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White River Academy

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Their website, as far as I have been able to determine:
Note that this is a "teenhelp" site - a marketing arm of WWASPS.

See also this post, from a thread re. the transformation of Brightway Hospital into Eagle Ranch Academy (blurb on Justin Nielson of White River Academy within this post):

Interestingly enough (or perhaps not), that first link above contains "Associated links" to "Caring 4 Youth" (marketing arm of USA Guides, run by the Cowdells; also described in the second link), and "Strawn Support Services" (another transporter, lots on him here on fornits - do a search).

Apparently they were originally in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Here is a "press release" in which they describe the move to Utah:

--- Quote ---White River Academy Relocates to Delta, Utah; and Expands Services

White River Academy has just moved from Puerto, Rico to Delta, Utah. We have also redesigned our website; increased our services to offer indvidual counseling, added to our staff, and more.

January 24, 2007 (FPRC) -- We are pleased to announce the much awaited relocation ofWhite River Academy, a boarding school for trouble teens, from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to Delta, Utah. We have also redesigned our website: and we have added nine new articles about Positive Peer Culture.

On November 23, 2006, we made the long journey from Puerto Rico to the Salt Lake City International Airport. We then drove two and one half hours south west to Delta. It was an arduous trip, but it is very rewarding to be at our new facility.

We are anxious to continue the expansion of the services we offer. A new addition to our services is Individual Counseling twice per month where therapy is given to increase emotional development and to evaluate behavior. Also new is the ability for parents to speak with our Licensed Counselor up to four times monthly for progress review and Family Counseling.

On January 11, 2007, we received our first visit, in this new facility, from The Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges for accreditation purposes to further our academic program. In the next few months, we hope to add a music class to our curriculum in which students will be able to learn to play the Guitar and take vocal lessons.

White River Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that uses Postive Peer Culture to help troubled teens. We believe in helping teens help themselves. For more information: please call 1-866-679-8336 or visit our website:

Send an email to Sky of White River Academy

Keywords: boarding school, troubled teens, positive peer culture ... 03238.html
--- End quote ---

Another site that came up on a Google was which appears to be a relatively inactive site containing a number of other links (same teen transport ones as noted in my previous post, amongst others). However, whatever was on there re. White River Academy has long disappeared, even on the cache. A WhoIs domain registration search yields the following info:

--- Quote ---Registrant:
   2601s 3rd street plaza
   omaha, Nebraska 68108
   United States

   Registered through:, Inc. (
      Created on: 01-Dec-03
      Expires on: 01-Dec-08
      Last Updated on:

   Administrative Contact:
      hinton, jason  [email protected]
      96 Mowat Avenue
      Toronto, Ontario M6K 3M1
      +1.4165350123      Fax -- +1.4165312516

   Domain servers in listed order:

--- End quote ---

"Jason HINTON?" SKYCorp? Hmm.

From Fornits Wikis datasheet

--- Quote ---In December 2006 two of the detained boys managed to escape. Despite lack of court order regarding their status as detainees, they were returned to the facility for further confinement [5].

In January 2007 a stabbing took place at the facility. A 17 year old boy was stabbed by a 16 year old. The wound was 4 inches deep and the victim ended up at the Delta Community Hospital [4].

--- End quote ---

4) Millard teen arrested in stabbing at school, Deseret News, January 15 - 2007.
5) 2 teen escapees from Delta facility are caught, Deseret News, December 4 2006

It seems like a place with some kind of action.

Hey, i know what all of you are talking about. I attended white river academy and received the help needed. I am only 13 years of age and i missed both christmas and many other important holidays. The experience was tough, but worth it I am now a fully functioning teen.



WRA attendee:
I attended White River Academy for 1 year. I was at the facility in Puerto Rico and the one in Delta UT. I was 16 at the time of entry, I had my 17th birthday there, and I also spent Christmas there; because of good behavior I was allowed to go home for Thanksgiving. When I went in I was a junior in high school, but because of my bad grades I was still considered a freshman. I am now 21 years old and majoring in English at a prominent University in the state of Georgia, where I currently hold a 3.4 GPA. I also plan to attend law school either at UGA or Emory. I never thought I would be defending WRA, but it's really not that bad of a place. They were never abusive in any way (even though there were definitely times that called for it). Was it miserable? Very miserable, but I had made some very bad decisions in my life. I'd already been to rehab twice and had a couple run ins with the law. By the time I was 16 I'd seen and done more things than most people do in a lifetime. Was it strict? Incredibly strict. Did it seem unfair? Of course it did, I was 16 and pretty much done whatever I wanted my whole life. Was it difficult? I'd say it was the most difficult thing I've ever done in my short existence, and hopefully the hardest thing I'll ever have to do. You'd have to know what it's like but it's too much to go into. But the experience taught me that if I could conquer that place, then I can conquer anything. I reached the highest rank there faster than anyone else had, and probably faster than anyone else will, and I was basically the leader of a group of 15. It taught me responsibility and prepared me for the world. My parents took me out before I graduated the program so I would be able to graduate, on time, with my high school class. This isn't a bad place for your children to go. It wasn't all bad. There were a lot of very fun times there. Justin, the director, cares about these kids. I literally saw him crack his head open trying to save one of the kids in Puerto Rico. He welcomed ME into his home and introduced me to his family, even after knowing my background. As for the newspaper articles listed above, I was there for both those incidents. I knew the 2 that ran away and I knew the 2 that were involved in the stabbing. One of the kids that ran away was actually also the one who did the stabbing. It's a school for bad teenagers! They're going to run away, Google it; they run away from home! And honestly, that kid that got stabbed deserved it. I'm not saying send your child here if he acts up. I think parents should exhaust all other options before trying something like this. Don't send your child off to teach him a lesson. Teach him a lesson on your own. Send him off because he needs to change the direction of his life.


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