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Cross Creek categories
« on: April 13, 2009, 05:06:35 AM »
01: Rude Act
I can only remember farting without permission or "20/20"ing.

102: Rude Manners
One group had a process where they couldn't blow spit bubbles or else it was a 102, this was also used as like farting without permission or like burping or like not saying please and thank you, things like that.

103: Rude Comment
These were rarely given out as far as I know, it was used as a minor version of Disrespect to staff or students.

104: Inappropriate Comment
Cursing, saying a word which isn't allowed, talking about "inappropriate" things like lewd things or gross things. I got one of these for singing "Like A Virgin" by Madonna when it came on Shrek.  Saying a word in a foreign language.

105: Unsatisfactory Effort
Neglecting things like your water bottle or forgetting anything that's supposed to be with you. This was also used as a category for any generic cat 1 rule or if a staff was nice they would reduce a higher cat to this one. If you failed to do something sufficiently you could also get this.

106: Unsatisfactory Attitude
Giving staff attitude, being sarcastic or pissy or doing things in an overall negative way.

107: Late
Late getting out of bed; you have five minutes to get out of bed once wakeup is called. Late out of shower, late to line-up etc.

108: Unsatisfactory Inspection
This applies to room jobs only, during the day staff are assigned rooms to examine and if your room job was not done or was not done good enough you would receive this category.

109: Manipulation
Asking if you have mail, (you are allowed to ask if there is mail though) and arguing with staff about categories or trying to get out of one.

110: Horseplay
Screwing around basically

111: Dress Code Violation
Shirt not tucked in when imperative, clothing improper for time (not wearing P.E. clothes for P.E.), having facial hair if you are a boy.

201: Disrespect to Staff
Pretty simple, if you are disrespectful to staff, fail to use titles like "Mr." or "Ms." (some staff didn't care about it though)

202: Disrespect to Peers
Same thing but to other students, farting in line or if someone is behind you. On the girl's side, if you said "shut up", and on the boy's side, only if they were offended by it.

203: Disrespect to Property
Banging walls or anything like that, feet on chair, I can't really remember what else. This also included your own property.

204: Disrupting School/Removal
Asking to be removed from school or asking for a time-out to cool off. Getting removed by a teacher for being disruptive or not doing schoolwork.

205: Dishonesty by omission/cover-up
These were least common out of all the cat 2s and were rarely given (the cat 3 dishonesty was preferred). It was like not giving the whole side of the story or trying to lie your way out of something by distorting the story.

206: Not Following Directions
Not following staff directions or not doing what staff tell you do. Being off-task.

207: Breaking Confidentiality (Minor)
This technically applied to breaking "confo" and catching yourself in it, but it was really used for like accidentally saying something that happened in group without getting permission that was considered not that big of a deal or not that revealing.

208: Gossiping/Rumor spreading
Rarely used on the boy's side (even when it applied), talking about someone behind their back or about someone, whether it's true or not, without them being present to defend themselves.

209: Out of Area
Crossing a threshold without permission, getting up out of seat without permission, getting lost or detached from group accidentally, generally "not being where you are supposed to be".

210: Unauthorized Communication
I got these a lot. Talking on silence, talking or communicating to someone you aren't allowed to (you needed to be level three through Focus to talk to lower levels), indirect communication w/ such person, (talking about someone when they are present or talking off of what they said or about something they said), accidentally talking to a staff buddy, talking off-task while on staff buddy or outside the five staff buddy questions (this could also be a 206), non-verbal communication counts, talking in the dining hall while a tape is playing.

211: Violating rules unique to the facility
Generic cat 2 rule violation and so many things I couldn't cover. Losing a pencil or pen and getting it replaced, breaking line structure, (i.e. talking in line, not facing forward, moving lots), overdue library book (this is automatically staffed for some reason), leaving a sticker on a tray, eating or drinking while standing up, bringing cleaning supplies into your room, bringing a pencil, pen, crochet hook, or sweater with you in the bathroom or touching the bathroom with these items in your posession or on you. I'll see if I can remember anything else. Gawking at staff members of the opposite sex, not writing a letter once a week, not doing reflections and not wearing socks except in bed.

301: Major Rude Act
Farting in someone's face, also used as a minor sexual misconduct such as boys readjusting themselves in front of male staff or lewd acts (if considered severe it may be a 504 instead), can't remember what else, I got one of these for sucking a popsicle "inappropriately".

302: Major Horseplay
Play fighting, horseplay where someone could get hurt or something outlandish.

