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BUYER BEWARE by Isabelle Zehnder

It is believed Teen Revitalization/Russ Bundy is another referral agency selling potentially abusive programs for children, teens, and young adults.

Mr. Bundy fails to provide names of the facilities he promotes. It is our belief these facilities are potentially abusive WWASP/WWASPS/ Lichfield-affiliated programs. Programs with a long history of alleged abuse and neglect inflicted on the children, teens, and young adults entrusted in their care. We urge you to take time to compare the programs.

It is further believed individuals, like Mr. Bundy, who promote these programs receive $1,000 for each child they refer to the program. It has been documented that one referral consultant has earned as much as $50,000 in one month referring children to these programs.

CAICA has been informed by parents whose children were in these programs that they would receive one month free tuition for each child they refer to the program, and $1,000 per child they refer after their own child leaves the program.

Below is a list of the facilities promoted by Teen Revitalization along with a short description provided along with a "Learn More" link (in red) for more information.

Below each program promoted by Teen Revitalization are links (in green) where you can make the comparison for yourself and see if you believe the programs promoted by Teen Revitalization are affiliated to WWASP/WWASPS/Richard Lichfield, programs with a history of alleged and documented abuse and neglect to the children and teens in their care



That link isn't working.   Can someone tell me where to find this article?


Did Isabelle move her article on Teen Revitalization?  That link definitly doesn't work anymore.

Funny how IZZY just moves, or deletes those links isn't it?


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