Author Topic: Your Daughter is in Good Hands  (Read 160 times)

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Your Daughter is in Good Hands
« on: March 10, 2009, 01:41:19 PM »
An example of the empathetic and compassionate character of the Wiz is his behavior on Fifth Estate.  He called Rachel and Christine liars, although it is entirely impossible for him to know what went on in either case.  The Wiz was not alleged to be present when either assault took place.
So let's look at the likelihood of an assault.  Currently, three AARC grads are facing charges in relation to murders.  As grads, each one took home Newcomers, and in the case of Andy Evans, he was a Peer Counselor.  Evans is charged with murdering a prostitute, whose body was dumped outside a building in British Columbia.  Additionally, another former AARC client who did not finish the program was charged in relation to a New Year's shooting in Chinatown.  
These are the folks to whom your children are entrusted when they are placed in AARC.  Does that make it more likely or less likely that a client is telling the truth when they claim to have been assaulted?
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