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The ADD Answer
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The ADD Answer: How to Help Your Child Now--With Questionnaires and Family-Centered Action Plans to Meet Your Child's Specific Needs (Hardcover)
by Frank Lawlis, Phil McGraw

Larry Dossey,M.D., author of Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine
An essential resource for parents...I highly recommend it.

Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect for Children
Bravo! This is THE book on ADD, with comprehensive approaches and clear information and strategies for teachers and parents.

Book Description
Every year, 17 million new cases of attention deficit disorder, or ADD, are diagnosed in children. But medications designed to treat the disorder don?t work for many children and often leave families frustrated and searching for more options. In The ADD Answer, Dr. Frank Lawlis draws upon his thirty-five years of experience as a clinical and research psychologist to show parents how they can reclaim their central role in healing their children with comprehensive step- by-step advice on dealing with the problems of ADD. His approach blends the latest medical, nutritional, and psychological treatments that can increase brain function with expert insight into the emotional-and spiritual-support kids need.

Including assessment tests geared to help parents understand their child?s particular needs and practical information on proven treatment options, The ADD Answer explores:

? The role of nutrition in treating the disorder
? The positive effects of counseling and goal setting
? Advances in the field of biofeedback
? The importance of sleep, and much more

An inspiring and essential guide, The ADD Answer will help every family facing the challenges of ADD create a more loving, healthy environment necessary for their child to thrive.

About the Author
Dr. Frank Lawlis is a renowned psychologist, researcher, and counselor with more than thirty-five years? experience working with parents and children with ADD. Dr. Lawlis is the primary contributing psychologist for the Dr. Phil Show and editor at large for Dr. Phil McGraw?s newsletter, The Next Level.


Reviewer: Ali Hashemian Ph.D. Walnut Creek, CA

Answers from an Expert on ADD/ADHD
October 5, 2004
Dr. Lawlis, drawing on his years of research and his first hand clinical experience, in a clear, concise, and easy to understand format explains what ADD/ADHD truly is, what scientific methods can be employed to diagnosis it for certain, and what options are available for non-drug based treatments including EEG Neurofeedback, Detox Diet, Healing Sounds, family therapy and so on. We desperately need more experts in the filed of ADD/ADHD come forward and tell it like it is, drugs do not cure or remedy ADD/ADHD. Medication at best mask the symptoms few hours at a time at a very high cost, in every respect and give parents a false sense of security believing they are doing all they can, which is not true. What is true, as Dr. Lawlis points out; you just postpone the problem until the child is older since ADD symptoms will continue into adulthood.

Ali Hashemian, Ph.D.
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