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The Bipolar Advantage
« on: November 28, 2005, 11:11:00 PM » ... 65-5275227

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Bipolar Advantage Publishers
           October 25, 2005

Editorial Reviews
Peter Russell
(Author From Science to God,
  The Global Brain Awakens)
Unorthodox, but wise perspectives that will help you look at your life in a fresh light... A bipolar must.

Book Description
The Bipolar Advantage is about recognizing all of the aspects of the bipolar condition. Wootton readily admits that "Advantage" is not the typical interpretation of bipolar. Based on his Bipolar in Order Seminar that he has developed over the past two years, it focuses on the positive approach to the bipolar condition. It is about coming to an acceptance of yourself while striving to become a better person. Learning to use Introspection to become aware of who you REALLY are and learning to change your habits in order to accentuate the positive aspects of the bipolar condition while minimizing the negative. Turning bipolar into an advantage is accomplished by creating a vision of who you want to be and putting together a plan to follow that will get you there; as is done by every successful business in the world.

As a successful professional and someone who was misdiagnosed for years, Wootton has personally experienced the good and the bad of this condition. Leading a DBSA group and teaching the Bipolar in Order seminar has put Wootton in touch with the personal stories of many bipolar people and their families. This positive approach with tools and skills for improving life will be of help to everyone, both those with bipolar and those who love and support them.

Table Of Contents
"This is bullshit"
Why Listen to me?

Section One: Knowing who you really are

What Is Bad About Bipolar?
The Bad Things about bipolar
My Bad
What Is Good About Bipolar?
The first Bipolar Advantage - Brainstorming
Look at the bright side of life
The good things about bipolar
Lucky Me
It's bad, it's good, so what?
Acceptance is most important of all
Introduction to our real self
I love my self
Do you love your self?
The only way to know who you really are
Why Introspect?
How do I do it?
Time to Brainstorm
Software for the Soul
My Interior Life
How is your Interior Life?

Section Two: A successful bipolar lifestyle

Habits control your life
How Habits Work
Choosing the right habits
Bad habits are against us
Changing our habits
Time to brainstorm again
Good Mental Habits
Memory exercise
Good Physical Habits
Resistive weight training
Good Spiritual Habits
I go to the monastery
Back to the real world
The Dark Night of the Soul
Let's talk about Sex
Health Issues
Why do we take drugs?
What is good about drugs?
What is bad about drugs?
Drugs your doctor prescribes
The right way to talk about drugs
How relationships get off on the wrong foot
The creative temperament and the bipolar condition
Harnessing your creative potential
My Creativity
The Greatest Bipolar Advantage of all
Putting Bipolar In Order
Making life work the way you want it to
Putting together a plan for success
Creating a vision for the future
Breaking the vision down into goals
Making adjustments as necessary
I Need Your Help

Reviewer: Sandy D (florida)
I found this so helpful in understanding this very real and frightening illness. This book explains so much of how it feels to be BiPolar and that its okay. It gives hope for the future and many reasons to look forward to living inspite of this illness. Loved it. Very insightful. I fell in love with the author.
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