303: Shutdown Violation
Communication or talking after shutdown, talking to staff off-task after shutdown, using the bathroom without permission from staff after shutdown, and moving around after shutdown (in some cases these can all be 412s instead)

304: Petty Theft
Can't recall really, I know keeping staff buddy pencils or crayons that you are given on suicide watch is this category. I almost got this when someone else's pen was in my pants.

305: Violation of Visit
This category was removed and was no longer being used.

306: Major Mischief
Staff shopping (asking another staff when one staff said no, [haha, I remember when I would do the opposite and ask higher-up staff just in case when a staff said yes]), junior staffing (telling staff to give a student a category or what kind to give them [you are still expected to inform staff when a rule is broken]), trying to get others in trouble or aggravating other students to get them to break rules.

307: Defacing (restitution)
I have no idea, I never received this category nor have I seen others receive it. I get the impression it's a more serious version of 203 or a less serious version of 406.

308: Blatant Rule Violation
Breaking a cat 1 or 2 rule purposefully. Generic cat 3 rule violation, included losing your water bottle and getting it replaced, pointing at students of the opposite sex in pictures, looking at students of the opposite sex, not turning the fan on in showers, reading graffiti, reading other students' handwriting for boys (on the girls side, it was instead just glancing or accidentally looking in the direction), reading staff paperwork, touching staff food/drinks, sitting in staff chairs, middle finger, war stories, acknowlegeing rap music, singing rap music, singing inapporpiate or non-working songs, can't remember what else but it was a lot. If a staff wanted to go easy on you, you would get a 308 instead of a cat 4 or 5. Oh, and "level manipulation", which was touching or doing something you weren't allowed at your level.

309: Negative Attitude - Major
Student is angry about category and won't drop it, don't know what else it was used for.

310: Runaway Talk
Joking about running away, jokingly asking for staff's keycards, I would assume also talking about running but not saying you will and such but I don't know.

311: Major Dishonesty
Regular ol' lying.

312: Academic Deficiency
Not meeting school track twice (going on Academic probation), Academic warnings are 211s.

313: Physical Intimidation (Bullying)
Could be cracking bones (could also be 308 [507 in rare cases]), threatening people, threatening posture or intimidation.

314: Major Disrespect
Dead baby jokes, racial slurs, sexuality slurs, urinating in the shower.

315: Illegal Items
Having an item which is not marked with your name. Each and every unmarked item is a cat 3.

316: Borrowing/Lending
Allowing someone to use or keep something that is yours.

401: Insubordination
Failure to write an SOF for a serious situation, not taking care of all your categories, secretly breaking any rule, constantly and deliberately breaking rules, withholding information, might be separation violations and communication with opposite sex but I'm not sure. It is also a Generic cat 4 rule violation, doing anything on the computer except put in points or schoolwork (this includes like the calculator program), writing on boards without permission, deliberate communication with or between staff buddies, ripping up or destroying a category (even if voided, a staff must do that).

402: Worksheets Removal
Being removed while in worksheets.

403: School/Activity Removal
Being removed anywhere else.

404: Refusal
Breaking a therapy process, not completing a therapy assignment by deadline, failure to do what therapist tells you to, not complying with therapist, not complying with staff, refusing to do something requested of you, might be separation violations or communication with opposite sex but not sure, constantly breaking same rule.

405: Theft
Stealing, taking something that isn't yours, keeping something you aren't allowed to keep.

406: Vandalism (restitution)
Destruction of property (includes accidental and things like pencils) and ruining library books or neglecting them in the rain (includes by accident), might be writing on walls or desks and things or that could be a cat 307 or 414, I don't know.

407: Fighting
Pushing, kicking, or slapping someone, if the hit results in any marking or bruise it will instead be a 505.

408: Tatooing/Piercing/Disfiguring
Keeping your piercings open by putting things through them, writing on your body, tatooing yourself.

409: Cheating
Talking while on a test, talking to someone while they are on a test, doing school outside of school, keeping schoolwork with you, "christmas tree"ing, watching teachers or staff grade your worksheets or tests, looking at other people's worksheet tests, looking at other's people's tests, taking the same test again in the same day. Cheating on board games or card games.

410: Shaved Head
Shaving someone's head without permission, shaving your own head, any doing your own hair cutting. I BELIEVE it was shaving your body, but I'm not sure.

411: Layering of Clothing
Wearing multiple pairs of pants, socks, underwear, shirts, or bras. Wearing gym shorts under pants.

412: Runaway Plans
Oh boy, these are notorious! Looking out of windows, looking at outside world or gates, making plans to run away, keeping maps of facility or looking at them, looking at maps (even if it was a map of Africa), conversing in foreign languages, telling other staff or students you are going to run away, major and deliberate out of area, eating extra food, keeping food with you, talking into phones without permission, talking during a headcount, talking during fire drills, talking during cat 4 silence, communication during visuals, talking about fire drills, hand signals, standing on top of chairs, exercising inside or out of P.E., stretching (that one's really hard :( ).

