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I don't know if anyone is still checking these posts. But, if you are, I am a former student of ABM Ministries. I was a student who worked my way up the "ladder" to become as close to a staff member as they would allow me to believe. I knew that was the only way to make it there and not go crazy... be the "good girl". There is too much to say about this place unless you really want to know. I have seen some things that would be considered abuse, no questions asked, and they got away with it everytime. Chaining children up to the word of God, claiming to be righteous holy-rollers, and yet they stink up the place with their hypocritical bullcrap. If you want to know more or if someone would work with me to get the word out, then maybe we could actually do something good and stop these boarding school horros from happening.
PARENTS: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRULY GET TO KNOW YOUR CHILDREN. Talk WITH them, not to them. LISTEN to them, don't always make them listen to you. UNDERSTAND them, because there is so much going on inside of them. LOVE them for who they are and BE WILLING to work through the hard times with them. That is your CHILD, your GIFT, a part of YOU

Also, some children are more susceptible to the "brainwashing". I hate to use that word, but if a program takes a person as they are and manipulates their thinlking so that it manipulates their personality, then that is brainwashing. It happened to me and 5 months later I woke up and realized it was the most difficult and confusing thing to readjust back to who I really was and am. You change, not because you want to , but because you have to. If you don't, then you're stuck there longer or they make you feel so guilty that you think bending to their will is the only way. The smart ones DO seem like they've gotten "better", and some of them have changed (some for good, others until they wake up), but it's the way that the change comes about, swallowed in illusion and lies, that makes the entire thing wrong. Faith has to be REAL, love has to be REAL, change has to be REAL and come from one's own self, one's own free will and not from the will of others. Others who are no better than you or I, yet they claim to hold the secrets to YOUR child's "better" life, they claim to have better abilities than the parents themselves. WE have the ability and knowledge inside of us. Don't let someone steal that from you or your child, because, if you're not careful, that beautiful knowledge and truth gets lost amongst the ignorance and lies.
There are better ways of helping your children.

Much love to all and if you need any advice please post back and we will get together and talk.
I know much about this place. The root of the program has good intentions, but somehow that gets blurred by all the hypocrisy and pressure to be angels on earth, when we are HUMAN.

Che Gookin:
Fascinating posts and you aren't the only one who has worked their way up the program ladder to get as close to staff as you can. Our very own forum creator, Antigen, was a seventh stepper with Straight inc. She has some interesting comments about the experience if you are ever in the mood to listen to her off the way monologues.

Could you be arsed to give some specifics as to how exactly the kids are abused, beyond the mention of chaining kids up, and what is involved with the brainwashing?

Those specifics, although painful to recount, will go a long way in keeping potential customers away from ABM.

We got a testimony from the talk page on the wiki:

--- Quote ---READ!!! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE! I was there for 2 years due to problems with my mom that lived in fl, my dad lived in colombia (south america) at the time and they were both totally unaware of what went on. While your child is there they go through physical and verbal abuse, public humiliation, hard labor, and cruel punishments. On black chip (chips are their level system) I was deprived of food for three days, slept without a matress and blankets for an entire month in missouri winter, picked up horse poop with my hands (though they were kind enough to give me gloves I heard not many girls had my luck), I wasnt allowed to sit down, speak, or look up. Everything goes on in complete silence, and all the time you are forced to look at the ground or its 50 push ups if Mrs.Carmen is in a good mood, if she's not it can be running outside until she feels like it, or no food and no matress. I left more than a year ago, and when I walk down the street I STILL LOOK TO THE GROUND!For me it wasnt that bad, I pretended to be what they wanted me to be and most of the time it worked, i even got the honor of being Mrs.Carmen's personal slave! but it all depended on Mrs. Carmen's mood. If your child is there GET HIM OR HER OUT! YOU ARE THE PARENT AND WHATEVER IS WRONG YOU BOTH CAN FIX IT THE WAY IS MEANT TO BE! Dont leave your child in someone else's hands, especially with people who you dont know! Dont believe what the staff tells you! They will always exagerate or eve make up things so you will believe your child needs to stay longer. They monitor calls and letters, anything they dont like they throw away and they hang up the phone if you start crying or tell them about the punishments. I can go on and on about the cruel things that go on there, I've seen a 13 year old boy in a girls dressed obligated to do PE with the girls, humilliated in front of everybody for crying, I've also seen Larry throw a girl to the floor off a top bunk, she said she wanted to die, and he answered "let me help you" and started choking her!!! my e-mail is <removed due to spam> please contact me if you have any questions, please think about your child and remember that no matter what the problem is abm is not the answer, I still have issues because of my experience there and my mom and I dont speak to each other, and because of my stay there I also lost my bond with my sister and even though we talk its like if we were strangers. I graduated there, I dont even know how because I was taken out of school most of the time to work in the kitchen, but it's all because I worked for it, it didn't have anything to do with their help.
--- End quote ---

I also worked up the ladder from student to staff.  the same staff member that sexually abused an underage girl also made me go outside and watch as he threw a student into the snow and held his foot on his head to keep it there.   VERY abusive, the owners wife is very angry and sometimes keeps students from eating and trets them like crap (i know from experience).  i spent 4 years of my life there and hateds all of them.


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