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Pathway Family Center mentioned in news article
« on: November 26, 2005, 02:30:00 PM »
Meth Labs Found In Homes Put Children At Risk
DEA Agents Provide Special Kit To Children

POSTED: 7:00 pm EST November 22, 2005

Rescue 4's Kevin Dietz went undercover to investigate something that is happening in suburban neighborhoods that puts children's safety at risk.

Some Michigan children are being poisoned by dangerous chemicals. In some cases, their own mothers and fathers are responsible, Rescue 4 reported.

Police video showed federal agents inside Michigan homes in the past few months, racing in to bring children out, Rescue 4 reported.

"As a mother, I was absolutely devastated seeing these children," said U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Carolyn Gibson. "It's horrible to see these kids in this situation."

What's in the home that is so dangerous is methamphetamine labs, Rescue 4 reported. Drug-addicted parents are cooking meth that they will snort, smoke or inject to get high.

"Meth is very cheap to make. It's highly addictive. You can make it with common household items," said Gibson.

Gibson, who is an agent with the Detroit DEA, said she has been on raids and has seen the young victims first-hand. She said meth is so addictive that parents can't stop taking or making it, even when their own children are in the home.

"Methamphetamine is definitely on the rise in Michigan," said Gibson.

And so is the exposure of children to deadly chemicals, Rescue 4 reported. The chemicals are so strong that they can severely damage the brain and nervous system of anyone remotely close to the home.

Michigan DEA agents are finding time and again children in homes where meth is being produced. Rescue 4 video showed a teddy bear with meth hidden inside, which was found in a home.

In a series of raids outside of Jackson, Mich., this fall, agents found young children in meth homes. They said often parents are strung out and unable to provide basic needs such as food and safety for their children.

The federal agents all dress in safety suits because of how risky the chemicals are that parents are using to produce meth. But the children in these homes are completely unprotected, Rescue 4 reported. The first thing agents do is get them out of their chemically laced clothes and put them into clean hospital scrubs.

So many children have been found in metro Detroit homes, that a Detroit agent came up with a special kit to give to every child found in a meth house, Rescue 4 reported. The kit contains a stuffed animal, cleansing items and new clothes.

Another fear is that the drugs can become addictive to children. A 16-year-old boy, who was only referred to as "Ryan" to protect his identity, is a recovering addict at Pathway Family Center in Southfield, Rescue 4 reported. He started using at the age of 10, Rescue 4 reported.

"I know that once I start, I can't stop myself," said Ryan.

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