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Woodbury Reports, Inc. - Advertising Information & Policies
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:30:22 AM »
Advertising Information & Policies


Woodbury Reports, Inc. will only allow advertising from companies
whose websites comply with the following information:

1.    Website must contain names of key staff members.
2.    Website must contain a description of key staff’s qualifications/ experience.
(A staff page qualifies best.)
3.    Website must contain a physical address or location.
4.    Company must be operating legally.

In the print edition of The Woodbury Reports Newsletter™, all ads that contain
a web address must comply with these requirements as well.


Generally we prefer to take a VISA/ MasterCard/ or AmEx for the initial payment. We can take that over the phone at 208-267-5550.
We charge two months minimum sign up fee, plus the creation fee if we build the webs/ ads, and you will receive a receipt in the mail within a week. If you begin in the middle of a month, your bill shows a pro-rated credit for the time the link was not connected.

If you do not have, or choose not to use a VISA/ MasterCard/ AmEx, you can mail a check to:

Woodbury Reports, Inc.
PO Box 1107
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Once we receive the signed order form and the initial payment, we get things rolling to get links connected or buttons/ ads created and uploaded. After that we can send monthly invoices. If you enroll in the Optional Credit Card Auto Pay, and decide to cancel, we must receive the cancellation in writing.

Any cancellation of advertising must also be received in writing prior to the end of the paid month.
We offer no refunds for cancellation of services.

For payments, we accept VISA/ MasterCard/ American Express, checks, money orders, auto pay set up through your bank or Credit Card Auto Pay.
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