413: Breaking Confidentiality about Group/Seminar
Breaking "confo" (i.e. talking about something that happened in group or seminar outside of group and seminar), talking about something about someone that was in group/seminar without their permission, it was technically a rule that you could not ask to break confo or get permission to break it, but the boy's side did it anyways. Talking about seminar processes or things that happen in the seminar to someone that hasn't been through that seminar.

414: Note Passing
Writing something and showing it to other students (without it being signed off by staff but this wasn't common occurrence), reading someone else's handwriting, off-task communication between staffer's seminar notes (this happened in my second Discovery and they all "chose out".)

415: Violation of Visit/Pass
Any rule violation made while off-grounds or on visit. If the student is at least level four they will most likely get level probation and will need to write an essay. Off-task communication between boy and girl students in seminars. (maybe outside too?? doubt it)

501: Tobacco
Possession, use, selling, giving or touching tobacco. This also includes while on pass.

502: Alcohol/Drugs
Same as 501, possession, use, selling or giving drugs. Also includes trying to make drugs or touching something with alcohol in it without permission. (you must also make sure you are watched putting the item away), attempting to self-administer pills or hide pills in mouth. Consumption of caffeine or caffeinated drinks.

503: Disruptive Removal
Resisting getting removed or not willing to get up and go to SN. Getting restrained.

504: Serious Misconduct
Generic cat 5 rule. Closing bedroom door while someone and/or you are in it, eating or drinking staff's food/drinks, touching fire extinguishers, could be any outlandish thing like running around naked. Also includes sexual misconducts: masturbating in bed, masturbating outside of shower time and in shower (and only if you are allowed to use the shower), things such as coming in people's shampoo bottles, touching people for more than three seconds (wasn't really enforced, moreso on the girl's side), "inappropiate" relationships or sexual ones with staff or students, petting, massaging, kissing, fondling, flirting with other students, could be communication with the opposite sex students but not sure, touching another student's genital area, buttocks, chest, feet, or face, touching a girl without her bra on, touching someone if you are a girl without your bra on, sexual acts between students or staff, using objects as sex toys, touching someone while they on their bed, touching someone while you are on a bed, talking about having sex, soliciting anyone for sex, looking at pornography, talking about wanting to have sex with someone, tickling, cuddling, hugging for too long, caressing, being seen without clothing (such as pants, I got a cat 5 for opening the door without wearing pants), male students readjusting while female staff present or in sight, more things I think but I don't remember.

505: Out of Control
Hitting a staff, freaking out, hitting someone and leaving a mark

506: Run Away
Attempting to run away, running away and getting caught, touching gates, breaking or punching or attempting to break/damage walls, going somewhere without permission and refusing to stop.

507: Self-inflicted Injury
Cracking bones (rare), biting nails (girls only), making yourself bleed, getting hurt and not writing an incident report, picking scabs, bulimia, suicide attempts, blocking off airflow to get high, doing something you aren't allowed to due to injury or disability, eating food you aren't allowed to, messing with casts or taking them off.
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2009, 01:28:03 PM »
that be one hell of a lot of rules.
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2009, 03:13:04 AM »
that does not even have a lot of the sub cat's on it. i think at TB we had something like 160 main cat's 30 per section 1-5
and each one had at least 4 sub cats so it would be like a rule violation 101 sub cat a,b,c,or d. most wwasp schools had the same cat's so you figure each wwasp school had a total of 640 or so rules that you could get a cat for.
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2009, 10:49:22 PM »
Cross Creek didn't have subcategories.  I can't remember every rule, I tried my best to though.
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2009, 06:57:31 AM »
Quote from: "anythinganyone"
Cross Creek didn't have subcategories.  I can't remember every rule, I tried my best to though.

good list i really dont think ANYONE can remember all the rules. i didnt know they did have sub cat's i know TB and SCL did. thats a new twist. thanks for that info.
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2009, 11:32:25 PM »
Yeah, instead staff or the student just wrote whatever the rule violation was on the category, and then the code (i.e. 211)
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2009, 11:57:04 PM »
this darling kid just got out of Cross Creek too
You should get in touch

 :rasta:  :dose:  :nods:
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Re: Cross Creek categories
« Reply #7 on: April 19, 2009, 03:11:19 AM »
Funny thing is that we were both in Cross Creek around the same time, but I'm not sure if I ever saw her.  I'm almost certain we were never in any seminars together, but I may have seen her walk in line and such.
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