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Happy Happy Happy Birthday
« on: September 14, 2007, 09:35:53 PM »
Just a quick shout out (this is a dupe post but this would have no doubt been the forum steve would have posted in if he were here).

Happy Birthday Steve!

My brother Steve, woulda been 40 today. That's a bit hard to swallow but what do ya do? I just know he did what he could to make anyone he encountered smile, he was selfless and thoughtful and such a great person.  Above all else he was so compassionate and helped people even when he himself was in need of help.  In the end i think him opening himself up the way he did and having to take in all the crap straight was shooting at him was just too much, I think it would have been for most people.

Fuck Straight Inc.!  Fuck Mel Sembler! Fuck Mel Riddile!  Fuck Dean Mistretta!  Fuck anyone who thinks they have the right to hurt another human being!

I love you Steve. RIP!

All you smokers have a toke for my bro! Or a shot or some milk and cookies, whatever! LOL

 ::bandit::  :smokin:  ::cheers::

now were we cute or WHAT? lol  I'm the midget!

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RIP Steve Matthews and all those we have lost along the way!