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Sponging off the group.

I always got a great visiual of this one.   It meant you werent contributing anything, or shining out.  it also went for misbehaving, which I never could understand...because the misbehavers werent sponging anything off of anything.  They werent benefitting from sitting around in group all day.  Neither were the working people either, but thats beside the point.

Question on awareness....

When being aware of newcomers, were you guys all required to literally have your eyes on them at all times?  Like actually in full view every single second?  We did.  There was not even any peripheral vision awareness allowed.  You had to have your eyes on them no matter what, even if there were six of them.  I created all sorts of neat contortionist tricks in order to do this.  

I was just curious if it was different in the different programs.  I know that when the LA people came to Dallas, they had a way more lax definition of being aware....and we all spent weeks agonizing over how to treat this breaking of the comandments!  You could get put on a refresher for turning your back on a newcomer for any reason.  The first time I saw a 5th phaser from LA do it, I almost shit myself.

Cayo Hueso:
"PAT"...what the hell is that??  When someone would stand up in group and say something that didn't satisfy either staff or the group...if they said what others considered to be generic it was called "being pat".  I never got that.

Shining...that's another one.  Newcomers had to "shine" before they could go home.  With all the sweat and greasy teenage faces, we were ALL shining ALL the time. :scared: Oh NO :roll:

and all those stupid sign language signals when someone was talking....i.e wrap it up (swirl your index finger in the air), can't hear you (waving your arm back and forth), apply it to yourself (pointing your finger at your head with great emphasis), wake up (fourth phasers to front row...stare at the offender and flick all fingers outward, as in open your eyes), pay attention (looking at the offender and pointing to the person speaking).

Necessity never made a good bargain
--Benjamin Franklin Apr. 1734
--- End quote ---

Hell on Wheels:
wow, all these schools must have went to cult-speak 101. CEDU was a lot the same, we called them CEDUisms. I loved the new kids first raps, the confused look on their face was priceless, as I'm sure my face was when I was a new kid

What about "running your thinking"  Running your fear"  etc.  

I always hated the "what are you doing to your little girl?".  They meant the little girl inside me.  Well, the little girl was miserable and just wanted to grow up.  Besides, after my first rap, that little girl innocence was gone, gone, gone.

Holy crap, that first rap!! I felt like I was hit by a grenade and I didn't even participate. I mean DEEP SHOCK!!!  THe abuse, the drama, the tales of screwing animals and covering yourself w/shit. It's not like I fell off the turnip truck.. I was an experimental teen--just not w/animals and feces. I'm not judging I'm just saying it was shock city. All the puking and snotty noses and bullying into submission. WHOA!

Sorry to threadjack here...

...but would it be possible to do some sort of a writeup about how the raps and other forms of pysch abuse... the "break them down" part of these places work?

When I try to explain waht the raps are and how this works by degrading/destroying the people stuck inside, I often have trouble doing so. It might help me explain this to the average person, and to my local authorities (I know they'll ask a ton of questions) and I could also give it to

And by the way...  :eek: jesus christ this shit just gets worse the more I read about it.

Anyway, I'm off to court, later everyone. (I just LOVE the system!)[ This Message was edited by: Nihilanthic on 2004-06-21 05:07 ]


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