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When I was attending Mount Bachelor Academy they hosted a giant event for educational consultants, supposedly to celebrate the anniversary of the school's founding. Most students were strictly forbidden from attending, but I volunteered to help in order to get some of the extremely expensive gourmet food that was catered for the educational consultants but that the children could only dream of. They literally built an entire lawn for the event, landscaping it, bringing in cranes, putting in sod, and setting up a tent just so they could hold it on manicured grass. The kids weren't allowed to walk on the 100,000 dollar lawn, which was an expense somehow justified in the budget despite the fact that classes were literally being held in prefab trailers. But hey, very little class actually went on there, anyway, so it didn't really matter. Alas, I digress.

Speeches were given by ed. consultants about how MBA was one of the very first schools to start giving ed. consultants "perks" back in the eighties. A slide show was shown featuring ed. consultants attending special "seminars" to learn what MBA was all about, going white water rafting, relaxing in hot springs, attending expensive dinners. Because MBA was one of the first "emotional growth boarding school" offshoots of CEDU, (offshoot meaning under different ownership with a similar program,) their template influenced the way many of these other groups operate, as well. These are FOR PROFIT corporations, guys. Many corporations that own teen residential treatment centers consider paying ed. consultants as just part of their operating expenses; marketing. Like any corporation, they have a group of stockholders who want them to maximize profit above all else. As long as parents are gullible and desperate, and as long as this is legal, the laws of capitalism say that this practice will probably continue.

If the opportunity is there to earn a monetary bribe, and there's no legal consequence for taking the bribe, it reasons to say that somewhere out there are people without scruples who will come out of the woodwork that will be willing to do what it takes to earn it. ESPECIALLY in our country, where selling out your values for cash is turned into a golden virtue.

Oh LEXI SPETT, so glad to find you have you own PAGE! Don't you feel GREAT about yourself.
1. She is FABULOUS at turning one parent against the other in vulnerable times
2. She recommended me to an abusive residential treatment center that she had never even VISITED or sent anyone to!!
4. She posed as a psychologist to make me admit all the things I have done to my mom because my mom "will not send me away if I did".
5. That tactic only convinced my mom send me away. Can you say manipulative. (Good one, Lexi. You played me for a fool)
6. She suckered my parents out of tons of money and left me to a life of hell.
7. The whole educational consultant thing is a cover up... they get money directly from both the programs and the parents.

I'm not done with you, Lexi Spett.

To all the people who have the courage to read this:

I am a professional Producer of Documentaries and a MOTHER. I have a son, who at this moment is incarcerated, no other term fits, at a THERAPUTIC BOARDING SCHOOL, in COSTA RICA, 'recommended' by LEXY SPETT from the BODIN GROUP. My son was incarcerated at SECOND NATURE, on THE BODIN GROUP's recommendation (by now retired KEVIN KINDLIN) for 8 weeks prior to his abduction to a foreign country.
She will appear in court against me,TOMORROW MORNING, and LIE for profit. She will aid in maligning my
character, after a 20 minute, literally 20 minute discussion with me over the phone. She will aid in destroying my life, and keeping my son captive abroad. This is REAL people. This is happening NOW. Wake up.
She is an absolute con-artist, who profiters off of the sorrow and frustration of parents. She is nothing short of a pawn broker, as you accurately describe. She has destroyed my life, she has destroyed my son's life, and she will pay for it, via legal lawsuits.
I am horrified at her tactics. I sat watching her yesterday, in court, for approximately 7 hours, awaiting our trial. She sat with my x-husband, who has been naively complicit in the teen racket. He is being conned out of HUGE amounts of money, and thinks he is 'helping' our son. My son's rights have been violated severly. I will have my day in court, taking it up to the SUPREME COURT, if necessary.

PARENTS, please, PLEASE educate yourself. These people are Limited Liability Corporations, they are a BUSINESS, please do your homework. Read the CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS on the internet. TEENS die in their programs. This is REAL. This is a TEEN TORTURE. My son, is being held captive, right NOW.

TEENS, please educate yourself, YOU HAVE RIGHTS. I dedicate my life to you, and helping you. I cry with you, I suffer with you, and I have suffered with my son, who remains a captive of the system.
When I read the comments posted here, I was horrified for the teens who suffered under LEXY SPETT's manipulative recommendations , but fear not, all of us united can be victorious in shutting down THE BODIN GROUP. If we unite and vocalize our complaints, and some will sue LEXY SPETT for damages, as I am about to, she will soon be out of business. My eyes were brutally opened two months ago to the horrors of the TEEN INDUSTRY. I am awake, I am alive, and I am heading to WASHINGTON DC. to lobby legislation to SHUT THEM DOWN. I will not rest until this industry is exposed. I have worked with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, and am well educated on the abuse of minors around the world. WATCH OUT LEXY SPETT, you are in for a ride. The pain I have suffered, the tears I have cried for my boy, you will cry. You are nothing short of a monster Shame on you and your industry.

The parents and teens who have survived at your abusive actions, will rise up, we will win.
An Empowered and Educated Parent
An Enraged Mother Bear

Mother bear, please email me at [email protected]
I would like to talk to u

Mother Bear, it should be criminal for The Bodin Group, Kevin Kindlin and Lexy Spett to transport kids out of the country where they don't have the protection of US law. Everyone involved should be thrown in jail for kidnapping. Sounds like a lot of people here had problems with Lexy being a con artist. A Google search on Kevin Kindlin shows less, but check out United States of America v. Kevin J. Kindlin, Case Number 2:2009cv08859 filed on December 2, 2009 in California Central District Court.

Can you post an email address here?


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