Author Topic: Georgia County Schools Reactivate Corporal Punishment for Misbehaving Kids  (Read 1493 times)

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Spare the Rod or Swing the Paddle: How to Punish Students
It may be a declining practice in American schools, frowned upon by most child psychologists, but school officials in one Georgia county are reinstituting corporal punishment for students who misbehave.

Though corporal punishment using paddles has declined in schools around the country, one district in Georgia just reaffirmed the policy.

When school resumes after summer vacation, principals in Twiggs County will be allowed to use paddles to spank students who don't respond to detention or other forms of discipline, reaffirming a policy that had lain dormant in the county since 2006.

The district is one of at least 150 school systems in the state that allow corporal punishment, according to school board chairman David Sanders, who said the practice is reserved for "acts that are so anti-social or disruptive as to shock the conscience."

Sanders told that he has not experienced opposition from parents and said students will only be paddled if their parents have given their permission at the start of the school year. The paddling also has to be witnessed by another teacher or school staffer, he said. Students as young as 4 can receive the punishment, according to school policy.

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I was on the recieving end of corporal punishment (4 wacks)
when I was in 7th grade.
I had written out song lyrics for someone and got caught
passing it.  Down to the Dean-where I had been before.
Now; it WAS ONLY stupid song lyrics, and I could've just
shut-up and re-written them, and do what I was told BUT...
she pissed me off...THEN she searched me...THEN she threatened
me and I said:  "Call my mom.  She will NEVER let you hit me!"
Guess what?
Mom stood in as the witness!
Bearing in mind, it was ONLY song lyrics! ???
I still wonder WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?
I am NOT a fan of corporal punishment.
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