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Paul St. John:

--- Quote ---On 2003-09-23 05:09:00, Antigen wrote:

"Yup, same thing. "Awareness" meant having fully and completely accepted the doctrine so that it became first, not second nature.

Yep.. First .. not second.. e very important distinction.

 Also, it meant doing a thorough job of intimidating your newcomers and fellow oldcomers by watching their every move for just one false one to report up the chain of command.

"In a bag" meant in a bad mood; can't have been a healthy response to what was going on, had to be a flaw or failing in you.

LOL!  Remember that now.

My brother said he remembered the day when the term "gamey" was coined at The Seed. That would have been sometime in the early `70's in Ft. Lauderdale.

Meant the same thing?  flirting, etc.?

It's obnoxious to ask law enforcement to follow the law. That's insulting to every cop.

--John Lovell, lobbyist for the California police chief's association
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Tampa survivor:
So, I went home and flogged the dolphin...
not ok.  
 You are pushing your feelings down about this.
well, no, I was pushing AND pulling my feelings...
 now your being GAMEY Bill!!!!
Oh, my girlfreind is gamey after she GETS IN TOUCH WITH HERSELF but not me....
 But windows hasn't been invented yet and DOS is too confusing on an 8088 platform...

I was always "Hiding in the woodwork"

I never was a misbehavor ..but had a 6 month 1st just due to the fact 1) I was shy 2) I was an 13 year old horn dog that started at girls constantly..

They used to stand me up and go through the girls side and have them all confront me and tell me how theyd never have anything to do with me.  ::argue::  ::argue::  ::argue::

Funny I could have slept with 3 of them in the immediate 5 years after straight.
 ::kiss::  ::kiss::  ::kiss::

Rationalize was a key term in elan philosophy,much like your use of justify

Yup, we used "rationalize" the same way. Also, it was a cardinal rule that we not "intellectualize" anything. For all intents and purposes (NOT "intensive purposes"!), thinking was against the rules.
Step 1. We came to understand that the government is powerless over people's private use of drugs and that the War on Drugs was making the government's life unmanageable.

--Scott Tillinghast
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