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Movie: Side Effects
« on: September 04, 2005, 02:44:00 PM »
The movie, "Side Effects", written, directed and produced by Kathleen Slattery is a romantic comedy with a serious message.  The message: "Beware the Pharmaceutical Industry".

The national distribution of this independent film is scheduled for opening night in Dallas, Texas on Friday, September 9th at the Angelika Theater.  For information on how to attend the Premier Opening of this film click here.

I was fortunate to interview Kathleen Slattery about the making of the film.  Here is the interview:

RA: How did it happen that you wrote the script for this film.

KS:  During the ten years that I worked for the pharmaceutical industry, I was writing this script.  I felt I should record what was happening. I started with the industry at the age of 23.  I had a Bachelors degree in Political Science.  This was the extent of my education in science.

RA: You also directed and produced this film, then.

KS: Yes, I was very intent on getting out this message.

RA: I have heard that many in the audience are absolutely captivated by this film.  When I viewed it last night, the film received a considerable amount of applause.

KS: I tried to capture the essence of what it was like to work as a pharmaceutical representative.  The movie is also a romance and it depicts the ambivalent feelings the main character has while working for the industry.  On the one hand, she wants to quit her job and marry a man who was a former pharmaceutical sales representative and who knew what the industry was like. On the other hand, she is enticed by the generous salary and enormous perks obtained by continuing as a sales representative. When she realizes that the company she works for is going to market an antidepressant with the known side effect of liver failure, her life begins to unravel. The comic parts of the movie help reduce the tension in approaching such a grim subject.

RA:  Since we don't want to give away the ending of this fantastic movie, can you tell me in what cities the movie will be showing after the Dallas Premier.

gives a listing of the next showings around the country.

RA: After the film was shown last night, you answered many questions from the audience. I found this very interesting.

KS:  I plan to follow the film across the country and answer questions at the end of each showing.  I will do this, at least, for the first several months.

RA: Will you write and produce another movie about the pharmaceutical industry?

KS:  My next movie will be about Marriage.  I do plan, though, to continue following the issues which involve the pharmaceutical industry.  In fact, I was in a Forum with Dr. David Graham of the FDA and this information is available at the Public Library of Science {PLoS}. I explained how companies bought doctors' prescribing records so drug representatives knew "to the dime" what drugs doctors were prescribing and could tailor their marketing to them. ... ed.0020209

RA: Will it be difficult to show your movie in theaters across the country given the powerful influence the pharmaceutical companies have in this nation.

KS:  I don't expect it to hurt the distribution of the film in movie theaters.  However, when it is released to Cable and regular TV, there may  be a problem getting it aired due to network reliance on the monies coming in from pharmaceutical advertising.

RA: Will your film eventually be released on DVD.

KS: Yes, and the DVD will contain extra information on the practices of the pharmaceutical industry.

RA: Since our readership involves people who are wanting information on the side effects of prescription drugs, is there any personal message you could give them.

KS:  It is extremely important for the general public and for all physicians to be aware of how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Much of the film, "Side Effects" is devoted to this issue.  I would hope that people become more educated about these facts.

RA:  Thank you, Kathleen, for the interview.
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