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Wilderness therapy questionnaire for Fornits Wiki

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Femanon4Che: Thank you very much. I will improve our datasheet about high impact with your information.

The Anti-wwasp forum has worked really hard helping Jensp with the location of High Impact. Our favorite is this location. What is your input? We always try to locate the location of each program because they have this thing by opening under a new name.

Thanks Oscar, actually I was the person who pin pointed that area on the map (SN formally Ladilucix). I am no longer working with however so if its possible to update your records on who sourced that information you can give credit to

I am still not 100% positive that this is indeed the property, but from what I assume there have been upgrades to the facility and that could mean that they are still running a program there.

I would like to provide some visual materials for your wiki as well... I will dig up some photos that have relation to the topic as well as create a "blueprint" of the facility at the time I attended. I would also like to mention a few more details and a background story you may find useful. would you perfer I update the wiki myself or should I just keep posting my information here?

You can choose whatever option you like and you can also write Covergaard in private by mail. While he is still in recovery, he is able to work on computers. We would be happy to ad your website to our sources but we don't remove the old. On the wiki all sources should appear unless they are referrals to the program. I will be looking at your website and include both the information in this thread and what is on the website. We are happy to work with you.

Thanks Oscar!

I will put a few more materials together and post them here as well as email Covergaard.

My only issue with linking my work or my name with Antiwwasp is that kev and antiwwasp have a reputation i would like to completely seperate myself from and since I was the one who took hours to manually comb google earth for that needle in a hay stack property I think that anyone who is looking for more information on High Impact should come find me at  Antiwwasp no longer has any active members who went to high impact so I want to make sure the source leads back to the individual instead of blanketing credit to a website. A website in fact that is skimming dangerously close to referring programs (again), and you all stand very strong on that issue so I would assume that would be your concern as well.


--- Quote from: "Che Gookin" ---
--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---you've got some of it right, but not all, and if you really want to use this to influence change or elimination of truly abusive programs, you really need to get it right, including all terms being unbiased on their face  
For example, "detainee" is a term showing bias, whereas "participant is not so biased.  And, particularly for over-18 programs, leaving is voluntary, as indeed is entrance.

Real backpack or "homemade back-breaking contraption" leaves no middle ground either.  And, a properly-tied "bundle", for sake of better term, isn't so back breaking as your phrase suggests.

PLEASE, don't presume all wilderness programs are bad things, or do bad things, or have unhappy participants any more than Burger King.
--- End quote ---

It is the fornits wiki.. what are you expecting.. we hate programs here.. Middle ground thinking is what gets kids into programs.
--- End quote ---

And your kind of thinking is what led to me boycotting fornits for the last 9 months or so.

Keep thinking the way you do and watch were you'll get....nowhere. if you want to take shit down, you got to think rationally, not dogmatically.


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