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Warning against Danish private schools
« on: March 16, 2011, 10:00:08 AM »
Public inquiry into a second incident of violence has been denied by the school administration of Sct. Nobert's School in the Danish town of Vejle. So far the department of education in Denmark has not demanded an investigation regardless of the fact that corporal punishment is against the law in both private and public schools.

School in Vejle expel critical parents (Google translated article from the Newspaper BT)

Critical parents can get their child expelled if they demand an investigation, so the families are afraid to demand protection for their children.

Sct. Nobert's School is the second known religious private school in Denmark where investigation into possible use of corporal punishment has been surpressed.

The first case is mention on Fornits Wiki and involved Sct. Knud's School in the town of Fredericia.

Due to the lact of security we must advice parents not to enroll their children in Danish private schools.
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