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Hyde School
« on: October 06, 2005, 03:01:00 PM »
"Shoreland" shines a light on Gulag schools like Hyde

Unregistered User Posted: 2005-08-17 09:29:00  
 Ingeborg Lauterstein's new novel shines a light on the "fix my teen" industry, which Hyde and other schools fall into. She is my mother and I survived Hyde School back in the mid-80's. This was right when Gauld came back and took the school over. While some of the problems that Gauld saw in society and education were very real, the "tough love" approach his schools use do not always work. In my case, Gauld made sure that I was out of his school and could not graduate. This all happened close to the end of the school year. As a direct result of his efforts, my choices in college were limited and my entire life since has been impacted. I am not making this up. It turns out that a brand name education, followed by that all important first and second jobs affects your future a lot more than anything Gauld could ever offer in terms of character. It took years and years, but now at 38 I finally get paid an o.k. wage, but only on a freelance basis. Of course the novel is about a lot more than these brainwashing centers that pass themselves off as schools, it's about family and what that means and it is funny, maybe too funny for my tastes. ... forum=43&5

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