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« on: December 22, 2005, 06:29:00 PM »
Jimmy H. was a misbehavor in Dallas Straight. After Straight I was friends with his sister. Jimmy was not in group very often. He stayed not in the time out rooms but a room next to the time out rooms in the back of the room. I remember one day a doctor that I never had seen before came to the back of the group. We all turned around and the man tried to tell us that sometimes they have to take drastic mesures to get the results they need from some kids. I didnt understand what the man was saying but shortly after that I heard Jimmy scream and he yelled HELP ME VALORIE! Valorie was a girl he new before Straight and she was standing on 5th phase at the end of the row I was sitting in. I looked up at her and tears where rolling down her face. I heard someone say to her, here, sit down. She sat down in the row behind me. We didnt hear Jimmy scream for hours after that. I allways wondered why they treated Jimmy differently than other misbehavors. His mother and my mother had been best friends in the past. She placed her kid into Straight I think because my parents had recomended it to them. Later after I had got out of Straight I heard somewhere that she had pulled Jimmy out of Straight because Straight was abusing him. Does anyone remember that day in Straight?
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I wasn't there but I can imagine.  I saw lots 'a' wicked shit in str8 too.  Violence and oppression.  Thanx for tellin' the story.
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