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Staff Members with Phony Degrees?

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Troll Control:
Well, we all know about "Dr." Tom Sisk with the phony degree from a diploma mill, but I was sent the bio of this guy:

Clay Erickson
Director of Addiction Services

B.A. - Pacific Southern University. M.D. ? University of Washington School of Medicine. M.A. ? Antioch University

He has a BA posted from "Pacific Southern University," a well-known, now defunct (sued by the State of Hawaii) DIPLOMA MILL.

Unless this bio is a mistake, Mr. Erickson has a bogus degree.

A news article: ... ocus1.html

Here's where they were spanked, fined and shut down for fraud:

Another phony clinician on the staff?  Who can tell us more about Mr. Erickson?

It must not have bothered Antioch or UWash too much.

Do you really think they bothered to check?

Of course- where you got your degree is an important consideration in your admission to a graduate program, especially medical school.

Troll Control:

--- Quote ---On 2006-03-07 17:12:00, Anonymous wrote:

"It must not have bothered Antioch or UWash too much."

--- End quote ---

What if they're not real diplomas either, smarty?  One degree is provably false, who's to say he didn't lie about the other two?

For the record, you're OK with phony diploma mill credentials, right?


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