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Rap This (around your neck)
« on: June 13, 2009, 11:47:07 PM »
i remember when i got started over, one n.m.b. kid - who didn't have any friends. -- and if you remember i was a super popular kid -- in the 'in" crowd and NONE of us did drugs, or smoked cigarettes. (remember the seed allowed me at 14 to be given a carton of salem cigarettes -- maybe the seeds biggest donors were the tobacco and coffee industry.

do you know i don't drink coffee or smoke - and never have to this day!


that kid stood up and said he KNEW i had done drugs with other kids when the seed sent me back to school. and he still on his 10-10, and living away from home. but he KNEW i had done drugs when i returned to school.

i don't know if you remember but when they called on me to yell at you and my other sister -- i stood up and told them to fuck off.

from that day on, i never played their game. and the shit they pulled never phased me. so they sent me to a psychologist. to get "into" my head.

do you recall that? that i NEVER played their game. never raised my hand, and when they forced me to stand and "rap" i just said fucked up shit, that was totally irrelevant. and i was only 14.

once at tropical park, i was forced to stand and recite a rule during dinner.

i said - rule -- whatever number -- empathy and sensitivity. it was the black guy art. he always called on me. he said what about it.

i said why are we supposed to keep rules that you don't?

he yelled at me to sit down.


do you know i never got permission to go back to school. after i was started over, and began that fucked up mess, all based on lies.

those cunts.

i was forced to go there 10-10 everyday for a year.
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