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That would be a good question. For most detainees, the answer is probably "be born to screwed up parents."

No, I should revise that. Maybe 60% of more of the detainees in some of these programs are adopted.


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---PLEASE, don't presume all wilderness programs are bad things, or do bad things, or have unhappy participants any more than Burger King.
--- End quote ---

But, of course, that is the safe assumption.  The people that run these programs are not necessarily evil people, but they are universally motivated by profit. The things that they need to do to maximize profit necessarily create an environment that leads to abuse of the children imprisoned in them.

Wilderness programs exist as a very cheap method of confining children. Use government land for free, use a blue-plastic walmart tarp, and minimum wage employees as guards. The isolation of the wilderness forms the prison walls.  There are no alternative methods of confinement that are less expensive.

General information: Mountain Home Youth Ranch
Name John
Address for check-in facility. Vernal UT, I forget the exact number... Google it.
Year established I believe early nineties?
Number of detainees in each group.  5 to 15
Gender, coed or unisex  Coed
Program duration 3 to 6 months... Longer stays aren't too uncommon though.... I stayed 19 weeks
Owner: Marty Bingham
Program structure: ..Wilderness Therapy?
Admission: Were you escorted, tricked or volutary into the program Escorted
Did they have a level system? What were the requirements to graduate to the next levels? Yes,  to graduate you had to pass 15 weeks
Living conditions: Real backpack or homemade back-breaking contraption. Real back breaking backpack... God hiking in those sucked!
Sleeping: tent or bivouac. Tent
Food: Rice, Lentiles, Oats, Germade, Spam, Water, and Ashcakes.... (It's pretty much exactly what you think it is)

Communication: Where letter censored or evenlopes opened before you were allowed to read them. :Envelopes opened. Letters not censored to my knowledge

 The errorlist or impact letter. At what point were this given to you: Impact letter, given to me week 2.. We were required to read them to the entire group of students and staff. Staff would read the impact letters beforehand to make sure we weren't leaving anything out... Not a single kid who read that damned thing didn't shed tears....

Education: What kind of workbook did they offer? A packet each week... Of the most vague, irrelevant, generic questions you can imagine...

Staff: Qualification and training The head staff would usually know halfway what they were doing... the support staff ranged from interns, outdoors lovers, power hungry young adults, and former students

Punishments or consequnces: Your week would be failed and you'd be forced to stay another, run watch, suicide watch, (In which they take Laces, belt, your forced to sleep under a tarp in the tent next to a staff member.. Ok that sounds a little weird.. It was so that if you went to get up and run they would hear the tarp move. If you run and make it too or they deem you to be physically threatening they will PCS (Positive Control System) you.... Which is just a nice way of saying use physical "restraint" on students... Though this was rare... I had to dig a huge hole once to "make up" points I'd lost.... There's other stuff I'm not thinking of as I had mentally blocked this out for the past 3 years

In the news
Links to news about the program
External Links
Info pages and homepage of the program
Groups on the internet: Myspace, Msn, Yahoo, Google
Links to treads in forum

I'm just now trying to sort out how I feel about this place..... It's starting to seriously take a toll mentally...


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