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Welcome to the new, improved, all-ages, faith-based Straight, Inc. by the Sea (formally Straight, Inc. v2.0).Where your DRUGGIE needs are set STRAIGHT!
     Straight Inc. by the sea is not a touchy freely kind and genial drug rehabilitation program that simply does not work. At Straight by the Sea we guarantee results! What we are is a TOUGH LOVE program meant to get you STRAIGHT no matter what it takes YOU WILL GET STRAIGHT. Thanks to our revolutionary new therapy techniques combined with the time tested practices of Straight Inc. and The Seed, we have made revolutionary breakthroughs in drug treatment.

   One may ask what is the new "wonder" treatment? Once the Straight-Mobile delivers you to us to start your new drug free life, your new home is the now famous BLUE CHAIR. We will start out with some front row MARATHONING for a week or so just to warm things up, then throw in some food and sleep deprivation and you on the way to getting STRAIGHT! Also part of our new and improved treatment program is BDSM therapy. Where you will be taken to new levels of humiliation, depravity, and pain. BDSM therapy WILL be used on your DRUGGIE ass to break YOU down and also as a punishment when the rules at Straight Inc. by the Sea are broken.

     Also at Straight Inc. by the Sea are proud to introduce the Straight by the Sea Druggie Sweatshop, the druggie sweatshop serves 2 purposes at Straight by the Sea. The druggie sweatshop teaches the druggies at Straight by the Sea invaluable life skills and also gives them a good work ethic. We also use the working on the Druggie Sweatshop as punishments. All druggies are forced to work in the Druggie Sweatshop 2 days per week and up to 12 hour shift. When the druggies work at the druggie sweatshop they are forced to hand sew soccer balls and knock-off designer items (NCCA Jackets, T-Shits, Major League Baseball Hats. We don't want the Druggies working more than 2 days per week unless they are being punished, the other five days are spent in the blue chair and in our BDSM Dungeons. All proceeds from the Druggie Sweatshop go directly back in to the program at Straight by the Sea.

    At Straight Inc. by the Sea, we believe that you are all DRUGGIES in need of getting STRAIGHT, if you are not currently using drugs at one time you did use drugs or are considering using in the near future and are in desperate need of Straight Inc. by the Sea. We are here to help you get STRAIGHT, Click here to begin your new DRUG FREE LIFE.


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Dr. Fucktard and the Staff at Straight Inc. by the Sea

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