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Staff Members with Phony Degrees?

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I remember asking why people like Clarke Poole,
Richard Prow, Hawley Stevens and Clay Erikson were at  'Hidden'Lake Academy???Were they all running to something (Hidden) just as the children were running away from HLA?  THis is too weird...[ This Message was edited by: juniper2 on 2006-03-07 22:13 ]

Clayton Erickson may have gotten his BA
from Pacific Southern U. diploma mill, but he is shown to have lived in the State of Washington,
where Antioch University (one of them)is, then his M.D. is also from the State of Washington..
Antioch did not seem to mind the diploma mill.
THe American Society of Addictive Medicine shows him as an M.D. and having passed the licensing
exam for M.D.'s working in Addictions... So,
apparently, at least he didn't go from Pacific
Southern to M.D.  He is said to be 60 years old...I still do not get why he is there..??

Troll Control:

--- Quote ---On 2006-03-07 16:56:00, Dysfunction Junction wrote:

"Well, we all know about "Dr." Tom Sisk with the phony degree from a diploma mill, but I was sent the bio of this guy:

Clay Erickson

Director of Addiction Services

B.A. - Pacific Southern University. M.D. ? University of Washington School of Medicine. M.A. ? Antioch University

He has a BA posted from "Pacific Southern University," a well-known, now defunct (sued by the State of Hawaii) DIPLOMA MILL.

Unless this bio is a mistake, Mr. Erickson has a bogus degree.

A news article: ... ocus1.html

Here's where they were spanked, fined and shut down for fraud:

Another phony clinician on the staff?  Who can tell us more about Mr. Erickson?


--- End quote ---


this guy has some splainin' to do about that degree from the phony, unaccredited diploma mill..

You know if HLA doesnt work out maybe Lenny could open up his own diplomia mill.

With all his copmanies, he may just have one!


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