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Updates to A Clockwork Straight
« on: May 14, 2002, 05:37:00 PM »
Dear friends,

In case you don't know me,  I have been working for the last 5 years on an on-line book on Straight and all its derivities like KIDS.  It is a living book in that I post updates and revisions periodically.  Ultimately there will be a more detailed printable version.

I want to give you a status on my on-line book as there have been significant changes over the past few months.   In the last week I have made major updates on the chapter on suicides and lesser updates on the chapter on suicide attempts.  In other words we are publishing the names and stories of even more former members of the Straight and its successors who have committed suicide.  I think the facts are there.  Straight abuses all clients because abuse and deprivations are  part and parcel of  how it operates.  Kids in these programs feel humiliated and hopeless because of the way they are treated and because of the guilt and shame they feel  because of the forced sexual confessions.   So, predictably,  many, many of these kids resort to carving on their bodies.  And many try to kill themselves.  Even Straight has admitted they can not leave these kids alone when they go to the bathroom for fear they will kill themselves.  Some of these kids are addicts.  Some are not.  Many have experimented with marijuana or beer.  Many have experimented with more.  Many,  have used no drugs at all.  There are 22 year-old men mixed in with 12 year-old little girls.  And everybody  winds up in the same treatment regime being treated with the exact same treatment plan.  Straight received reports that some kids had been sexually abused by a parent.  Some of these admissions may be true,  so may not be true as much is extorted under duress.  Nevertheless,  Straight does not report this information to authorities as it is required to do.  Just as Straight does not tell parents when a child leaves Straight that the child had become suicidal in the program.  

Anyway,  many of these kids have gotten out of Straight and committed suicide.  I think Straight owners have been negligent here and I think the state of Florida protected them so they could operate their destructive programs.  If you haven't checked it out in a while you might want to go to .
There have been many significant additions on the web page itself.  And from it you can reach my on-line book A Clockwork Straight  which has had undergone major updates over the last few months over and beyond the suicide chapters.  And then there is the Headline News page that has the latest news on the Straights and its descendents. Page two of the news is a legal page.   If you haven't been to news lately,  please check out the article on Mel Sembler buying the Italian job.

I shall be making updates through July at which time I should be done with the second edition to the on-line book.

Wes Fager
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