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Straight reunion 92'
« on: May 10, 2002, 12:31:00 PM »
Sometime after I got out of Straight-Dallas, I think maybe right before it closed...dont quote me though....someone put together a Straight reunion open to all former Dallas clients, graduates or not.  My mom said we should go, and I didnt mind so much since I thought it would be nice to maybe see a few people I knew and maybe get to know some of them I never did (namely the guys).

Anyway, it was so weird because some of the people there were still in their post-graduate 6 months, so they werent allowed to talk to a cop-out.  I ended up being the only non-graduate there so it was really uncomfortable.  Although I did get to spend some time with some girls that were Staff and we all ended up staying in touch.  Over the course of a few years by way of my relationship with them, I hung out with quite a few different people that I never spoke to in the make a long story short...this was the road that opened up a whole new point of view about Straight to me.  Clients sleeping with staff, sexual abuse, financial abuse by the Executives, etc. there was a huge world of politics going on that I never would have known about.  When they shut the Straight building down I heard that a few of the Senior staff went and raided the place for computer equipment and the like.  

They knew that place was a made me realize the attitude of the people that were supposed to be "re-shaping" my life for me.
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