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White River Academy

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A family member was put into White River Academy, Delta, Utah in October.  He is not a child that ever needed to be sent sister had the school pick him up from another location, by what me and friends have appears as though this is one of the very BAD ABUSIVE schools. 
My parents are wanting to get custody of my nephew as they know he is in harms way....we are just having a hard time getting appropriate help.....I have been literally sick to my stomach after researching this institutions, and I want to not only help my nephew get free, but all of the other children as well, and I will not stop until there is a stop to this criminal act.....what kind of parent would ever send their child off....I just do not understand this, and will go to great length to help end this about children having no voice....I just am shocked and sick by all of this....I NEED ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE AS FAR AS THE DETAILS OF THIS SCHOOL. AND HOW TO HELP GET MY NEPHEW FREE AS WELL AS SHUT THIS SCHOOL DOWN.  Any and all advice would be most appreciated,

I just wish these places were federally regulated if nothing else, but I have read more than enough and think every single school should be completely shut down and EVERYONE employed by these places deserves serious prison time....not to mention the ignorant parents who did not do their proper research

Thank you again, and like I mentioned above I would appreciate any help what-so-ever.

Child & relative assisted.

Che Gookin:
First things first.. get your nephew out... then blow the place down..

BUMPing for epic need of info... come on people.. help out if you know something.

Here's what I know:

White River Academy was originally located in Puerto Rico.

Randall Hinton was involved with that program (owner, part owner, investor??) after he reportedly quit "Teen Help".

Not sure how White River was being marketed when Hinton was involved.    Someone else may know.

Definitly not a program I'd ever want one of my friends or relatives in for several reasons, the number 1 reason being it's in Utah.  Check out Utah's track record for dealing with negligent programs, even where deaths occurred.  Or Whitmore Academy.  The proverbial slap on the wrist doesn't cut it where kids lives are at stake, IMO.

Che Gookin:
I agree...

wwasp lineage have they now??

Oz girl:
The fellow in charge is called Chris Cary not much on him in google. Are there any kids out there that were at a place he has previously been involved with?


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