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i worked from being a student to staff, but hated it every single day.   the same staff member that sexually abused an underage girl also made me go outside and watch as he threw a student into the snow and held his foot on his head to keep it there.   VERY abusive, the owners wife is very angry and sometimes keeps students from eating and trets them like crap (i know from experience).  i spent 4 years of my life there and hateds all of them.

Psy, you are SO well spoken, that Im amazed :notworthy:


--- Quote from: Wayne County Journal Banner ---Boarding School Runaway Found, Was Missing Eight Hours

Student From Christian Boarding School Now in Children’s Hospital Recovering From Third-Degree Frostbite

A 16-year-old boy is recovering from third-degree frostbite in St. Louis Children’s Hospital after train workers found him in the cold last week near Mill Spring.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, the boy ran away Tuesday evening, Feb. 4, from Lighthouse Christian Academy, a Christian boarding home run by ABM Ministries, that is located in the Black River Retreat area south of Piedmont. He left the home around 6:30 p.m. and was found by train workers passing through the area at 2 a.m. the next day.

The boy walked eight or nine miles from the home and was found four miles south of the Mill Spring-Leeper communities, according to authorities. Over 20 people, including a dog team, participated in the search.

The newspaper received a telephone call Friday from the boy’s mother, Patsy Boozer of San Antonio, Texas. She said that her son, Jeremy, is expected to make a full recovery and will not lose any toes or his feet. Doctors have told the family that the recovery will be slow.

“Jeremy, a resident of San Antonio, Texas, and full time student at Lighthouse Christian Academy (a.k.a. ABM Ministries) was exposed to the harsh elements of Missouri weather for over seven hours without proper clothing and barefoot before he was miraculously rescued by the crew of Union Pacific Railroad,” said his mother. “Jeremy told me at the hospital that it was so dark and freezing cold that he kept running into things, even barbwire, and his feet were getting cut up from the frozen ground and rocks. He said he was in so much pain and close to unconsciousness right before he was rescued that he knew he was going to freeze to death in the next hour or so if a train didn’t come that he could get to stop and help him. He was yelling for help with no response and just started praying for God to send a train that would stop and save him.”

“Almost seconds later, he heard the train and was able to flag it down by waving his jacket while standing close to the side of the tracks,” Boozer continued.  “The crew was able to stop the train, render aide, and call for emergency support. Jeremy was like a block of ice from his hips down and was life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis where he is undergoing treatment for severe frostbite to both feet.”

Boozer said her son escaped from the school through a window in the student classroom. He was wearing nightclothes, flip flops, and a fleece jacket.

School director Larry Musgrave and another staff member had searched the woods and surrounding areas before calling authorities or the teen’s parents, according to Boozer.

“Jeremy’s family would like to thank the train staff, Sheriff Finch, and all that were involved in saving Jeremy’s life,” said Boozer. “David from the train crew called the hospital to check on him and to offer support.”

Lighthouse Christian Academy has been in Wayne County for several years; prior to opening in Wayne County, the school was located in Tennessee. The school first rented facilities that formerly housed Mountain Park Christian Academy in Patterson. Then property was purchased south of Piedmont and the school was moved to its current location. Larry Musgrave is the president and director of the school. The minimum stay for students is 180 days, and the monthly tuition is $1,500 plus a one-time enrollment fee of $1,500.

According to the school’s website, ABM Ministries/Lighthouse Christian Academy is a private Christian boarding school for boys ages 10-18. The school is tucked away on 250 acres with rolling hills, a spring-fed pond, and fenced pasture with horses.

“Nestled between two ridges, our newly renovated 25,000-square-feet main campus is designed to meet the needs of our students and families,” reads the website. “With open enrollment, we school year round with an average of 40 students. Student/teacher ratio is 12 to one. Our new custom-designed classroom with individual offices and curriculum is set up to allow each student to achieve excellence.

Over 80 percent of the students are on honor rolls.  All students are involved in a variety of activities including: independent living, work projects, animal care, sports, strategy games, and (our favorite) swimming and boating. We offer assistance in restoring harmony within your home, regardless of whether or not you enroll your son at ABM.”

Boozer said that her family found the school on the Internet. They were looking for a facility to help their child.

“Parents seek out a school because their teen is struggling,” she said. “I know in our case we had exhausted our abilities in a home environment to protect him and needed help from a caring, 24/7 support team (that we pay a signification cost for) to keep him SAFE and still provide education, sport/exercise programs (all the things this school advertises) to get him past the pressures causing his behavior so that, together, parents/school could help him get to a more mature state so he can return home to a family and friends that love him.”
Boozer claims that her son did not get the caring and protective services the school advertises. She maintains that her son was abused.

She told the newspaper that her son said the physical and mental abuse was unbearable and that he felt running away was his only alternative. Boozer said school officials read all letters to and from students. Students are allowed one 10-minute phone call every two weeks and it is monitored. Because of this, Boozer said her son was unable to tell his family about the conditions.

“He reported his allegations to hospital personnel and has given a full report to Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division,” Boozer said.

According to the school’s website, all employees of the school are required to sign an employee code of conduct. The code of conduct includes 23 items. Among those are that no child will be abused and staff must use positive techniques for guidance.

“Not recognizing that Lighthouse Christian Academy was ABM Ministries when I was looking into the school is a mistake I have to live with,” said Boozer.  “When I Googled ‘ABM Ministries abuse’ last night from my son’s hospital bedside and saw post after post from past students that matched his accounts, I was horrified.”

Though Boozer found horror stories posted by former students on forums on the Internet, people can also find posts by former students and parents praising the school.

The newspaper contacted ABM Lighthouse Christian Academy for comment and was told that only Musgrave could speak to the newspaper. He was not at the school Monday due to an illness in his family.

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