Author Topic: Synanon, Herbalife & wheelbarrows full of cash  (Read 1145 times)

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Synanon, Herbalife & wheelbarrows full of cash
« on: April 16, 2009, 10:17:34 AM »
Has this nugget of an article (circa 2000) been posted here before?

Mark Hughes = dude who invented Herbalife. CEDU RS grad

When asked to discuss whether Syanon impacted The Education of Mark Hughes, Mel Wasserman replies that, in addition to Synanon techniques, he also used his own experiences in conventional therapy to mold his program. He also says that he was not a fan of Dederich, whose sessions could get brutal and assaultive. He was aiming for something warmer: "There was a lot of conflict between me and some of the people I hired from Synanon. They wanted to redo Synanon. I didn't want a place where we had so much power that people would pee in their pants when you walked by. Synanon was fear-based. Our work was feeling-based."

One aspect of CEDU that was reminiscent of Synanon that was reminiscent of Synanon was the school's money-making acumen. By the early seventies, Synanon had recycled its trippy, quasi-spiritual rehab techniques into a very successful fund-raising program. Synanon molded its members into an army of fund-raisers-called "hustlers" at the time-who went door to door from corporation to corporation, persuading people to hand over money to help keep addicts off the streets. In this spooky, sometimes scary period of revolution, such a project seemed pretty attractive to corporate squares, who shelled out big bucks. CEDU's students were encouraged to open their minds to letting the cash flow. "Wasserman was trying to develop what we had in Synanon-a hustling system where we would send out our own people to heads of companies and ask for money," says D.D. Harvey, a Presbyterian minister and former long-time Synanon member. It was this fund-raising mania that launched Mark Hughes.

It's a long article, CEDU and Mel are mentioned late in the piece. (For you fellow lazy bastards get your search cheat on "Ctrl + F" Cedu).
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Re: Synanon, Herbalife & wheelbarrows full of cash
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 11:46:22 AM »
Oh, yeah! I remember that article (not sure if it was ever posted here though). Excellent read, btw, well worth your time.

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