueprint for the Future)"
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