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Lon Woodbury
« on: June 12, 2007, 10:07:40 PM »
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank you  ........
We thank Lon Woodbury for giving us the opportunity to share the truths about The Whitmore Academy. After numerous interviews with former students, parents, authorities, lawyers and the owners, it is apparent to us that this is nothing short of a vendetta against the Sudweeks.

Isabelle Zehnder and Sue Scheff


What a shame that Lon Woodbury apparently doesn't have the integrity to seek the higher (if not neutral) ground when it comes to the now-defunct Whitmore Academy, Isabelle Zehnder (CAICA) and Sue Scheff (PURE) SAGA.

Surely he is aware of the civil lawsuit filed by parents and children against Whitmore Academy which has yet to be resolved.  None of the parties involved in this lawsuit can speak to the numerous allegations made by Zehnder and Scheff as to the merits of their case.  

What could Zehnder and Scheff possibly know about this case that no one else (including you, Mr. Woodbury) could or would know unless they were a party to this lawsuit?

Both Zehnder and Scheff appear to have allowed their personal opinion(s) to unduly and unfairly influence their interpretation of the truth.

In example, where are the reports about the Sudweeks running afoul of the law in three countries?  The exact terms of the abeyance agreement entered into by Mrs. Sudweeks?  Why are their no links to affadavits by two families who are critical of the Whitmore which can be found on ISAC not made available to their readers?  

Mr. Woodbury, have you even read these so-called blogs?  

Reviewed the terms of The Abeyance Agreement?

"Share the Truths"?

Since when do references which appear to rely on gossip, hyperbole, hearsay, rumor, innuendo, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, go to the truth of the matter?

Lastly, what is your interest in seemingly helping to further what many might call an obviously self-serving agenda on the part of Zehnder and more specifically, Sue Scheff, who reportedly recruited/referred most if not all the children once enrolled in this program?  Including the children and parents involved in the civil lawsuit?
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