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Holy crow, you successfully split from Samoa? How long ago and do feel free to hold forth w/ stories. When we get the search function working again, I'll dig up the escapers guide thread (hopefully, assuming I didn't pooch it when I ungracefully blew out TSW's old posts).

Welcome, welcome.

It changed my life, My life is solid and I left unscathed. I also made great friendships.

We make great friends where ever we go.

A question for you...

If a program 'fixes' 10 people's lives

and in the meantime

the program harms 3 peoples lives

is the program still 'good' ?

What is and who determines the level of 'acceptable' collateral damage?

Miss Antsy Pam:

--- Quote from: "TB Mom" ---My son is at TB right now.   After all the research after sending him there, he is coming home. Yes, I am to blame for not looking more into these programs before he left.  He will have a new beginning at home and I, as well, with parenting.   I thank all former students that have spoke out about this abuse.   If it wasnt for you, I would not be going this week to pick up my son.   After I have him home, the school does not know yet, I will post my experience as a parent and my son as a student.  There has to be something done about these schools.  

A Mom
--- End quote ---

GO MOM....from one parent to another.  I pulled my son from Casa by the Sea after 60 days...shortly after the raid on Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica. I wish there was something like these forums to help me back in 2003, but very little was know at that time.  You might want to visit the forums at have sub sections for each school.  There you can read things specific to TB.

When I pulled him, it was like a planned military extraction.  I NEVER alerted the school that I was coming, but the American Consulate in Tiajuana had copies of my passport, my itinerary, and a sworn statement about the school.  If the school even gets a "whiff" that you might pull your son, they will send him to another facility BEFORE you even get there. The letters between my son and me were laced with code words that would mean NOTHING to anyone other than the 2 of us.  Still...he did not know when I was to arrive.

A few tips...
make sure you tuition payment is up to date...I went the day BEFORE my next payment was due.  I heard outrageous stories about parents having to pay thousands of dollars to get the kid out.

BE CALM - this is really important!  When I walked into the office at about 8:30am on a Monday, they asked me what I wanted.  I told them that I was there to pick up my son.  Then they started calling other people into the office..big burly men!  They were telling me all the great progress my kid was making and that I was going to undermine ALL THEIR hard work..yada yada.  I held my temper as long as I could.  They asked me to wait until my son's family rep arrived for the day.  I said okay, but in the meantime....GO GET MY KID!!  I was screaming at them by had already been over an hour.  I was scared but did not let it show.  Whatever they said to me...I just repeated GO GeT MY KID!!!  The family rep arrived and, of course, told me that I was a BAD parent for removing him from the facility and that he would then know that my son "OWNED ME"  They said he is just manipulating me.  I told them my decision to remove him did not require ME to explain ANYTHING to THEM.  GO GET MY KID!!!

Finally...after almost 2 hours 2 big guys escorted Dylan to the office - they told him he was being sent to TB!!!  Once he saw me standing there...silent tears rolled down his hollow cheeks..he had lost 25 lbs in 2 months.  I demanded his passport, then I grabbed him and the passport and we were out of there.  Please note:  I went to pick him up on a Monday...right after his first seminar (Discovery) over the weekend.  He was crying hysterically and said he didn't think he could leave...wanted me to take him back.  

Less than 1 mile away from the school, we were pulled over by a Jeep full of Mexican Federalies toting automatic weapons and pointing them at us.  I have never been so scared in my life!!  I thought we were dead for sure!  Apparently they were looking for drugs and they inspected my vehicle...all the while pointing guns at us.  After about 30 mins or so...they let us go.  I took off like a bat outta hell and headed for the border!  Dylan was still crying and so confused...he didn't know if he wanted to stay or go with me.  He said that he couldn't leave all the other kids in his family.

I could not even take him home right away.  He needed time to "decompress" so we went back to a hotel in San Diego for the night.  It was a harrowing experience to say the least.

Lastly....don't think they will remain grateful for their liberation.  Our time lasted only 2 weeks before he was doing the same crap.  He has continued to cause problems and was becoming verbally abusive to me again.  Despite all that, I stuck with him thru thick and has been a hard 5 years, but I NEVER EVER regret my decision to pull him.  Feel free to contact me if you need help planning an "extraction"  Email address is [email protected] WWASP in subject line

YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING...DO NOT QUESTION OR 2nd GUESS know it is the right thing to do.  Best of luck to you and I will hold you and your son in my  thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed to you!

~pam...another Mom :shamrock:


--- Quote from: "Miss Antsy Pam" ---I wish there was something like these forums to help me back in 2003, but very little was know at that time.
--- End quote ---

That's not accurate. Fornits was up well before then, and plenty of threads were on the topic of WWASPS.



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