Author Topic: The rules and their 'consequences'  (Read 776 times)

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The rules and their 'consequences'
« on: June 11, 2005, 09:58:00 PM »
Does anyone remember, it's been so long for me!  

In the early 90's I remember a relationship b/w chores 'call backs' and work crew, but not the specifics?

Also, I wonder if anyone remembers, did individual work crew really have to do soly with John 'intuition'- like someone mentioned sharing bras, what as that about?  John though this was bad for what reason, exaclty?  
I know talking against the school, considered MMS 'bashing'- I guess what I would call being honest about your thoughts- would land you on work crew or intervention.  
Obviously so did things like plans to runaway or actually running away...hanging out with one person more often than other girls, expecially if that one person was thought to be in a 'bad place', that led to work crew too.  
Overall when one person did not follow rules like get out of bed, not speak- those were the newbies, deemed to be witholding information,  resulted in group work crew or intervention b/c somehow that made girls do what they were supposed to by MMS standards.  Does anyone have an idea on how  this truly address the root cause of say- depression that keeps girs from wanting to get out of bed?  How does forced labor b/c someone is not speaking really reveal what they are keeping inside?  
And once things were reveled, abuse and such, how did the 'therapy' in itself succeed in getting girls to deal with it?  I told some of my story, made some fear based exaggerations, but none of the true pain of my life was comfortably revealed b/c the fear of John and Mike prevailed over everything.  Frankly I don't understand how it can be any other way.  
Also, after all these abuses were revealed, i think of one instance in particular involving my friend and her father, why was this not dealt with?  The girl just told her story and nothing happened to the dad. He's gone on to have more kids now.  Seems like a lot of abuse stories were revealed and MMS did nothing with them...

So, while some people say this is helpful, I truely don't understand how this is helpful at all...

How about the interventions that lasted months, anyone know how these were justified?  
Weird, I know a few of you have therapists. I don't have one myself. I know my previous ones don't know how to make sense of MMS, what do therpists really think...Where are the hard facts about these schools and their effectivness?  

I think by analyzing the rules perhaps we can all get clear on how MMS ran- and hopefully get past the rhetoric and find the truth in all this.  Some girls say this helped, I want to understand how/why.  Some say this was bad, I understand that, of course... let's talk specifics if we can...
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The rules and their 'consequences'
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2005, 11:13:00 PM »
On 2005-06-11 18:58:00, Anonymous wrote:

 Does anyone have an idea on how this truly address the root cause of say- depression that keeps girs from wanting to get out of bed? How does forced labor b/c someone is not speaking really reveal what they are keeping inside?

Well, here's the thing. In real life, when times are hard, you don't have time to indulge your depression. I have faced days in my life when I didn't want to get out of bed. If it were just for me, I'd just as soon lay there till I starved to death. But I had a daughter, who I loved and who was innocent of everything that weighed me down. And so I rolled out, had my coffee (if it was in the budget) and got myself to work. Before too long, some sad sack would come along w/ real problems. And, by that time, I'd got my blood running, remembered the joy of just living and I was alright.

The difference between that and meaningless laps around the inside of a warehouse, imposed by strangers for some reason originating from their imaginings about me... well, if you can't figure it out, I probably can't explain it to ya'.

These simplistic idiots think that hardship is the key. Because their elders, who they respect, got their inspiration while starving and toiling during the depression, they just have to recreate these death affirming circumstances to get the same result. They're idiots. And narcisists. And they fully believe they're doing God's own work. Damned idiots!

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