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--- Quote from: "Anne Bonney" ---
--- Quote from: "kirstin" ---Anne you did not take me up  on my offer, now there is a problem. I thought you were attracted to other women?  You turned down the opportunity of a lifetime because you would have benefited from my years of experience as a sex therapist.
--- End quote ---

And yet somehow, I find the strength to go on.

I'm starting to feel sexually harassed.  :eek:  :rofl:
--- End quote ---
I completely understand I am feeling sexually harrassed as well.lmao roflmao  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:


--- Quote from: "kirstin" ---:feedtrolls:
--- End quote ---
Then stop eating cuz your one of them.



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