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What about the little detail of Sue Scheff's business partner, Marie Peart?   Marie Peart has at least 2 known CRIMINAL convictions in UTAH for theft and fraud.  

Marie Peart was MARRIED into the WWASP companies.  She admitted in court to taking kids and having them sleep in her basement while parents thought they were paying for a legitimate program---they were really paying about $3,000 a month for Marie Peart's basement.

Sue Scheff may end up with a criminal conviction for perjury.  Move over Martha!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention SUE SCHEFF AND DIZZY IZZY.

Philip Elberg, of Medvin & Elberg of Newark, New Jersey, sharply criticized Scheff and other people who refer parents to programs for troubled teens. ?People in this industry have consistently used their money and their access to lawyers to silence critics of the industry and this may be one of those examples,? Elberg said. ?Sue Scheff is simply another person in the industry of people who make money from the plight of frightened parents.??

Note: It would appear that Ms. Scheff has a selective memory. This statement by Mr. Elberg was published by the news media in a news publication - not a message board or blog.

Second, the "blogsphere" was not represented at the trial ergo this "victory" has an unavoidable "hollow" ring to it. The defendant did not (could not according to her) tell her side of the story.

Third, according to news reports, Ms. Scheff through her attorney David Pollack offered to settle the case for $35,000 pre-trial.

Fourth: According to transcripts from the WWASPS v. PURE trial it was learned that Sue Scheff continued to refer children to WWASPS programs after removing her own daughter from one of their programs claiming it was abusive and after starting PURE.

Source: Court Document: WWASPS v. PURE

Fifth: In a press release issued by ISAC, an acronym for the International Survivors Action Committee, one of the programs to which Scheff makes referrals, Whitmore Academy, was initially charged with multiple counts of child abuse and hazing in connection with four children at the boarding school.

The owner recently pled no contest to four counts of hazing, and was ordered to pay fines and complete community service.

The prosecuting attorney told the Deseret News, ?I believe it effectively shuts them down in the state of Utah.? According to a September 2006 news article by the Deseret News, ?The former operator of a therapeutic school [Whitmore Academy] for troubled youths, who has been kicked out of Mexico and accused of starving horses in Canada, has agreed not to run another rehabilitation school in Juab County.?

The allegations of child abuse did not deter Scheff from enrolling children for a profitable sum of money. In a separate case, the United States Court of Appeals found that defendants PURE and Sue Scheff, "[C]ompete with the schools associated with World Wide. PURE schools pay Ms. Scheff a substantial sum whenever a child enrolls in its program based on her recommendation."

According to the non-profit International Survivors Action Committee (ISAC), Scheff and her company are on the ISAC ?watch list? for questionable practices that may place children at risk for abuse or neglect.

Source: ... ctory.html

Watch List

Sixth: Sue Scheff's friend and colleague Isabelle Zehnder (Caica) has written and published material on her website relevant to a referral agency called Teen Revitalization accusing them of selling potentially abusive programs and sharply criticizing them for failing to provide the names of the programs they promote (see below).

However, Ms. Zehnder fails to point out that PURE (also a referral agency) does not provide the names of the programs they promote either.  Ms. Zehnder also to fails to point out that Marie Peart, a PURE associate who maintains a referral website called Parent and Teen Resources ( also does not disclose the names of the programs she refers to. Both PURE and PAT receive a commission (finder's fee) from the programs they refer parents to that result in a placement.

Isn't this a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

BUYER BEWARE by Isabelle Zehnder

It is believed Teen Revitalization/Russ Bundy is another referral agency selling potentially abusive programs for children, teens, and young adults.

Mr. Bundy fails to provide names of the facilities he promotes. It is our belief these facilities are potentially abusive WWASP/WWASPS/ Lichfield-affiliated programs. Programs with a long history of alleged abuse and neglect inflicted on the children, teens, and young adults entrusted in their care. We urge you to take time to compare the programs.

It is further believed individuals, like Mr. Bundy, who promote these programs receive $1,000 for each child they refer to the program. It has been documented that one referral consultant has earned as much as $50,000 in one month referring children to these programs.

