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Does anyone remember this?
« on: August 07, 2003, 03:28:00 PM »
My name is Heather.  I was in Straight Springfield during 1990-1991.  I was on first phase for six months, made it to second phase for two months, got setback to first phase and then "escaped" from a host home.  I left with my clothes tied up in a shirt, no money, no place to go and walked to a Wendy's fast food.  I walked up to two complete strangers to ask for help.  I was originally from San Francisco and did not know anyone in the D.C. area that wasn't a part of Straight to get help from.  I was scared to death I would get talked into going back.  I think these two guys said they had been in Straight but I can't remember.  One of them let me stay at his house for a night and the next morning someone else picked me up and took me to Western Union to pick up money wired to me from a friend in CA.  Then he drove me to a Greyhound station where I took a bus home.  I have been wondering who these people were for the last 13 years.  They said they, "just help people".  They didn't ask for anything in return from me.  Sometimes I wonder if they were angels or something!  I would love to thank them for their help and getting me away from that crazy place.  I could have been raped or killed out on the streets if it weren't for them.  If this sounds familiar to anyone, please email me.  I am so grateful to these two people.  When I got to the bus station in D.C. my parents were able to get a hold of me and told me I could come home.  They were beginning to think they had made a huge mistake when they put me in Straight anyway!  I am sober today thanks to AA.  I had to go to a therapist for quite some time after I got home to get unbrainwashed!  I was scared to leave the house, read, listen to music, dress wrong, etc.  Thank God I got out of there before it was too late to undo the damage.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who might know who it was that helped me that night.

Take care,
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