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PURE on Parental Help Google
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De : "gardenia"
Date : Mon, 22 Jan 2007 03:17:09 -0000
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Objet : Fellow parents...your not alone
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Hi fellow moms (and dads?)

I'm new here in the parental help board, and im really glad to have
found all of you. I'm working through the process of sending my 14 year
old daughter to a boarding school in another state and it is very
difficult for me. She has attention deficit disorder and battles
depression due to the separation of her father and I 3 years ago. I
couldn't handle her anymore and was desperate to find some way to
salvage her future.

It is important to have other parents as support, and when you think
you can't answer the questions you have or just want a second opinion.
We have a huge task in our hands of raising the next generation.

I was lucky to meet another parent like me through a support meeting in
my town who pointed me to
Parents Universal Resource Experts, an organization that both supports
and educates parents as well as helps you pick a good boarding
school/program for your child. Sue Scheff started the company a few
years ago after dealing with her behavior challenged daughter. She was
a huge help for me and my daughter.

Anyone considering boarding school/programs for their child should at
least visit help your teens - I feel like everyone should know about
this option.

love to all of you!
Gardenia T.
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