CAICA has been informed by parents whose children were in these programs that they would receive one month free tuition for each child they refer to the program, and $1,000 per child they refer after their own child leaves the program.

Below is a list of the facilities promoted by Teen Revitalization along with a short description provided along with a "Learn More" link (in red) for more information.

Below each program promoted by Teen Revitalization are links (in green) where you can make the comparison for yourself and see if you believe the programs promoted by Teen Revitalization are affiliated to WWASP/WWASPS/Richard Lichfield, programs with a history of alleged and documented abuse and neglect to the children and teens in their care


Seventh:  Isabelle Zehnder apparently supports and promotes wilderness therapy in spite of underscoring (in a song published on her website) the death of one teen named Aaron Bacon who died in a wilderness therapy program.  Perhaps Ms. Zehnder, out of respect for the Bacon family, should reconsider using their son to underscore that children are crying/dying while at the same time promoting (selling) the very kind of "therapy" that killed him.

Excerpt from Song Children Are Crying/Dying by Isabelle Zehnder

Aaron Bacon

I held out my cup, they wouldn?t fill it
I cried out for help, they wouldn?t give it
I was so hungry, could they not see?
All they gave me was some pine-needle tea
For breakfast I foraged for prickly-pear cactus
For me, there in the hills, there was no solace
They forced me to hike when I was weak
There came a point I could no longer speak
If mom and dad had known what I would face
They would never have sent me to this place
No blanket, or a sleeping bag at night
Laying in the night air, at 25 Fahrenheit
They called me a liar, they ridiculed me
They said I was faking for some sympathy
The sky looked purple I saw lights flashing
The next thing I knew my body was thrashing
I lost the fight for my life that day
How many more children must die this way?

Caica page promotion of wilderness therapy:

Richard Litchfield?  I've heard of Robert Litchfield (BOB) but this is not a name I recognize.  Who is this guy?

Sue Scheff's own words:

Sue Scheff recognizes there are survivors of programs from many years ago who suffered the ultimate price. Sue feels pain for their experiences, however realizes that their apparent desire to close all programs is not the solution - helping parents find safe and qualified schools that can benefit today's teens is what is needed.

Sue Scheff and P.U.R.E. recognize the need for strong regulations and guidelines for private teen programs and schools. Since currently, there is little to no governmental regulations or oversight, and no method for children in these programs to report abuse, Sue Scheff and P.U.R.E. will continue their research and will continue to find safe alternatives for children.

There are no perfect schools, there are no perfect programs. But making the mistake of choosing the wrong one could be very costly, and not just in terms of money.

MANY YEARS AGO?  What planet does Scheff live on?  Does she even bother to read the stories on CAICA's own website, many of which are recent?  How about Layne Brown?  Pepper sprayed by Randall Hinton who apparently is the same guy who handled Scheff's referrals at WWASPS?  How about the anti-wwasps websites (NOT CAICA)?  Think those stories are from MANY YEARS AGO?  I'm sorry, but I am really sick of what sounds like a lot of spin vs. reality.  This statement by Scheff is just plain wrong, IMO, especially when you factor in the WHITMORE kids and parents, who are currently involved in a civil lawsuit.  This is going ON RIGHT NOW.  


Sue Scheff said:
"Sue Scheff and P.U.R.E. will continue their
research and will continue to find safe alternatives for children."

And tell us again, Sue Scheff, exactly what are your qualifications to "research" and "find safe alternatives for children"?

Let's see:

1.  You have a high school education or GED.
2.  You sold WWASP programs after your daughter was out and she told you of the abuse.
3.  You make money on your referrals of parents to YOUR select programs.  
4.  You disguise your "referrals" and confuse parents by calling them "a resource."
5.  You've been sued for fraud and how many lawsuits have you been in so far?
6.  You had to remove your lie on your web site that you have a college degree.
7.  You had to remove your lies that you had a lawyer "on staff" and other real professionals.

YEA, Sue Scheff is real "qualified" to "research" programs that are "safe" alternatives.


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